15 foods for beautiful hair – here are many vitamins!

When it comes to thick, healthy hair, there are a variety of bombarded hair care products that promise to improve the look and feel of our hair. Many of us forget that proper nutrition is one of the most important prerequisites for a long, beautiful mane. A balanced, predominantly plant-based diet can help you get the key nutrients necessary to keep your hair, skin, and nails in good shape.

Vitamins and nutrients for beautiful hair

beautiful curly hair needs a lot of moisture

The best vitamins and nutrients for hair growth include:

– Biotin (also known as vitamin B7): It makes hair grow faster, maintains hair shine and prevents split ends. The daily requirement for women is 30 to 60 micrograms.

– Vitamin A (retinol): The fat-soluble vitamin ensures that the hair appears strong and smooth. It also has a positive effect on fat synthesis in the follicles. The recommended intake for adults is between 0.8 and 1.1 milligrams per day.

– Vitamin E: Its powerful antioxidant effect helps reduce oxidative stress in the hair follicles. Vitamin E protects the scalp and hair from harmful environmental influences. Depending on age and gender, the body needs between 5 and 13 milligrams a day.

Nuts Mung dal Almonds Blueberries for beautiful skin and hair

– zinc: The mineral promotes hair growth and helps against dandruff. Zinc is involved in the formation of the keratin hair protein.

– iron: Iron deficiency is mostly associated with hair loss.

– Vitamin C: The water-soluble universal vitamin makes it easier for your body to absorb iron and promotes blood circulation to the scalp.

– Omega-3 fatty acids: Their anti-inflammatory effects can counteract any inflammation that causes hair loss

– silicon: Silicic acid is important for the elasticity and strength of hair.

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What you eat can also have a dramatic impact on hair loss. Avoid processed and packaged foods that are very low in nutrients and choose more wholesome, real and natural foods. Many of these processed products contain additives and artificial ingredients that your body simply does not need. In addition, these processed foods can have devastating effects on the gut. A healthy intestinal flora is important to support the absorption of nutrients and to strengthen the hair, skin and nails.

long hair what to do about hair loss and vitamin deficiency

If you have recently experienced significant hair loss, you should see your doctor first, as this could indicate an underlying condition. Before you start taking any supplements, you should always talk to your doctor first. While taking B vitamins can be sensible in certain cases (e.g., if you have a condition that causes a deficiency), it can also have negative effects, such as a dangerous change in laboratory test results. Dietary supplements often also provide unnecessary biotin that goes far beyond what your body can actually use. Considering that most people can get all the B vitamins they need from food, buying these supplements is likely a waste of money.

List of vitamin-rich foods for beautiful hair

Eat protein for beautiful hair


As a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein, salmon can make our hair silky smooth, shiny and strong. Omega-3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory. So you can help if you have an inflammation of the hair roots that causes hair loss. Salmon also scores with vitamin D, which stimulates hair follicles.

eat eggs for beautiful hair with avocado


Eggs are rich in protein and essential nutrients such as Choline and vitamins A, D and B12, which contribute to hair health. A lot of vitamin D is mainly in the egg yolk. Two specific carotenoids found in eggs, lutein and zeaxanthin, also play a role in maintaining cell health, particularly in the eyes, skin and hair.

Eat peanut butter for beautiful hair

Peanuts and peanut butter

Peanuts are also a notable biotin supplier. The B vitamin is known to both stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. 60 grams of peanuts contain up to 9 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber and many antioxidants. Peanuts are also very filling, which is why they are an ideal meat substitute for vegetarians or vegans. Like almond butter, peanut butter is rich in vitamin E. Also interesting: Is peanut butter healthy?

baby spinach healthy rich in iron and vitamin k


Spinach is packed with magnesium, iron and folic acid, one of the most important B vitamins. Other leafy greens such as kale also offer many nutrients and benefits for skin and hair. The vitamin C in these green leafy vegetables also helps to protect the cell membranes of the hair follicles.

