Great Tips - These 10 Habits Should You Change!

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Achieving the desired weight can sometimes become a real challenge. Do you also listen to the people who regularly go to the gym and have their diet ready? Yet, despite strong will and hard discipline, does not at all stand on the dare? Sometimes the very small changes in everyday life can signal the solution of your problems. So do not give up on many - many unusual tips and habits you should change, we will share you in our article!

Removable tips - no coffee right after the ascent

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The first Schluck Kaffee - who loves this cousin? One morning without this delicious cup of coffee is unimaginable for most people. However, if you go straight to the "black gold" immediately after the ascent, you will not have your bodies at all. Even if you wake up in the evening and drink water, you are usually dehydrated in the morning. All caffeinated beverages, including various teas, still drain your body of water and increase appetite in this way. . So if you can handle your metabolism properly, you should grab a glass of lukewarm water once again. Drinking caffeine on the sober stomach can also cause many gastrointestinal complaints.

Coffee after rising unhealthy abortion tips

One interesting fact is that the coffee does not at any time have the desired effect on the body. One important role is playing the cessation of the anti-stress hormone cortisol, because it has basically the same effect - it's power to wait. The hormone is produced three times daily - between 8 and 9 o'clock, 12 and 13 o'clock and 17 and 18 o'clock. However, we recommend you to dispense these delicious drinks at these times. The excess caffeine you are still stressed, inaccurate and unruly.

Too little sleep is one of the most common failures

frequent failure to cause poor sleep unhealthy weight gain causes

If you often stay awake until the early morning hours, then you sabotage your diet without doubt! Picking out is one of the most common withdrawal tips - at low sleep (about 7 hours) the body produces much more ghrelin. The hormone is responsible for the control of satiety and hunger and prevents the fat stores from being removed. In case of sleep deprivation the body is in a stress state, the metabolism was slowed down and again can even lead to a weight gain. Try to sleep for between 7 and 9 hours - it will not only help you with the removal, but will provide a fresh and beautiful face image. Besides, the body burns to sleep about 70 calories per hour, but could only be said to benefit.

Further Removal Tips - Start Relaxing in the Tag

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That snooze function comes to you too often in the end? Then you should change it as quickly as possible. This morning's stress causes the cortisol's secretion and it disrupts the body when building proteins. Even smarter - those proteins are sucked from the muscles and walk in glucose to provide the body with the necessary energy. High levels of stress hormones can also lead to hypertensive attacks. If you were able to get up today, it was easier to get up and learn how to cope better with stress. The stress build-up is for each individual - try different methods and find out which one worked best for you. This could be sports, yoga or relaxing music.

Mobile phone in bed is bad for health

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Before dropping another last look at Instagram or Facebook? Since the blue LED light from smartphones or tablets prevents the production of sleep hormone melatonin, you should prefer to let it go. The effects of a disturbed sleep rhythm can be severe hunger attacks, which can have a negative effect on your weight loss. So if you want to buy your body good, you should turn off the entire electronics two hours before going to bed.

Useful withdrawal tips - no plan for tagging out meals or meals is no good idea

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Also, if many people believe that eating less leads to weight loss is unfortunately not the case. If you eat out too many meals, your body often assumes that it is in a hunger state and automatically switches to sleep mode. In this way, he seeks to protect the reserves and stores most of them as fat, in order to prepare for the next longer time without food. A little food intake can prevent your dream weight gain - try to take in at least 1,200 calories a day. Three healthy meals a day apply as a rule of thumb. If you are tagging along on the road, it is quite difficult to get a decent and healthy meal. Here we recommend you to prepare your food at home and to accompany the work. If you want to have a clear overview, if you have eaten it that day, you should best keep a nutrition diary.

You eat the equation every day

Abnormal tips habits change weight loss before eating

Humans are real habitual bulls. Even if it seems most comfortable for most people, eating it daily, it can quickly become boring. Besides, if you crunch or feed on the same protein shakes every day, from your protein shakes, your body gets used to it sometime so that it doesn't react much more with the absorption. In this way, there is much less fat to be burned than it actually could. A varied eating plan helps build a very rich intestinal flora.

Removable Tips - Choose the many light and diet products

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Fat-free yogurt or cola without sugar - nowadays has as good as any product a light version. However, most commonly used foodstuffs contain harmful chemicals and additives. Besides, it tastes just half as good and costs almost always the double. According to one study, the people who decide for the Light products take almost 30% more calories than those who grab the original. Instead, concentrate on full-cost foods that include many healthy fats - such as raw nuts, Greek yogurt, kefir, avocados.

Eating before the TV as a further recording error

Before the TV, unhealthy eating tips eat too much

Seek out on the couch, watch a movie and enjoy a delicious dish - so look out for the holiday party in most people. Unfortunately, when watching TV eating, you tend to eat foods much faster and even in larger quantities. A conscious eating is one of the most helpful objection tips - only so you can hear the signals from your body and learn the wonderful taste of your evening meal. Do they still want to relax and look after it? Try it with raw vegetables with a delicious dip or with a handful of raw nuts.

Eating fast

Errors in eating habits can later change into unhealthy bad habits

The brain needs about 20 minutes to detect that it is ready to go. If you take a meal within 5-10 minutes, you will still feel hunger and it is very likely that you will get another portion. The fast eating can not only lead to a weight gain, it is also responsible for a whole range of health problems. Feeding too fast will increase the risk of type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance. One study found that fast food 3 suffer more often from the above-mentioned diseases than those people who feed slowly. You might know who you can change this habit? First and foremost, you try and chew every bit of it - the better the essence is, the better your stomach will be. Or, you work for a relaxed atmosphere and cook for yourself with valuable ingredients - just so you really enjoy the evenings.

Careful with the small snacks tag umgehen

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When it comes to the nose, quite often the Geister cut. Also, if you enjoy the small snack here and then at first glance, you feel harmless, add in this way a few hundred calories to your diet. To avoid this, we recommend that you plan your meals and snacks exactly and prepare yourself and keep a diary. Many people confuse the hunger feeling with thirst - so try again to drink a glass of water.

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