The Fourth Hitzelle comes: Germany has temperatures up to 41 ° C

Hitzwelle in Germany Temperatures up to 40 degrees

These weeks, they can find temperatures in some areas of the Federal Republic lying about 38 ° C. It is the celebrated Hitzewelle that summer. "It's not more normal", soft Mojib Latif, Climate Forerunner at Helmholz-Zentrum für Ozeanforschung in Kiel, Augsburger Allgemeinen. "Everything else is normal." Based on the climatic hikes, so Latif, so many Hitzwells are dubbed in Germany in 1980.

A warm week is on the rise

Viewing rising temperatures, the Deutsche Wetterdienst (DWD) has found a "Warnstufe II", if tagsüber extreme heat load is encountered. Inside Deutschlands, you will be bothered with great temperature shifts. On Monday it is most likely the hottest day of the week, saw meteorologists, with country temperatures temperatures between 33 and 38 ° C and possible weather conditions still lie in some places.

In the Ruhr area, Cologne, Moseltal and Saarland, for example, DWD speakers Andreas Friedrich Temperatures of 41 ° C were difficult to reach. In the Rhine-Main area, there is also the possibility of a short-circuit, which makes it possible to clear up to 40 ° C clutter in the morning. In the northern part of Kitzingen, a historic warmer record of 40.3 ° C could also be broken.

Hot tubs in Europe Short temperatures up to about 40 degrees

Stay in the heat

Viewing the heaters, which can still detect current forecasts at least up to the following weekends, is important, especially if you want to drink water and stop the environment.

"Keeping your home away from it, warming up your living room, better keep the temperature of the rooms better", says DWD.

Some of the hot summer boots were low DWD "unmistakably high and long lasting". In total this year, the warmest and sunniest June says Beginn der Wetterauzichtning has fixed 140 years.


Is there an explanation for this hit?

The arctic and the sub-arctic swarms late climate experts dipping latif as quickly as the rest of the world.

This is due to Gründe: First of all, the so-called climatic heat transport to the North Sea has been strengthened. Dishes can be better served if the sun reflects on the sun, it also received the temperatures. "The water vapor marshmallows in the Arctic," said Latif, said.

The load of the climax also said a follower of the stubbornly waiting man's darling; The world's population has declined by 7.7 billion in the last 50 years.

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