15 ideas for the first birthday gift for girls and boys

Gift for the 1st Birthday - Ideas for Girls and Boys

Marking the first birthday of the child of a dear friend or relative, this is an important misfortune. And if you want to maintain a very good relationship with the parents, it will be important for you, not just to find a decent, but also an original gift for the first birthday. However, if the selection is very large, this task can cause headaches. Whether or not you know exactly what was interesting and useful for a child of that age or you are not sure was that the parents were willing and above all, the other guests were allowed to visit. Eventually, many people avoid duplicate gifts. We are able to propose some ideas that are a great gift for the first birthday and probably no one else has come up with.

Plush animal as a gift for the 1st birthday

Gift for the 1st birthday with a delicious plush animal and embroidered names

With a plush animal as a gift for the 1st birthday, one can probably never make it wrong. So good as any Child she loves. Maybe your child has your friends or relatives and even prepared a favorite animal. Then Ihnen it will facilitate the election. Do you believe, on this idea, could someone else have signal come? And what about Teddys and Hächen? Then you can try it out with a failed animal. Who would be with a panda, a whale or a penguin? Search the Internet and one or the other to download an uncharacteristic plush toy.

Choose an original plush animal as a gift for the 1st birthday with namesake

In addition to the plush doors there are numerous personalized variants. Some can be embroidered, while models with audio messages arrive very well. Thus, a favorite children's song can be played (e.g., the favorite song of the birthday child) or a voice message chosen. Does that sound like a nice gift for the 1st birthday, isn't it?

Give a trolley

As a gift for the 1st birthday buy a wooden wheel

One extremely active time is supporting the parents and especially the grandchild, now that they can finally run, or stand short, to learn. And that much energy must be consumed somehow. It was better suited for this, as a treadmill. In addition, with a year the child will not be able to use it just yet, but in a few months it will not be more of a runner runner. And until then, it can already get used to this new object. Are you looking for a unique retro model of wood or something else if you find a normal metal wheel too boring? It provides many variants for boys as well as for girls. This gift for the first birthday will be used by the child for a long time.

Toy for shooting

Gift for the 1st Birthday for Running - Wagon for Shooting or Watching

Whether baby, baby walker in the shape of a carriage with space for "luggage" or other slate toy, fun for the child is guaranteed with such a gift for the first birthday. Since it is almost trouble-free to run and run, it may already prove to be very useful. Kids make it fun to shoot and pull. While girls get a puppet for this purpose, these variants are also suitable for boys.

Dress as a First Birthday Gift

Personalized Clothing or Needle Accessories as a Gift for the 1st Birthday

By dressing as a gift for the 1st birthday you can also do nothing wrong. She's always needed. It should not surprise you that it also offers personalized variants here. So you can print out bodys or T-shirts individually and choose the name of the birthday boy or a funny saying. Are your pants, shirts and body too banal and boring? In this case, you can also choose pieces of clothing or old accessories, if you for one reason rarely come. For example, cap or peppy hats are a great idea. Shoes are very useful as well. Also a mini tie or a fly as a gift for the first birthday for boys or a pretty head or hair jewelry as a gift for the first birthday for girls are suitable.

1st Birthday Gift - Personalized Cutlery

Cutlery as a gift for the 1st birthday with engraved names

The child is industrious and caring and also with great desire exactly what the parents were. Certainly the grandchild finds the cutlery at least as interesting as the Essen himself. Since it is now late in the day, suitable children's cutlery is provided, which is less dangerous than it is for adults and is repaired in its size especially for the small children's hands. However, with children's cutlery, you are likely to have the parents equipped, they think now maybe and then they may even be right. But who would it be if you would engrave the cutlery as a gift for the first birthday with the child's name? These would be really original and lovable, you won't find them either. In addition to the names, they also include the date of birth and other things that engrave the birth weight.


Individual crockery, porcelain, bamboo or plastic with beautiful motifs or writing

So what cutlery is great for, so is the dish. Should the children's utensils be used properly, it is advisable to choose a model made of pollutant-free plastic or bamboo. Should it be stored for later, it may also consist of porcelain. Again recommend a specially described variant. It also offers various sets, consisting mostly of counters, bowls and paws. Simply look which one you like best and put together the perfect gift for your 1st birthday.

