Painting the bedroom maritime: stylish ideas for wall color as an accent in the room

Would you like to paint your bedroom maritime? A good idea, because the Mediterranean style of living creates a happy atmosphere. You will feel as relaxed as if you were drinking tea on the North Sea coast, champagne on the French Riviera or a glass of beer on the Greek Mediterranean coast. We show how you can bring the Mediterranean look into the bedroom with blue, sand color, coral and lots of white. We also give you ideas for stylish furniture and wall color combinations that will conjure up a holiday feeling in your own four walls. Let yourself be taken by the suggestions and find out what is important in the trendy interior design.

Paint the bedroom maritime: dark blue nuances give the room depth

Bedroom maritime painting ideas for wall design in dark blue

The traditional color scheme of the maritime style of living is formed by the colors dark blue (different nuances are possible), snow white and red. The ensemble is inspired by the uniforms of the sailors of the British navy. Nowadays the maritime theme is interpreted in a modern way. Depending on how the bedroom is furnished, the corresponding color combination is also selected. In addition to snow white and dark blue, the interior designers are now also playing with sand, turquoise and even green shades that refresh the traditional color combination. We give you an overview of the different variants.

Paint the bedroom maritime: sky blue, sand colors and white for a relaxed beach look

how do i paint my bedroom light blue ideas for mediterranean wall design

Are you dreaming of a holiday on the Mediterranean? With a wall in sky blue and furniture in sand, you can bring that holiday feeling into your own four walls. Because the light blue shade evokes associations with the sky and the sea. The color scheme is perfect for small and dark rooms. Instead of playing the main role on the wall, dark blue discreetly fades into the background and is used more as an accent in the room. White also makes the bedroom look airy. Furniture in a vintage look with a greyish patina add the finishing touch. It's the perfect oasis reminiscent of setting up a beach villa in the Hamptons.

Paint the bedroom in a modern maritime style with blue walls

Light blue is the perfect wall color for the sleeping area because it creates a calm atmosphere and relaxes the eyes. The wall in solid color has another decisive advantage: it offers free space for vintage posters, pictures and posters with maritime motifs. Choose images with warm colors like coral, orange or yellow. Otherwise, the blue nuances can intensify the cool lighting mood in the bedroom and the room will quickly appear uncomfortable.

Painting the bedroom maritime: When sand color plays the main role

Bedroom beige white and blue combine ideas for wall color

North-facing bedrooms are usually very dark in winter. In older apartments, the rooms are usually very small. The dark blue wall is not an option in these cases. Deep nuances at the sea are reminiscent and very noble, but they visually reduce the space. In this case, there are soft shades of sand that reflect the light and lighten the room in this meadow. The beige shade creates a feel-good atmosphere and, together with white, creates a harmonious living image.

Bedroom wall painting ideas in sand color and nude for beach feeling

The sand color is the perfect choice for anyone who has opted for modern furnishings. It can be staged with pastel colors. Green, pink and light blue are popular color partners. But the wall color sand also forms an attractive color duo with black, copper or gold, which emphasizes the modern character of the interior. A real all-round talent!

Bedroom in sand color with wooden furniture wall design ideas

And fans of vintage furniture can also choose sand as the wall color. Because it allows wooden furniture to stand out better and provides warmth and security in the bedroom. White furniture also cuts a fine figure. The main focus is on textiles. Dark blue duvet, striped decorative pillows in light blue and white, as well as living accessories made of blown glass give the bedroom the finishing touches.

Painting the bedroom maritime: stripes on the wall

The bedroom paints maritime sand and blue stripes on the wall behind the rattan bed

Stripes can be attached to the wall using a wide masking tape and conjure up a fresh look in no time. The experts advise you to choose shades from the same color family. Although painting requires some skill, the end result inspires and gives the room a touch of nostalgia. If you want to let your creativity run free, you can choose gray tones and paint the floor in sky blue, for example.

Stripes in blue and white and sand color Mediterranean bedroom design tips

Stripes in green, yellow and blue provide a summer-fresh look in the bedroom. It depends on the nuances, because the wall color can completely change the living effect. The stripes of different widths give the room a lively look and bring variety to the interior. Perfect for this – accessories that take up the wall colors. Colonial-style wooden furniture adds an exotic touch and lets you dream of exotic islands with long beaches.

Painting the bedroom maritime: painting the walls in dark blue and powder

Combine maritime color scheme for bedroom wall color and furniture

Pink, dark blue and brick red or light brown form an attractive ensemble in the bedroom. Delicate cream nuances are the perfect balancing partners that give the room depth. A vintage poster on the wall completes the living picture and gives the room character. Furniture made of recycled wood and accessories made of copper or old gold go well with this.