Sardines rich in omega 3 fats for beautiful hair


Sardines provide omega-3 fats and vitamin D. They are a low-mercury alternative to other fatty fish and are readily available in cans (just buy in water, not in oil!). You can add sardines to salads and spreads.

Chia seed pudding with pomegranate seeds

Chia seeds

Are you looking for a vegetarian or vegan source of omega-3 fatty acids? Chia seeds are the perfect solution for you! This superfood also has a high protein content and contains 20% more protein than soybeans. These tiny seeds can be used in smoothies, puddings and even as an ingredient in baked goods. In this article you will find some great chia seed recipes!

Pumpkin soup garnished with pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin and pumpkin seeds

100 grams of pumpkin contains 83 calories and less than one gram of fat. It is also rich in iron and beta-carotene – an important vitamin for hair growth and strength. Vitamins C and E are also said to have antioxidant effects. Pumpkin seeds, on the other hand, contain zinc and help against hair loss. 100 grams of pumpkin seeds cover the recommended daily amount of 7 milligrams for women.

Eat avocado for beautiful healthy hair


Avocado toast is considered the perfect breakfast and with good reason! Avocados contain a particularly large number of healthy fats and vitamin E, which promote hair growth. Due to the high biotin content, avocados are a popular ingredient in many DIY hair masks.

Eat grapes for hair loss for hair growth


Like other plant foods, grapes contain polyphenol compounds with antioxidant properties that can help protect cells from environmental influences. Oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) in grapes help prevent the production of dihydrotestosterone, which is a major factor in hair loss. OPC also stimulates hair follicle growth. If you eat 100 grams of grapes a day, you can take advantage of these anti-inflammatory benefits.

Buckwheat healthy for beautiful hair


Whole grains can help you incorporate more fiber, zinc, iron and B vitamins into your diet to support healthy hair. Buckwheat is a nutritious, gluten-free pseudo grain that keeps you full for a long time. Use it as a substitute for oatmeal for breakfast or for rice in wok dishes.

Flax seeds healthy against dry scalp


Flax seeds are full of polyunsaturated fatty acids that can nourish your scalp and prevent dryness. Sprinkle ground flaxseed on your yogurt, add some of it to your smoothie, or create your own flaxseed egg to replace a real egg in all baked goods recipes. Put a tablespoon of ground flaxseed with three tablespoons of water in a small bowl. Let it steep for about five minutes until it starts to thicken.

Sweet potato rich in beta carotene vitamin A

sweet potato

Sweet potatoes contain the precursor of vitamin A – beta-carotene, which gives them their orange color. This antioxidant then turns into vitamin A and prevents dry and dull hair. Sweet potatoes have a significantly higher vitamin A content and a slightly higher fiber content than white potatoes.

Legumes rich in folic acid and protein

Chickpeas, lentils, beans and peas

These four are all called legumes. They bring a good portion of vegetable proteins and fiber and are super filling. These foods also contain folic acid, one of the vitamins in the B complex that help keep hair healthy and renew the cells that are essential for hair growth.

Stimulate green asparagus rich in vitamin B folate hair follicles


The B-vitamin folate is found in asparagus, but also in avocados, oranges and broccoli. This nutrient is responsible for gene synthesis and the formation of red blood cells. It also plays an important role in the breakdown of protein and thus provides the building blocks of hair follicles.

Greek yogurt healthy for breakfast

Greek yogurt

Unsweetened Greek plain yogurt is an excellent source of protein. In addition, yogurt is very versatile and can be incorporated into a filling breakfast (smoothies and breakfast bowls) or in tasty dishes (such as dips). The main benefit of yogurt is its probiotics, the good bacteria that help your body absorb nutrients.

Porridge with banana and walnuts


Oatmeal is rich in iron, fiber, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids that stimulate hair growth. 100 grams of oatmeal contain 20 micrograms of biotin and 4 milligrams of zinc (39% of the reference daily intake for an adult).

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