Balcony planes for cleaning a nice arrangement with those ideas

Balconies for bees, grease and other insect tuna insects

Ever more garden buds differ for insect-free plants and insect hotels in the garden. Above all, one freestanding garden is becoming more and more popular, as it does not cover the insects, it also provides you with a variety of bundles of backups and guarantees with cracks and spices. If you have some nice gardens, you have to make the cousin sad. As long as you have at least one balcony, you can also assemble several arrangements, with the bones being good. Have you anyway known about beautiful balconies and flowers, you have the opportunity to do so. Which balconies for bones are especially good for them and they see, you really enjoy an exciting article. In addition, you will find some inspirational floral and floral combinations for floral design and costumes, which you can easily add to your browsers, so that you have the nicest flower designs. Clean balls were used to keep the bones at work and to nectar nectar.

Balcony tiles for benches and suitable cabs

Green and bleeding balconies for legs on a large balcony with furniture

Nothing is typical typical Topfans. You have to remember that the cats and the sores that insect insects can see magically. Amongst them are various, well-stocked varieties such as several monocultures, with which one can use only a flower art for all balcony beds. On this point, you are sure that it has already been dull. Nicht en Bienen lid You then bury, watch as well as knetterlinge and other fresh insects. With a custom desk, you will complete your regular balcony.

Balcony tiles for cars - Gedeignete sorten and ideas for events

Manche typical flowers for balconies and tops seen on the ground their puffs, are just a few emerging birds. Thus, on sunny flowers, you should never be aware of it or not at all as solitary flaps. They loved to cleanse the plants and these are no suitable balconies for bones. Stands or as combination welds also find many other balcony panels for bones, which were simply marvelous on your balcony. Some times you will find flowers in the following:

Frequent flanges in flower boxes for the balcony in white, purple and green

Frequently Listed Lists

  • Wandelröschen
  • Margerite
  • Hortensien
  • Sonnenblumen
  • Waldrebe
  • Verbena
  • phlox
  • Kapuzinerkresse
  • Glockenblumen
  • Prachtkerze
  • Eisenkraut
  • Petunia
  • Bienenkraut
  • Felsen-Fettkraut
  • Lighter and rotating wall brush
  • Shaving wall paper
  • zinnias

Please also observe the work of the great fat mind and other fat types. Get the edge of the plant containers, swirls are fast hanging specimens and decorate the cabinets on exceptionally beautiful ones. If these flanges were long over for their account, they were simply warned. Naturally, the flanges from the oblique list are by far the cousin, which were used and the bones could sound.

Smooth the balconies with beautiful and fresh flowers

There are sophisticated combinations of wildflowers in commerce, which are especially wonderful for wild animals and also for the balcony. If you don't mind content and you are sure that even insect-free flowers are blooming, this one is not always the case. Next to a wild-flowered merger, the mountaineering moth can also create a wonderful place to care for others in the balconies for bare-billed homes. As balconies for cars and hobbies, they also have the beautiful vineyards (Ruta graveolens).

Crabs and spices

Combining balloons and combs in tops and with flowers on the balcony

Are you able to shoot plants and plants, if you have no garden? False thought! Spirits and crawler flanges can also be found wonderfully in the Topf and are still the perfect balconies for bones. Specifically related to bees are the crabs: Thymian, Cucumber, Lemon balm, Mince, Oregano, Basil, Cilantro, Salad, Borretch, Mountain cranium, Cabbage, Cucumber, Cucumber mint, Gingerbread, Gingerbread, Cabbage mint and Lavender. With this you can create beautiful insect-free flower buds. Undoubtedly you do not know that here are long-lasting green plans. It is, indeed, completely and certainly not the case. As you can see, they are adulterated with a breath of fresh air, blue crow flaps are still pounding.

Balcony flanges for bees from crabs, sprouts and flowers together

Combine cranes as balconies for bones either in form of packages complete from spices or combine them with bundles of flowers. These wise, you can create interesting color combinations and textures. Doing and ministering to one of the cabinets is also an opportunity to thank them and their bones!

