Let dog sleep in bed? That's why it is good for both dog owners and four-legged friends!

Let the dog sleep in bed: unthinkable for some dog owners (for example allergy sufferers), for others – one of the most beautiful things in the world. If you share your bedroom and bed with your four-legged friend, you should not worry whether it is healthy or not. Because it has been scientifically proven that nights together are beneficial for humans and animals. It is particularly important that the homeowners pay attention to good hygiene. Then the sharing of the sleeping place is no longer in the way!

Let dog sleep in bed? The pets improve the quality of sleep

Dog and owner sleep together tips

Sharing the sleeping place can improve the sleep quality of humans and animals. Unlike cats, which are loners, dogs are pack animals and like to sleep together in groups. If you let your dog sleep in bed, it gives your four-legged friend a feeling of security. The animal can calm down and fall asleep faster. But dog owners also have a good sleep quality when they sleep with their four-legged friends. This is what researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, USA found in a survey of 40 adults. The majority of the subjects, more than 80%, were very satisfied with the sleep quality.

Let the dog sleep in bed: Being close to the pet helps reduce stress

Share the bed healthy for dog and person

Dogs can help their owners lower stress levels and relieve anxiety. Being close to the pet can reduce the level of the hormone cortisol. Instead, the human body starts to release happiness hormones like oxytocin. A study by the University of Missouri found that petting a pet for fifteen minutes can lower blood pressure by 10%. The pats have a rewarding effect on the four-legged friends and strengthen the relationship with the dog owner.

Let the dog sleep in bed: the pet as a painkiller

Letting dogs sleep in bed is healthy for us

Dogs are not only loyal companions in everyday life, they can even alleviate pain. At least that was the result of a study carried out by scientists from the University of Alberta, Canada. It is known that patients with chronic pain suffer from sleep disorders more often and have difficulty relaxing their muscles and falling asleep in the evening. However, the dog owners of the test group reported improved sleep quality and a temporary relief from the complaint. The results of the study contradict what the doctor often recommends to those affected. Most medical professionals advise your patients to keep the dog away from the bedroom.

When humans and animals share a bed

Letting a dog sleep in bed is good for health

Being close to the dog can also help his homeowner strengthen the team spirit. This is especially true for new dog owners. Especially when the puppies should get used to the new situation, sleeping together in a bed gives them security.

Sharing a sleeping place is harmless to health for most people, as long as the animal is medically treated for parasites and good hygiene in bed is ensured. But there are exceptions. Allergy sufferers should not take their four-legged friends to bed with them. Because dogs leave hair that can trigger allergic reactions. Families with small children should not let pets sleep with the baby.

To the Mayo Clinic study

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