Lousy fracture without flesh on break - 6 quick recipes with delicious dishes

light source on fragments with 6 rezeptides for delicious snacks

During the warm day of the year, a nice walk can tell the perfect start of the day. Heutzutage does not travel that time of the morning, sucking up a well-known Mahlzeit. Powerful cupcakes or slender Haferflocks can be suitable and fresh snacks for the morning or after breakfast. From this ground up, these 6 lightweight windows have been prepared, with which you can watch the whole summer, for you to choose. Try these simple and fun fractures for any Anlass yourself.

Lighting on the bridge

6 rezeptides for light fractures on fractures

Where do you get that nutritious energy down to it? A Tasse Kaffee is mostly a curvy reply. Until Körper, a few nutrients were urgently needed in the morning morning hours. Eiweiß or Kohlenhydrate plays no roles, as long as they are untreated and unmoving. Most of the people around them are often very unhealthy. Sandwiches, toasts with molten curds, cuffs, spear or speck or other cakes Fleisch sind secker lecker, aber everything else as fun. So, you can decide otherwise, changing your preference to stuffing, and start the morning with a sea float, object or boot breakers normally.

break apart on the machine with fresh dishes for light früststück

In weekends you can still get some goodies every day. Hafermehl also owns as a light shower, combining them with other healthy products. Beers, Obst, Trockenfücht, Together, all these things can be felt, to make your knit or break more interesting and fun. If you just want to keep everything in order, boarding at the season was fresh. There are some beautiful or beautiful Papaya, with one of the most fun and fun things to do at home or in the baskets. You can still still have more abstinence and end up in time to time a break from the various Mahlites. We are still quite sure that many other fun and healthy frühstücks options are available, these six ideas being child-friendly.

Frischkäse mit Lachs

fracture ship with ruffled fillets frischkäse and nüsse


  • Brot nach Wahl
  • Frischkase
  • Räucherlachs
  • Nussmischung nach Wahl
  • Minzeblätter


fresh fryer with broken vessel covered with fresh mint leaves and smoked fillets

  1. At the bottom of the road you will find the famous Caves and Frischkäse.
  2. Then add the desired multitude of fillet fillets.
  3. Zerdrücken You will be next to the Nüsse with a küchenmesser.
  4. Make the most of it and make sure you are comfortable with it.

Caprese on Brot

caprese oufs break my bundles of chrysanthemums mozzarella bällchen and basil


  • Brot nach Wahl
  • A half avocado
  • Olivenöl
  • Salz
  • bundle cherry tomatoes
  • frisches basilica
  • Mozzarella Bällchen


priming with cutting of tomatoes avocado aufstrich and mozzarella

  1. Replace the half one Avocado in pieces.
  2. Then insert the slab with a gable into a shell with olive oil and salt, to obtain a homogeneous breakage step.
  3. Then embellish the Mischung on the desired breach ships.
  4. At the same time, cut the tomatoes in half and position them in half.
  5. The Mozzarella bells cut you in half as well as half those in the free sets on the break.
  6. Do not put any blisters on any shelves and observe the use of olive oil. Fortunately, I am your Capri's on Violence.

Rote Bete Aufstrich mit Frischkäse

zubereitetes leichtes frühstück from fracture ship with start and play


  • Brot nach Wahl
  • Marine rot
  • Frischkase
  • Gurke
  • Minzeblätter


straightforward stabbing with fresh cheeses and ducking stalks

  1. Replace the pure bait with fresh cheese in a bowl with a hand mixer or your beloved.
  2. Then you give up the wanted crowd on the shipwreck.
  3. Next, add the previous ones to a thin stripe Gurka darauf.
  4. Decorate your cozy garden with the mini-blowers at the end.

Hazelnut cream with macapulver and hybrids

appetizing offending vessel with chocolate cream and mints blown away


  • Brot nach Wahl
  • Haselnusscreme
  • Himbeere
  • Macapulver
  • Minzeblätter


apply them to breakers with hazelnut cream and miniature leaves

  1. First, apply the breaking vessels with excellent hazelnut cream.
  2. Then divulge the heavens on the entire surface, squeeze them in half or empty them all over.
  3. At the end of the day, celebrate with the musician and enjoy the Macapulver on the break.

Erdnussbutter with bananas and heelsbears

fracture from earthworms with bananas and cowhide


  • Brot nach Wahl
  • Banane
  • Erdnussbutter nach Wahl


arranging for clearing on breaking ships with embroidery and banana ships

  1. Simply smear the breakaway vessels with the earthquake cream.
  2. Then leave Banana ships and heaths on your backyard.

Check out on break

cups on slices of cups and frescos


  • Brot nach Wahl
  • Frischkase
  • Erdbeeren, Himbeeren en Heidelbeeren
  • Honig
  • Pfirsich
  • Minzeblätter


decorate with my zebereiten von käsekuchen aufs fra

  1. Take the Frischkäse on your way to the Brotscheibe.
  2. Then place all the legs in a box with honey and dry them with a gable.
  3. You can then use this slice of marble to make a mess with the slice of bread.
  4. Then just shrimp with mint leaves and sweet leaves. Fertig!

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