Painting the bedroom maritime: snow white and ice blue

Bedroom wall decorating ideas in sky blue and white and turquoise

Bright, bright and pleasantly fresh: the color duo snow white and ice blue make the bedroom appear open and spacious. It is the perfect choice for light-filled rooms facing south or west. The colors can be combined with earthy nuances such as sand and beige, as well as with turquoise and green.

Blue, white and orange in the spacious bedroom

Painting the maritime accent wall in the bedroom

Those who find cobalt, white and red too dark prefer sky blue, white and orange. The white ceiling brightens the room, the blue walls give the interior a maritime character and the orange accents give the room warmth and energy. There is also room for dark blue in the bedroom, but this time it does not decorate the walls, but the floor.

How do I paint my bedroom maritime? Combine white wall paint and wallpaper

how to paint my bedroom modern and maritime

Wall paint and wallpaper have recently become the perfect partner in the bedroom. Wallpaper offers a cost-effective solution for anyone who wants to spice up the room. If wallpaper with patterns or summer motifs is attached to the wall behind the bed headboard, then the other walls should be kept simple. White fits on a large wall surface and can always be staged together with pictures and posters.

How do I paint my bedroom with a sloping ceiling? Tips for wall design

small bedroom painting walls blue and white

Even narrow or small bedrooms or bedrooms with sloping ceilings are completely transformed with maritime colors. Above all, there are mild pastel colors such as light mint green. Together with white, it provides the desired brightening and brings out niches and corners effectively. The mint green color can also be paired with expressive nuances such as sky blue, powder or orange.

How do I paint my bedroom in dark blue?

Mediterranean design wall in dark blue and snow-white ceiling

The deep blue makes us dream of the sea and vacation. No wonder that the various dark blue shades are currently very trendy. But if you choose the color, you are often faced with a major challenge. Because only if the room is appropriately furnished and decorated can the color tone develop its full effect. So that the room does not look too dark, a few tricks help. Large pictures and posters with a lot of white bring variety and catch the light. Furniture in metallic colors also reflects sunlight and sets accents. The light ceiling and floor are an absolute must. If the flooring is dark, a white carpet is available.

Paint and decorate the dark blue wall in the bedroom with real oak wood furniture

The smaller the bedroom, the more economically dark blue should be used. An accent wall is enough to create a maritime look. Together with white and ice blue, the color brings the bedroom into balance. Mirrors with a metallic frame reflect the light. If you want to apply a dark color to the wall, you should pay attention to a few things. In the first place, it is important to stir the paint well and test the intensity on the wall first. Even if the color is dark, usually only one coat of paint is not enough. That is why you should plan two coats for safety. This also ensures that no approaches remain visible. In any case, it is important to let the wall paint dry out completely for the first time and then paint the wall a second time.

blue wall in bedroom ideas for modern design

The maritime wall design ensures that there is a holiday mood at home all year round. With accessories in white, the dark blue wall looks particularly attractive, so the design does not appear too intrusive. Decorative oars, anchors and pictures or photos of ships are well suited. In the photo gallery below you will also find further examples of attractive wall designs in the current wall colors, which spread maritime flair in your own four walls. Let yourself be inspired by the suggestions and transform your own bedroom into an island of calm.

Combine two wall colors to create a maritime feeling: dark blue and white

wall color blue for bedroom decorate maritime tips

Design the ceiling with wallpaper and paint the accent wall in blue

Bedroom white blue and coral paint ideas for wall and ceiling design

Dark blue, white and gray form an attractive ensemble

Bedroom wall design tips in dark blue

Decorate the wall in dark blue with recycled wood

Bedrooms with accent walls in cobalt blue and wood paint design ideas in a Mediterranean style

Beige color on the ceiling, blue walls and white window frames give the room a Mediterranean look

Bedroom wall painting sky blue and beige ceiling

Sand color, beige and oak wood furniture give the interior warmth

Beige bedroom paint ideas for maritime decor

Stripes on the wall add variety to bedrooms

Paint bedroom stripes in dark blue and white and wenge wood furniture

Paint the bedroom in beige, white and ice blue

Bedrooms paint maritime style ideas for small and dark rooms

Bright colors, posters on the wall and maritime driftwood accessories give the room character

Paint the bedroom with sand and white blanket

Red, blue and white form the traditional maritime color scheme, inspired by the clothing of the sailors of the British Navy

Bedroom maritime paint stripes in blue and white and letters in red

Colonial-style furniture and exotic woods bring a maritime touch to your own four walls

Bedroom maritime blue walls paint white ceiling

Light blue and grass green and white spread a cheerful summer mood all year round

Bedroom sky blue paint ideas for decoration in grass green

Ice blue and white go very well with furniture made of rattan or oak

Blue bedroom painting ideas for maritime decor

Green, white and sand color stand for summer, sun and serenity

Paint the bedroom light green with maritime decorations

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