Aquarium in the wall as part of the interior – helpful tips and lots of inspiration!

Soothing shades of blue, green plants and floating exotic fish – the aquarium is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful ways to bring a piece of nature into your own home. But it is much more than just a habitat for fish and algae – it looks stylish, modern and is a great alternative to the usual pictures as wall decoration. In addition, many scientific experts have already confirmed that watching the fish go about weightlessly does indeed have a very positive effect on our mental and physical health. If you can create a special effect in the interior of your apartment and want to save some space, you can have an aquarium integrated in the wall. Read on to find out what you should pay special attention to and be inspired by our great picture gallery !!

Living room set up modern ideas aquarium in the wall

It is not for nothing that aquarium hobby is a very popular hobby with many facets. In addition to the conventional small water basins, there are now many different and modern variants. Aquariums in all shapes in sizes with suitable equipment are real masterpieces that complement the interior in an innovative and very stylish way. Whether in the living room, bedroom and dining room or in the kitchen – they give every room a feeling of comfort and serenity. Watching the breathtaking underwater world reduces stress, lowers high blood pressure and provides the necessary relaxation after a stressful day – what more could you ask for?

Integrate the aquarium into the wall and set modern accents in the interior

Wall decoration hallway modern living trends aquarium wall unit ideas

If you are currently building or remodeling your home and are interested in aquaristics, now is the right time to have an aquarium integrated into your wall unit. As the name suggests, these aquariums are built into or attached to the wall. This saves you a lot of space and even the smallest rooms are transformed into rooms for relaxation and recreation. Built-in aquariums look like a living painting and ensure a highlight in every room. The lively wall decoration is also a great accent in business, office and practice rooms. One of the biggest advantages of these models is that they are sold as a complete set with all the necessary accessories including filters and lighting. However, if you want to have a unique designer piece, you can also have it made.

What should you pay particular attention to when integrating?

Living room wall decor ideas modern aquarium in the wall tips

Before you have the aquarium integrated into the wall, there are a few things that you must definitely take into account. Although they look very impressive, they are unfortunately rather unsuitable for beginners. However, do not forget that living things will live in them and, above all, you must create pleasant conditions for them. Special equipment is required to ensure that the small residents are supplied with sufficient air, light and heat.

  • The strength of the wall – If you are planning to install an aquarium in the wall, you first have to pay attention to the material from which the wall is made. Depending on the size, even an empty aquarium can weigh around 50 kilograms and the load increases even more when it is filled with water, soil and decorations. The total load can sometimes go as high as 150 kg / m².

Living room Scandinavian style aquarium integrated into the wall

  • Do not install the aquarium so that it is exposed to direct sunlight and do not place it near heaters. Large fluctuations in water temperature can have a negative impact on the health of some fish. In addition, natural light leads to an abundance of green algae that pollute the water and that leads to more frequent cleaning and maintenance.
  • The distance above the aquarium in the wall must be approximately 40-50% of its height and in no case less than 40 cm.
  • Aquariums with a volume of more than 500 liters must be equipped with sewerage and sanitary equipment.
  • Also think about the follow-up costs that you will face after the purchase. These include, for example, electricity and water costs, feed and accessories such as fertilizer and test strips.

Scandinavian living room ideas aquarium wall modern

  • As with all aquariums, regular maintenance and cleaning are an absolute must. However, compared to classic fish tanks, access to the aquarium in the wall is rather limited. Access must either be via an upper cabinet or a concealed basin flap. It is therefore advisable to commission a special company for this task.
  • In order for the models to look good, they are usually quite narrow. This in turn significantly limits the choice of fish.

Advantages of a wall aquarium compared to the other models.

Living room wall decor ideas aquarium in wall tips

An aquarium in the wall not only looks incredibly fascinating and stylish – it also offers a whole range of advantages.