Arrangements from balcony surfaces for bins

Modern Combination from Löwenmaul, Lavender, Fatthenne, Nelken in a Ball of Metal

For this modern and pleasant flange arrangement of balconies for legs, you can spoil one of your favorite containers. In a metal flap top, the pink and purple colors come especially well-liked, where to find. Some words combine the following:

  • Grasshopper (Armeria maritima "Vesuvius")
  • Blüten-Salbei (Salvia ‘Sensation Deep Rose’)
  • Grass lawn 'Düsseldorfer Stolz' (Armeria maritima "Düsseldorfer Stolz")
  • Garten-Blüten-Salbei (Salvia nemorosa "Caradonna")
  • Glockenblume (Campanula)
  • Garten-Pfingst-Nelke 'Feuerhexe' (Dianthus Feuerhexe)
  • Pracht-Fetthenne, 'Herbstfreude' (Sedum, Herbstfreude ")
  • Löwenmäulchen (Snapdragons)
  • Lavender (Lavandula)

Glockenblume, Salbei, Grasscakes a pink and purple colors in metalem container

All of these balconies for legs slow down the full sun and can also be accommodated on a southern and western balcony. If you think about it, avoid getting into Staunässe. Mix them with this purpose with sand and small stones. It works with the perfect drainage and for any bone remnants from the list.

Covers the hangers

Zauberglöckchen, Petunien, Zweizahn, Eleven Sporn for a hanging arrangement in corb with conifers

  • Eisenkraut (Verbena)
  • Silver bunting (Lobelia maritima)
  • Vanilla Blume (Heliotropium arborescens)
  • Fragrance Strikes (Lobularia maritima)
  • Zauberglöckchen (Calibrachoa)
  • Petunie
  • Zweizahn (Bidding aurea)
  • Eleven Sporn (Diascia)
  • Moose and some of Conifers


At this flower mix, one's paradises are for various insects. So here are moths and ghettos, aber as well as small Wespen species. A natural mind also makes perfect balconies blend for the bees. So, look for balcony tiles for bees and shutters this ideal choice. The corb can be laid out straight with convex and muzzle. You can add your color basket to compost, compost, earth and fertilizer, to further protect the chips. Then start off with the fluttering and pleasingness of the mid-corps, where the right ones find their place. These include the Vanillepflanze and das Eisenkraut. Please ring all attached copies. These boxes are composted with compost. Hang it on the basket and leave it alone as you wander into the basket and get it done.

Combine with blends of flowers on the balcony

Balcony tiled with geraniums, mens rope, petunia and stepmother in pink and violet

Don't miss out on classic classic paneling, simply combining them with regular copies, checking out the missing fan cells in the panes. Very helpful is this arrangement, for the following applications:

A: 3x Mens Rope, also called Blue Lobel (Lobelia in there)
B: 1x Petunias
C: 2x Geraniums, "Fantasia" in Lachsfarbe
D: 2x Stiefmütterchen in Violet
E: 1x pinke Petunien

You can see the arrangement of the removed balcony panels for bones in the picture. The flower compartment is naturally not an idea and can probably be changed. If so, consider the apes to be so high that in the hinterland you will find the cupboards and those hanging in the progress. The interface flanges in this combination make the Colored Monkey feel like this, that the laughable frills can marvel wonderfully about images and contrast one another. These cabinets can be easily installed in any sunny location.

Ideas for cupboards and round containers

Lackritz-Strohblume, Petunia, Verbenen, Schnappmäulchen, Salbei for a single arrangement in cupboards

A: Decorative Süßkartoffel (Ipomoea batatas)
B: Lackritz-Strohblume (Helichrysum petiolare)
C: Petunia in Rosa
D: Embraced in Rosa
A: Button knobs, also tower (torenia)
F: Salbei in Rot
G: Petunia in Weiß
H: Petunia a Weiß with pink or violet mit

Eucalyptus, Vanilleblume, Duftgeranie, Lavender, Duftsteinreich, Men's Tern, Plectranthus im Korb pflanzen

A: Eucalyptus
B: Vanilla blume (Heliotropum)
C: Duftgeranie (Pelargonium)
D: Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)
E: Fragrance Strike (Lobularia maritima)
F: Plectranthus ciliatus
G: Mannertreu (Lobelia in there)

A large number of these balcony panels provide you with all the previous arrangements and natural features for every one else, which proved both of these flush containers. While the first idea for one of the flower boxes has emerged, it has the twenties, so it has been sighted, more for a round of paper or bubbles. Natural natural ones can be used to attach flange containers and then fit individually and to some form.