Knobelspielzeug, that which the Development promotes

Wooden toy, which Motorik promotes, is a great idea for giving to small children

The grandchild is now more curious and might discover the world. Essentially, everything was motoric and memory-driven, and so the children's interest in seeing a great idea for the gift for the first birthday. Especially from wood, such games are very attractive, robust and child friendly. Wooden puzzle with simple shapes for plugging, a motor cube or a labyrinth with wires are just some of the many possibilities that make fun when it has to work indoors.

Book with Pictures for Speech and Recognition Learning

Picture books or fairy tale books give birth to the first birthday

Books can never be enjoyed enough and now that the child is slow to speak and begins to understand, a picture book with various common objects or animals can be useful. In any case, it will arouse children's interest and is perfectly suited to learning. Even fairy-tale books that adapt to this age have a great idea as a gift for the first birthday. Those children who were not able to understand at this age were at any time lost, yet they promote the learning of the language and the understanding. In addition, these fairy books will definitely be used in the next few years. Do you choose books with thick pages or fabric, as they are likely to tear off normal paper pages quickly or can cut them.

A diary for the mom as a gift for the first birthday

Diary or yearbook for the mother of the child to write beautiful moments

In addition to the gift for the first birthday of the child, you can also prepare a daily spending yearbook. They can even be tuned to the mother individually and specifically, by decorating a beautiful booklet. Of course, you can also buy a finished one. The purpose of this book is that the mother can hold interesting experiences and things in it (for example, funny events, the first kindergarten or school day, various excursions etc.). If the child is 18 years old, it will receive the completed book and it will read through all the stories.


Time capsule made from a personalized and engraved or lettered wooden case

A similar idea for the gift for the first birthday is that the diary is also the time capsule, which can consist of a simple tray. This box is particularly beautiful if it is made of wood and is highly customized. For this, the name and after the date of birth should also be written or engraved on the timber box. In it, the parents could then gather various objects in the course of the coming years, such as, for example, the first shoe, the favorite carpenter and other things that played a major role in the child's life. Then, on the eve of the 18th birthday, the parents reach out to the adult child. It also provides special suitcases with the same function.


Children's musical instruments also make grandchildren's fun and foster development

Little children love to make noise and discover the many different noises it gives. Certainly, you have already seen once a grandchild or even baby strikes a spoon with a spoon on it, while the parents prefer to search the white. It would be nice to have this noise with a real instrument. And sometimes it is especially for children. Whether drum, xylophone, shaker or keyboard plays no role. Do you look so neat and choose an instrument that the parents will not be robbed of the last nerve. Then the gift will be for the 1st birthday for all customs.


Using a magnetic table as a gift idea allows the child to practice drawing

You probably still know the magnetic table from your own childhood and it is still a hit today. Nevertheless, today's selection and playground equipment is so large that many do not come up with this great idea, so they are likely to land a full hit. Nowadays, the magnetic tables are even colorful and do not have just a pin to paint, but also a stamp. So they are worth a consideration as a gift for the 1st birthday in any case.

Personalized measuring rod for the wall

A measuring stick with engraving is a beautiful reminder for the parents

Children are on every centimeter, they are grown, proud. And also the parents are pursuing the rapid growth of your children with curiosity and joy. Time for a measuring rod that can be hung in the wall. If you also personalize this, you will only be entitled to a piece of jewelry that will remain a valuable memory for a lifetime. This gift for the first birthday can be self-proclaimed, even if you have a handle for woodworking. But even a long canvas can be used and designed to work on a unique model.

Baby's First Birthday - Gift with Photos from the First Lifetime

Gift idea for the parents with photos from every month of the first year of life in a special frame

Do you have access to your child's photos or do you have some recordings yourself? Then use them to put together a beautiful gift for the first birthday, to light the month of the first year of life. The municipality is a picture frame for 12 photos. Each photo should look like a certain month. Such frames are available in various variants. In some cases the photos are arranged in a square, others are longitudinally in two others and in others they are placed in circular form. Which variant you choose is a pure taste thing.

Watch for the nursery

Decoration for the nursery with a specially designed wall clock

The nursery may be finished for the longest time and with all necessary equipment, but have a watch that the parents certainly have not thought. This is your key word! Particularly make a beautiful children's watch and use it as a gift for the first birthday. Whether designing with the name of the birthday child or with beautiful patterns or motifs, you decide for yourself. It is recommended that the watch fits the rest of the device and children's room decoration. For this reason it is of benefit if you have seen the nursery once. As soon as the child who knows the clock, there will also be some useful and joy there.

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