  • Since such aquariums are integrated into the wall, they are also very space-saving. Therefore, they are the best choice for everyone who wants to give their home a modern touch and only have a limited space.
  • The water basin is usually installed at eye level and thus immediately becomes the center of the room.
  • Most models are sold with all the equipment you need to set them up. Some of them are even sold with special instructions or wall brackets to make assembly easier for people with some DIY knowledge.

Integrate the aquarium into the wall unit for the living room

Bedroom furnishings modern aquarium wall installation ideas

The bedroom is often the least decorated room in the home. So how about if you give it a fresh and modern touch and benefit from the positive properties of an aquarium? Lying in bed after a hard day and watching the fish move calmly – doesn't that sound wonderful? A fish pool in the bedroom has a relaxing effect and ensures a better and more peaceful sleep.

Or why not refresh the kitchen a little?

Furnish the kitchen in a modern way

The kitchen is the heart of every house, where you like to gather with family and friends. An aquarium in the wall as a colorful, modern backdrop makes this room even more special.

An aquarium wall unit in the living room is a real eye-catcher

Industrial living style trend living room set up ideas aquarium in wall

If you are one of those people who would like to stand out and impress your guests, then an aquarium in the wall for the living room is just right for you. It creates a very special atmosphere and is a stylish and impressive way to change the effect of the rest of the room decor.

Aquarium in the wall – other wonderful and stylish ideas and inspirations

Dining room rustic set up ideas aquarium in the wall costs

In recent years the aquarium has developed from boring fish tanks to a real work of art in all possible sizes and designs.

Fitting aquarium wall dining room furnishing modern tips

The small aquarium gives this modern living room a fresh breath.

Installation of aquarium wall tips

If you have enough space, choose an oversized model to create an unusual and dynamic atmosphere.

Dining room furnishings modern aquarium in the wall

It can be perfectly integrated into the bedroom furnishings

Aquarium wall unit bedroom furnishings modern

With an aquarium wall unit, the interior of every room becomes more interesting and attractive in no time at all

Aquarium wall unit ideas living room modern furnishing living trends

The models are available in all conceivable sizes, so that they are wonderfully suitable for both large and small apartments

Aquarium wall ideas living room furnishing tips living trends

An aquarium in the wall for the living room is a real eye-catcher and a great alternative to a painting as a wall decoration

Integrate the aquarium into the wall unit

Adapted to the rest of the furnishings, they radiate a certain calm and create an inviting atmosphere

Aquarium cladding tips flooring trends living room decor

Benefit from the calming effect of the fish tank by having it integrated in the dining room

Aquarium cladding wall decoration ideas dining room in rustic style

With a beautifully decorated aquarium, you bring part of the ocean straight to your home

Aquarium in wall unit integrate Scandinavian lifestyle trend

The living room equipped with an aquarium wall will amaze your guests

Integrate aquarium into wall unit ideas living room furnishing tips

It becomes the center of the room and would be the perfect accent for a contemporary, minimalist interior

Aquarium in wall ideas furnishing tips dining room

Due to the many different design options, the aquarium wall unit is the perfect addition to any apartment

Aquarium in the wall costs furnishing trends living room wall decoration ideas

With the right wall color, the fish tank comes into its own even better. The combination with white or beige nuances is particularly noble and elegant.

Aquarium in the wall what to look for living room set up ideas home trends

Enjoy the wonderful view while entering the apartment

Install aquarium in the wall cost wall decoration hallway ideas

Aquarium in the kitchen is a rather unusual choice, but still attracts a lot of attention.

Aquarium integrated into the wall Tips Dining room set up modern ideas

There's something magical about relaxing on the couch while watching the fish

Aquarium integrated in the wall Rustic living style Living trends Furnishing the living room

And why not use the aquarium as a kitchen back wall?

Aquarium in the wall integrated kitchen set up wall decoration ideas

It's a wonderful way to give the dining room a new, lively look.

Aquarium in the wall ideas modern dining room furnishings living trends

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