With Children's Autumn pictures paint using different tools and techniques

Paint her pictures with children and various techniques

Autumn is known for its colorful colors and it is not perfect for decorations, but also as a theme for various craft and painting projects. And since this beautiful time of year is almost at our doorstep, we are today showing you some of the many exciting things you can do with children at home, in elementary school or even in kindergarten. Because of this there are various malting techniques with different colors, which guarantees that every child can have a lot of fun and can be donated to the parents or grandparents later. Get inspired and get the necessary colors and materials soon. Then you can paint beautiful autumn pictures with children and spend a fun afternoon together.

Autumn pictures paint with massage balls

Paint original autumn pictures with massage balls - trees with colorful crowns

  • white paper and brown craft paper (or printed tree without crown)
  • Colors in red, orange and yellow and possibly green
  • Massagebälle
  • Cardboard Counter
  • Schere
  • Kleber

Paint your pictures and cut out and stick a trunk of paper

In principle, this guide does not give much explanation. If you can paint one such autumn tree, you need a tree trunk, draw it on the brown paper and then cut it out and stick it on the white sheet of paper. Alternatively, you can also read a finished tree. Then no leaves should be in advance. On the card counter, you now give the three autumn colors yellow, orange and red. Take the ball first with the yellow paint on it and roll it over the picture, though along the crown.

Paint autumn pictures - Dive massage ball in color and roll over the sheet

If you have sufficiently added yellow "leaves", take a new ball and repeat the whole with the orange and then with the red color. Finally, you can also create here and there a few green leaves that have not yet been painted. Let them color and already the picture is finished. In this way, you can paint as many autumn pictures as you can.

Autumn trees paint with corks

Paint autumn pictures with wine baskets - Autumn colors on the tree crowns

  • mind. 3 Wine Corks
  • Colors in red, orange and yellow
  • brown and white paper oder:
  • expressed tree trunk with osten leaves
  • Cardboard Counter
  • Schere
  • Kleber

Whoever, in the previous instruction, can paint their Autumn pictures, you first need a tree, either cut it out of the brown paper and stick it on the white sheet or print it out. Then you can paint the pretty tree as a motif for autumn. Use a few colors on the counter to prevent contamination of the paint in the packaging.

For autumn pictures, draw, cut or print a tree trunk

Dive the first wine corks in one of your favorite colors and dip your leaves on the crowns of the tree. There are points. Then repeat the whole thing with a new corks and the next color. You may also want to mix the colors to get the more shades. Then you need more corks. Just experiment!

Autumn pictures paint with cotton balls

Cotton balls and washcloths are great tools for painting and crafting with children

  • Wattebällchen
  • Wäscheklammern
  • Colors (e.g., acrylic)
  • raised or extruded tree trunk to shape
  • Sheet of paper or canvas

If you do not have corks at home to try out the technique, you can instead use cotton balls, which are quicker to apply, if you want to paint spontaneous autumn pictures with your children. They also need washcloths, with which the cotton wool is kept, is very practical. Use lightweight washable colors, you can easily hold the balls with your fingers. The cotton wool is simply dipped in color and then used to print dots.

Paint forest from autumn trees for autumn pictures

Exercises, tips and ideas for techniques for painting autumn pictures

If you are able to paint a whole autumn forest, you simply draw up many tree trunks at the same time, which you then decorate around with leaves. From here you can choose any technique you can choose from the above. Even at the end of the article, we have some variants for the design of tree crowns and leaves for you to try them out once. And since autumn still remains for a while, you have enough time too!

Paint leaves in the autumn with children

Combine wax paint sticks and water colors in one autumn picture

  • 2 sheets of paper of any size
  • flat autumn leaves
  • Klebeband
  • Wachsmalstifte
  • Wasserfarben
  • wider brush

Paint beautiful autumn pictures with wax crayons and real leaves

Always use a smooth and even surface, as joints or other imperfections are also transmitted to the image. Then, on a sheet of paper, distribute the collected sheets. Fix the paper best with adhesive tape, so it can't slip. Cut them out and add other heart motifs from paper (for example mushrooms). Then you lay out the other sheet of paper. You can now attach it to the bottom sheet with adhesive tape, but it is not slippery, but you do not have to. When painting children with such autumn pictures, it is likely that they will fall easier.

