Treating depression without medication: 6 methods with home remedies

Bruising, lack of light and physical activity – Treating seasonal depression without medication is not always easy. These conditions affect more and more people these days. However, this worrying phenomenon does not only occur in winter. According to the latest statistics, every fifth person suffers from depression and takes antidepressants against it. This is essential in some cases, but a large number of patients are cautious these days. For this reason, the use of alternative methods in the sick is gradually gaining in popularity. So here are 6 ideas of remedies that could help you cure your depression without medication.

Treatment of depression without medication

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The first way to treat depression without medication is to use essential oils, which are our best allies for a variety of health problems. Ylang-Ylang essential oil has antispasmodic and regulating properties of the heart and sympathetic nervous system. To improve your general condition, simply open the small bottle and take a deep breath several times a day. Geranium Rosat Oil is also an effective option due to its ability to calm the nervous system. Apply an anointing along the spine every evening after showering.

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Often overlooked, certain plants can improve mood by effectively fighting fatigue, stress, and nervousness. They are preferred in the form of herbal tea. The leaves of black currant, for example, have a strengthening and anti-inflammatory effect and are very rich in vitamin C. Other plants that are defined and stimulating as an antidepressant: rhodiola, ginseng and Siberian ginseng. They promote concentration and pleasure. However, in order to avoid the risk of interactions, consultation with the doctor before use is desirable.

Green leafy vegetable smoothie against depressive conditions

Green vegetable juice is another natural way to treat depression. The chlorophyll pigment found in green plants provides the oxygen supply to the cells of the intestine and the neurons. Consume every morning throughout the entire period of depression. Saffron is a natural tonic and works quickly in a bad mood. Thanks to its saffron and crocine components, this incredible plant inhibits the reuptake of serotonin at a very high price. In addition, its properties have been scientifically confirmed. In high doses, however, saffron becomes poisonous and abortive.

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