Setting up a home office – tips and ideas for a pleasant ambience at home!

Right now, in the midst of the corona virus crisis, we should avoid social contacts as much as possible. More and more people are forced to stay at home and work from there. Home Office comes from English and means something like “working from home” in German. However, the distractions between your own four walls are huge and it can be a real challenge to concentrate and get the job done. While it sounds tempting to work in bed or on the sofa, it's unfortunately not very efficient. If you want to increase your productivity and would prefer to work in a pleasant atmosphere, then you've come to the right place. In this article we have put together many useful tips and ideas for setting up home offices!

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Regardless of whether you have an entire room in your apartment or just a tiny corner in the living room where only a desk can fit – setting up your home office is primarily about creating a place where you actually like to work and that fits into the rest of the facility. Above all, the work area should work for you and reflect your personality.

Set up home office – find the right place at home

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Before you start to think about how you want to set up and decorate your home office, you must first choose a suitable place for it. If you do not have your own space, you can position the work area in any room. Depending on the industry in which you work, do you first have to think carefully about how much work space you will need? Do you only have a laptop or are you also using printers and other technical devices? Another important point is to separate private life from business. Use shelves or plants as room dividers.

Basic equipment for your own home office

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For effective and productive work between your own 4 walls, the right furniture equipment should not be missing. This includes a matching desk that is large enough, a desk lamp and enough storage space. Since we spend an average of 7 hours at our workplace, a comfortable chair that is easy on our back is an absolute must. It is best to choose an ergonomic and stylish office chair with adjustable height. If you don't have enough space for it, go for filigree and smaller office chairs that can be just as comfortable and undoubtedly look a lot nicer and more modern.

Ensure more order and organization by creating enough storage space

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Stacked files and documents, tons of notes and pens – clutter and chaos on the desk affect our productivity and concentration. It is therefore very important for home office furnishings to ensure that there is enough storage space and storage space and that all materials have their place. Drawers, folders, shelves or filing cabinets – there are so many great ways you can organize your home office. First, think about which utensils you need most often and arrange them so that they are always at hand.

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Even the smallest home office can be set up great and useful. Large sideboards or shelves on the wall are a wonderful option for folders and files that you don't need as often. They not only offer enough storage space, but can also liven up the room with a suitable decoration and a little imagination and give it a cozy and cozy touch.

Decorate home office with plants

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With plants you get a piece of nature and bring your home office to life. Whether succulents, real or artificial plants – they all have a lively and inspiring effect. In addition, they provide us with energy, have a stress-relieving effect, promote concentration and ensure clean air. A pretty plant will definitely help you to make the working day at home productive and to do all the pending tasks.

Make sure there is enough light when setting up your home office

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Staring at the screen or the papers for several hours puts our eyes under a lot of strain anyway. So do something good for your eye health and provide enough light. It would be best if you set up your home office near a window. Since natural light can make every room look larger, this tip can be particularly useful for smaller work surfaces. Desk lamps are now available in different designs and sizes and can be perfectly adapted to the rest of the interior. Illuminants in neutral light colors are gentle on the eyes. And another furnishing tip from us – if you are right-handed, place the desk lamp on your left side and if you are left-handed – on the right.

Unleash your creativity and add some color to the decor

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Working in a room that you enjoy and where you feel good increases our productivity. And since it is your own home, there are absolutely no limits when it comes to decorating – anything you like is allowed! Colors and fun patterns give your home office a lively and modern touch and ensure a pleasant working atmosphere. It is best to choose nuances that complement the rest of the interior and appeal to you – not what is currently trendy. It has also been proven that different colors affect our psyche. Blue and green have a calming and relaxing effect, while warm nuances such as money and red encourage our creativity. Neutral shades of gray and beige also bring more calm at the workplace.

Personalized wall design gives the home office a personal character

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It is very important to give your eyes a break from looking at the monitor. Your home office is your home – it should look and feel like this. The wall design with beautiful posters or your favorite photos from your last vacation make the room lively and warm.

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Not only colors, but also different scents also have a big impact on our mood and psyche. For example, peppermint is used to freshen the air and promote our concentration and productivity. Citrus fruits, however, have a stress-relieving and relaxing effect. Whether you use scented candles or diffusers with essential oils is up to you.

Set up motivating messages as wall decorations at the home office

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Working from home alone every day can quickly overwhelm us and as a result we feel unmotivated. While a pin board with the daily tasks certainly helps to do everything for the day, a wall design with goals for the future in the form of photos or sayings can increase our production output and motivation tenfold. Try to create a vision board that contains everything you would most like to achieve in the near and distant future.

Set up home office – more creative and modern ideas and inspiration

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Give your home office a warm and inviting feel by painting one of the walls in a bold shade like dark green, navy, or any other color that best complements the rest of the decor.

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To make the work area at home really feel unique, refresh it with unusual and fun wall decorations such as home-made paper flowers.

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Turn a small room like the attic into a cozy home office by creating an accent wall with wallpaper in modern patterns.

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Chaos and disorder in the office often make us feel overwhelmed and stressed. A minimalist aesthetic not only makes the room look chic and inviting, but also creates a pleasant working atmosphere.

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Especially when setting up a home office, “Less is more!”. Too much decorations and unnecessary objects often distract us. So try not to overload the work surface with too many things.

Home office ideas for small apartment wall design

Don't be afraid to play with colors and patterns. After all, home office is all about making you feel good.

Decorate a small apartment in a modern way

Even if you prefer a minimalist Scandinavian style, a little splash of color will make the room look fresh and lively.

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Adding to planting is a wonderful and very easy way to beautify the home office and give it a fresh touch.

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No suitable desk in the house? So why not make one yourself? Remove the doors of an old chest of drawers, paint them in the color of your choice and you're done.

Metallic accents and accessories such as lamps or wastebasket look classy and modern.

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Colorful carpets and eye-catching patterns form a great contrast to the white walls

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Don't be afraid to use vivid colors and eye-catching patterns for your home office

Home office decorating ideas decorating workspace at home

Furnishing wooden furniture in the home office gives the room a feeling of warmth and comfort

Decorate your living room in a modern way

Motivation sayings as wall decoration have a modern effect and increase our productivity

Hang up pictures

Modern and useful at the same time – designer table lamps are real eye-catchers

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Wallpaper for the wall is a lively and modern statement

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