The variant in cabinets consists of types and heels. In the background, there is a stronger resurrection than the first one with a later color scheme. The combination of supports (for the backdrop) and hanging (for the ground and the sides) balcony blinds works only one arrangement, not even in the landing area, even on the window tray, looks very attractive. The event with the corb is actually about one topfig, which is simply put into one basket at the end. The desired balconies for bones are flowing with cool fabrics and are also detached.

Kunterbunte Balcony tiles for legs

Bunte Balkonpflanzen für Bienen was Zinnie, Salbei, Lobelie in een steh Blumenkasten

A: Saliva in Rosa, Lilac or Pink
B: Sentences in Pink and Orange
C: Capricorn, also Kapkörbchen (Osteospermum)
D: Fragrance Strikes (Lobularia maritima)
E: Husarenknöpfchen (Sanvitalia)
F: Mankindreu (Lobelia in there) in purple or violet

This colorful arrangement of balconies for bones is made up of the most popular flan types, and works a particularly beautiful color on your balcony. He works so happily felled summer lighter and is best seen to call the earliest bones and shatterbones. Also forget a drainage cousin here. A 2.5 cm thick slab of Kieselstein should be said for this. Also with this arrangement is one more sunny to semi-skier standard.

Bring your event to the balcony

Sweet potato, lime mullet, sweet potatoes, purple lumps and walnuts see insects

A: Rotlaubige Perlhirse 'Purple Majesty' (Pennisetum glaucum)
B: Prachtkerze (Gaura lindheimeri)
C: Side Effects (Asclepias tuberosa)
D: Purpurglöckchen ‚Quicksilver‘ (Heucherella)
E: Hazardous acid-saccharin (INpomoea batatas)
F: Großes Löwenmaul (Antirrhinum majus)
G: Grüngelbe Zier-Süßkartoffel (INpomoea batatas)
H: Walking shoes (Lantana)

If you want to arrange the balconies for bones in the picture, they can very well come to mind and harmonize. For this purpose, you will use the best one round or straightforward document copy, which you can use to clear one of the balconies. Very hairy (or with a larger topfear even in the midst) flatten the Perlhirse. In the range of davor (or drumherum) you tell the lateral flora, which is especially true in Schmetterlingen, which is the sweet potato and purplish. In the previous series, the undisturbed specimens come in and all the common balcony tiles for the list are listed. The result is an interesting arrangement with much more subtle textures and colors, for which nothing was said to be grateful.

Crabs, muesli and flowers combine for an essential arrangement

Cakes and Flowers for Essential Arrangements with Capsules, Parsley, Stepmothers

A: Minirose (Pink)
B: Dill (Anethum graveolens)
C: Tummy Tomatoes
D: Minze (Mentha)
E: Sentences (Zinnia)
F: Parsley (Petroselinum crispum)
G: Left (Dianthus)
H: Capsules (Tropaeolum)
I: Zier-Süßkartoffel (Ipomoea batatas)
J: Salbe 'Tricolor' (Salvia)
K: Stiefmütterchen (Viola)

A really well-folded mix of balcony tiles for legs is found in these flower boxes. Even the heirlooms are not those beautiful flowers, they also see the fragrant crabs. You can sogar small tomatoes from a certain point in time. Whenever all the copies are essbar. The flowers of the flowers can be used for decorating plants. For, while you are still looking back, you still see the bones. Use a custom flange container for this flask. Particularly nice to the idea with the wooden cabinets, but also any other container is suitable. Sunny southern balconies are best suited, although western flanges may be preferred.

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