Aligning the tasting room: The bunk bed "Altezza" offers a functional space solution

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If you share a room with two or even three children, it can quickly become one. Parents who need to fit in a sibling room are facing a major challenge. For one, it should provide ample storage space for toys, books and sports goods, for others, the room should offer free space for tobacco, as well as a retractable opportunity in the sleeping area. A new bunk bed promises to meet all the demands of the children. The model "Altezza" offers numerous design options according to the needs of the family and can almost "grow" with the children. Thanks to the functional space solution, the little ones can learn, take a look and compromise. These important social skills were practiced playfully in a familiar environment, in their own four walls.

Aligning the mattress: A multifunctional bunk bed

Puristic bunk bed with play mattress and four persons offers play area and dormitory design ideas for small rooms

"Altezza" is a multifunctional bunk bed designed and restored according to the Montessori design principles. It consists of a frame made of solid wood, which you can read according to the needs. So up to three children can sleep in the high bed. It provides an additional three game mattresses and it has the capability to integrate a learning area with desk.

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The dice-shaped design has dimensions 267 cm x 267 cm and is 196 cm high. The second floor is accessible by four people and equipped with fall protection. The first floor is accessible and accessible from all sides. The bunk bed is made of pine wood and can be left untreated or painted on request.

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A total of three orange play mattresses can be fitted to the bed frame. Sometimes the play is guaranteed for all siblings in the day: they can climb, read second or third, or read books together.

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Every child needs a back-up opportunity in the siblings room. The Altezza high bed also offers three comfortable sleeping areas: two can be arranged upstairs and one - underneath. For this purpose, three slats were rolled out over the play mattresses. This allows you to quickly transform the play area into a sleeping area and vice versa. Super practical, above all, when friends come to visit.

A wide wooden board in the middle of the lower floor can also serve as a desk or storage area for toys and books.

Aligning the nursing room: Look at the design with high beds

Bunk bed with sleeping possibility on the first floor and further bed on top of the modern children's room

Belgian manufacturer Mathy by Bols has been working to design a functional piece of furniture that will adapt to the space needs and needs of the children. In small spaces, where Hochbett plays the lead role, parents should pay extra attention to a clear visual separation of the sleeping and playing areas. While the play area can be colorful and richly decorated with garlands, toys and pictures, the sleeping area should preferably be kept in pastel colors. A high bed made of untreated wood readily adorns itself and can be painted or completely painted.

Furnish a sister room: The bunk bed in the youth room

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The bunk bed is a faithful companion to any adventure, but can also be comfortably used in the teenage years. In this case, the playing area is transformed into learning area. You can also comfortably listen to the youth and listen to music together. The surface does not provide much for the favorite games, but the sports stuff and the trophies for the show. And should siblings later move around in their own room, the bed can provide an additional sleeping area for guests.

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