Cooling the apartment – Tips for ventilation in summer for a cool home

In the summer it can sometimes be sweaty, and if you want to cool your home, there are some clever tricks. With the following tips, your home cannot feel like a sauna on hot days. You can also cut your greenhouse gas emissions and electricity bills. So discover some simple methods that you can try yourself at home for more freshness in summer or for a little more warmth in winter.

How can you cool your apartment?

apartment cool draft with open windows and doors in the stairwell

On hot days, the warm air comes directly through open windows or doors. For this reason, it can be a good idea to ventilate in the morning or evening. To achieve air movement or draft, you must leave at least two entrances open. Such a wind is always caused by a difference in air pressure that is lower or higher outside or in the stairwell than in the apartment. However, be careful of your open entrance or patio doors to prevent a gust of wind. If the door closes behind you and the key is inside, you shouldn't panic. In such cases, you should not try to open the door yourself with questionable means, but rather contact a reputable locksmith who can be on site in a few minutes.

man stands at patio door during hot day

Windows facing north or west should be shaded. Awnings, deciduous trees and pergolas with vines are particularly good options in this case, as they provide natural shade in summer and more sunshine in winter. However, if this is not an option for you, you can stick a reflective sheet on the glass. This works well in summer, but means you get less heat from the sun in winter unless you find a flexible, removable variant.

Blinds on the window provide shade and keep the heat out of the room

Strategically opening and closing doors and windows can make all the difference if you want to cool your home. Keep your windows and curtains closed on hot days and ventilate your whole home when it gets cool in the evening. Through the movement of these air masses you will feel a pleasant feeling on the skin if it is too warm for you. Blackout curtains with an insulated back or fixed blinds also affect cooling in summer and heating in winter. If you have living spaces that you simply cannot keep cool, close the door to these areas so that the rest of the house does not heat up.

Use a fan or thermostat

set the thermostat controller for a comfortable temperature in the apartment

Instead of turning the cooling on as soon as it gets warm, you can first access a fan. However, if it is too hot for this, try switching on the fan and the air conditioning together. This allows the air to move around the room. Fans are a good option if you want to save money because their operation uses less energy. Air conditioning, on the other hand, may require more electricity. This also means less pollution from carbon. Evaporative coolers do not consume as much energy as air conditioning systems, but instead require more water – several liters per hour for pipe systems.

young woman lies on sofa and controls air conditioning with remote control

In hot weather you can set your thermostat to 26 ° C if you have one. This way you can cool your apartment and keep yourself comfortable without having to increase your electricity bill. Another option is to only keep the room you are cool in. This saves you a lot of energy and enables your cooling unit to function optimally in a limited area. To do this, close the doors to this living room so that the cool air does not creep through it. Another cheap and simple option is door seals. With these you can keep the heat in the room even during the cold season.

Get creative ideas

evaporate condensed water drops on the window

If you want to cool your house or apartment, but you can't do it properly, it's time to get creative. For example, try hanging a damp cloth or laundry in the living room. When they dry, they cool down your room by evaporating the moisture in the air. With this variant, you can also let your bed sheets cool down through the evaporative cold before going to bed to free hot feet and body from the heat.

bare feet lying on the couch and relaxing with a tray in hand

If you paint your walls in a light color, your living space stays cooler by reflecting the heat. You can also open your windows wide so that ventilation in summer is as quick as possible.

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