Recipes with Bergamotte: 3 delicious and simple ideas for citrus fruit fans

Bergamotte lemon aroma and taste of citrus fruit

Ever cost Bergamotte? The rare citrus fruit from Italy is a blend of lemon lemon and bitter orange. It tastes extremely sour and is best known for its use in the perfume industry. Although they are hardly enjoyable as an orchard, Bergamots find use in the kitchen: Their aroma variety is mostly hidden in the bowl. We present three recipe ideas.

Bergamotte: Scented beer and sour juice

Bergamot does not have pear without lemon with fragrant oil and sour juice

The intense scented oil from the Bergamotte bowl is next to black tea, the main ingredient in Earl-Gray tea. The fragrances in the finely grated bowl and the juice are a flavor-intensive alternative for lemon and lime. Who uses the juice should interfere with a sweet component. The southern fruit flavored some sweet foods like creams, ice cream and sorbet as well as marmalade, biscuits and cakes. Fresh fruits are available in Germany only during winter.

Idea 1: Bergamottensaft-Schorle

Recipes with Bergamotte for summer Bergamottensaft schorle

Because of the extreme acid and the bitter substances, pure juice from bergamot with other fruit juices like orange juice should be diluted or mixed as a scoop with mineral water - in summer a fruity refreshment with vitamin-plus! Drinks with and without alcohol are refined with a splash of bergamot juice and a bergamot tea (one piece of the bowl).

Idea 2: Bergamotten marmalade

Recipe bread break with Bergamotte orange confit with Bergamotte juice

Fruity breadcrumbs with bergamots are widely distributed in southern Europe as well as in England. Here, too, they find themselves in fine food shops and Italian supermarkets. You should try the following recipe for an orange jam with Bergamotte.

● 450 ml freshly squeezed orange juice
● Juice a Bergamotte
● 200 g of jelly sugar
● 100 g demerara sugar (a special raw sugar type consisting of large crystals)

1. With a zest cutter or sharp knife two to three thin thin strips of the orange and bergamot scales without the white.
2. Squeeze both citrus fruits.
3. Mix the sugars with the sugar into a pot, add scallions and cook everything together.
4. Cook for six minutes, boiling.
5. Remove the scaling strips that fill the confectioners in sterilized glasses and seal them immediately.

Idea 3: Lime biscuits with Bergamotte

Bergamotte Recipes Lime biscuits with bergamot oil

Cakes, muffins, biscuits: Bergamotten oil as well as the apron of the dishes are good for baking. Here's a super simple Bergamotten recipe:

Ingredients for 24 cookies:
● 100 g of sugar
● 1 Abrish one untreated lime
● 1 Ei
● 1 egg white
● 3 drops of bergamot oil
● 250 g flour
● 1 TL baking powder

1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius upper and lower.
2. Cream with sugar and lime slice creamy and even egg and still disturb. Then add bergamot oil.
3. Mix flour with baking powder and salt and stir in buttermilk.
4. Process everything into a smooth dough and place a spoon of dough on a baking sheet coated with baking paper. Weld one or two centimeters of large spacing.
5. Bake in oven for 15 to 17 minutes.
6. Reconnect, cool and serve.

Tartelette with lime cream and bergamot oil

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