Transfer leaves in various shapes on paper with wax pins

With the wax paint sticks that were best selected in autumn colors, you now strike over the upper leaf. These pins hold you right to use your length. In this way, the prints, borders and patterns of leaves are transmitted on the top leaf. Do not print them very tightly, but do not print any less. They can even enhance the colors in need. Change the colors for each sheet or combine them into one more. This will leave you and your child.

Easy Malan piping for kids with pens and brushes

You can now either paint or paint these autumn pictures for painting and paint them with watercolors. For the children, it would naturally be very enjoyable. The watercolor is easily streaked over the whole picture. You do not need to worry about the wax surfaces. They were not guaranteed to be erased. There are very interesting color mixtures and effects. For the background, use the best contrasting colors with which the leaves can be applied, such as blue or green.

Create colorful, autumnal paintings in elementary school or kindergarten

If you want to paint this idea in autumn in kindergarten or if you are looking for ideas for pictures that you can paint in autumn in elementary school, you can transform this variant into a larger project. Each child can create his own image. Finally, all sheets of paper were combined together to obtain a huge poster, which could then be hung in the classroom. Those Kids were proudly signaled! Or you let the children all share the sheets on a large poster and paint them together. On the ground, this will work best. This is possible in smaller groups, where the children are not mutually disturbing if they paint the Autumn pictures.

Paint acrylic pictures in the fall

Use stencils and acrylic paint to paint sheets and draw leaf veins

  • Leaflets (real or cut out of paper)
  • Sheet paper A3 or A4 and possibly another to print the sheet of papers
  • Acrylfarben
  • Sponge or wide brush
  • thinner brush
  • Schere

A very simple idea to paint with even smaller children's autumn pictures is this one. If you have collected the leaves yourself, you should press them for a few days in a book. Alternatively, you can also print or label and cut sheets. Which variant you choose, the sheets are then placed on a sheet of paper and can already be started painting.

Use a little acrylic paint on one corner of the sponge or apply a paintbrush with your paint. Hold the sheet with one hand and stroke with the sponge or brush over the edge of the leaf sheet. In this way, you drive along the entire edge of the sheet. Then you can add even more leaf prints and paint many beautiful autumn pictures in this way. Don't forget to add leaf leaves with a thin brush. Your picture with acrylic is already finished.

Ideas for a tribe from hands

With the imprint one hand shaped a stem and colored autumnal leaves

A tribe with esten reads wonderfully from the children's hand. Here you can use either finger paint, stretch your arm with your hands and fingers and then print it on a sheet of paper. Or draw the outline of the hand with a pencil on paper and then paint it with brown color. The crowns can now be used with various techniques. Some of them have prepared to see above. But also paint the following ideas for Autumn pictures:

With air cushion foil

Paint fast technique for autumn pictures with air cushion foil

Would you have come up with the idea of ​​painting air cushion foil for autumn pictures? So you have the best packing materials next time, so you can use them to create the crowns for autumnal trees. For this, color is given to the pits. If it goes somewhere, it's not that clever anymore. The foil then prints on the paper to transfer the color and obtain prints. Repeat with your favorite colors.

With toothbrushes and blisters

Beautiful autumn tree idea with sprinkler of a toothbrush and leaf motifs

If you have a tree trunk and some leaves (real or printed) prepared, you can loosen them. Distribute the leaves on the crown (more than once or individually). Then, take it watercolor with a toothbrush, after dipping it in water. You can also use acrylic paint that can dilute you with a little water. Now add spritz around the leaves here. The leaves can then be removed. It also provides special pins for breathing, which can be used and to spice fine sprinkles on the picture.

With brows as a stamp

Easy excitation for autumn pictures with trees and foliage - use leaves as stamps

Leaves also have a great stamp and are easily used for this purpose. With a brush, simply apply color to the sheet. Then print it with the color underneath on your tree and already the leaf is transferred onto the leaf. Combine more colors, as well as nature. Also, on one sheet, more colors could be applied to obtain a colored leaf. Fantasy has no boundaries and no rules. You can see his tree the way he did.

Autumn landscape paint with ear buds

Painting techniques for children and adults - A bundle of ear buds for painting points

If you prefer to paint finer and smaller leaves for your autumn pictures, you can use corks as well as simple wattages instead. The possibilities are twofold here: Either take a stick, dip it in the desired color and then tap along the tree top to shape a crown. Or make a "ostrich" from rods. Take more of this and tie it together with a rubber band. Now you can dive them all together in color and even create multiple leaves at once.

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