Corona food storage – tips for preparing for quarantine

The outbreak of COVID-19 started in China in January and has spread worldwide since then, which is why many people want to stock up on food because of the corona. So the virus has become a pandemic, leading to increasing deaths. Due to the epidemic, many countries are currently taking countermeasures that have an unpredictable impact on the economy. There is a lot of official and unofficial information about how to prepare for it. This also goes beyond companies that do business worldwide or rely on tourism. However, since people do not only need toilet paper during quarantine, we have summarized some important tips on the choice of products and lifestyle.

Store food because of the spread of corona

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Schools are only run virtually, while companies such as Google and Facebook ask employees to work from home. The experts also advise the immunocompromised population to spend as little time outside as possible. On March 12, President Trump introduced travel restrictions from Europe, and major cruise companies stopped operating for 30 days. These measures are taken in many industries. The new corona virus appears to originate from Wuhan, China, and has since then caused cases of COVID-19 disease to become more common in Italy, Iran, Spain, Germany, France and South Korea. Some disease control and prevention centers still believe that the risk of exposure to COVID-19 is low. However, the rapid spread of the Corona virus in Italy suggests that we will live outside of our home under quarantine or extreme social distance.

Prepare for Corona Virus Quarantine

Take Coronavirus Epidemic Precautions

Social distancing and isolation each have different goals. These are intended to limit the spread of the disease resulting from the novel corona virus and other communicable diseases. Preparing for a coronavirus quarantine is so much more than hoarding toilet paper and mineral water. The checklist that you keep at Corona Grocery is based primarily on the advice of the World Health Organization and experts. This prepares you and your family to spend a lot of time at home. First note that no exact quantities are given here. These depend on the size of your family. The quantities are also affected by how much quarantine time you want to prepare for. Two weeks is a good minimum, but the state of emergency is more likely to indicate a month or two. Finally, keep in mind that hoarding and preparation are two very different things. For this reason it is recommended to procure enough necessary supplies for a possible quarantine.

Flu shot

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If you or a family member have not been vaccinated and are still healthy, you can get one. The flu shot does not prevent people from becoming infected with COVID-19, but it does help in a few important ways. Above all, this drastically reduces the likelihood of another flu disease. Accordingly, this means fewer hospital admissions and makes it easier for healthcare providers to treat coronavirus patients.

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Avoiding the flu will also help your body's immune system stay strong so it can ward off other communicable diseases like COVID-19. A flu shot is ultimately about empathy and responsibility for the community. By helping to reduce the risk of infection, you help people with a weakened immune system, in particular, to stay healthy and as well protected from COVID-19 as possible. A 30-day supply of medication, including over-the-counter pain relievers, cough and cold medicines, and electrolytes, is also recommended.

Many people who have an eight-hour working day spend at least as much time outside their homes. During this time, we rely on our employers or other companies for important things like toilet paper and meals. After you determine the quarantine time you want to prepare for, access the appropriate amount of these items. This is certainly not a complete list, and your needs vary depending on the things you rely on every day.

Bathroom and hygiene

household items hygiene detergents and brushes

  • Toilet paper that you use more of when you are at home all day
  • Products for feminine hygiene
  • Hand soap, although you do not necessarily need a hand disinfectant
  • Detergent, ideally the concentrated type that lasts longer
  • Diapers, baby food, baby wipes and other child's needs
  • Body wash, shampoo, conditioner and skin care if you need them
  • Hand soap and detergent

Corona stores food for the pantry

corona food stocks durable food products

Of course, there is no definitive list. Depending on your needs and eating habits, some supplies are better suited to such crisis situations than others. You may also be able to check your kitchen utensils if you find you are preparing more meals from scratch while staying indoors longer. So here are some staple foods that you can stock as corona foods:

  • Pasta, rice and other cereals such as oatmeal
  • Supplies of water, fruit juices and other liquids, about 14 liters per person per week
  • Canned meat, soups, cooked legumes in a glass and stews
  • Goods for roasting and seasoning, such as oil, salt and pepper
  • Finished mixes and protein powders that are nutritious
  • coffee and tea
  • Long-lasting snacks such as dried fruits and nuts
  • Sausages
  • Frozen products for the freezer such as meat, ready meals, poultry, beef and pork
  • Avoid fish that can spoil if they are not properly frozen
  • Durable vegetables and fruits, as well as such foods that can be kept longer without cooling even in the event of a power failure


detergent hygiene household brush rubber gloves plastic bottles

  • Pet food and such treats for pets
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Water filter
  • Dish soap and sponges
  • Paper towels

So if you continue to work from home during the epidemic, make sure you have everything you need to work effectively. Keep your clothes clean and dress every day as if you had gone to work. This could put you in a productive state, which helps you to look presentable on video conferences, for example, and to keep your routine.

work from home because of quarantine

When you are in quarantine with someone else, you should coordinate meetings so that you don't interfere with each other. Simply share your calendar or connect shortly before the day begins. However, if you have your own office or a specific work area, this is unlikely to be the case. The hardest thing about working from home is to set limits. For this reason, be sure to plan a few breaks. Adding some exercises or exercising at home would make your workday go even easier. Also, make sure you put your laptop away for the day at some point. This will help you stay healthy at work from home.

Facts worth knowing about coronavirus

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Beware of the huge amount of misinformation about COVID-19 from less reputable news sources and social media. This “infodemic” of fake news, as the World Health Organization calls it, ranges from conspiracy theories that the virus has been genetically modified by Chinese or American scientists to misleading advice on how to avoid infection. The frequently repeated advice that all medical authorities approve is to reduce the likelihood of illness by washing your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds and not touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Wearing a face mask is pointless, even if you can get one, unless you care for a patient infected with it.

social distance and isolation corona food order online

Everyone should prepare for possible self-isolation at home for up to two weeks if they develop coronavirus. This is especially true in the scenario where you have mild breathing difficulties that do not require hospital treatment. Anyone running a business, even a small one, should also make sure that they are prepared for a corona virus problem, especially when employees are unable to get to work.

3d illustration of strain of coronavirus covid-19

So it makes sense for every household to keep enough basic food for a few weeks. Spending time in supermarkets to build inventory is completely irrational. For some reason, toilet paper is often the product that sells out first when people fear an impending crisis, and is now in short supply in stores across the world from Australia to the UK, although the corona virus has not significantly affected its production. According to experts, the government should give clearer advice on what people should keep at home in the event of an epidemic disruption.

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