Celebrating a birthday despite social distancing: 8 cool ideas for a corona-proof party

The Corona period poses great challenges not only professionally but also privately. In social distancing times it is hardly possible to organize a family celebration or to celebrate a birthday with friends. Most state governments have already decided to relax the previous strict corona rules, in some federal states they have even come into force. However, the majority of Germans still decide to keep their distance from others and prefer to avoid big celebrations and celebrations. Therefore, anyone celebrating a birthday in Corona times should above all be creative. We give you eight ideas on how you can organize a great birthday for your friends despite being out of touch and social distancing.

Social Distancing: How to celebrate a birthday in Corona times

Social Distancing and Corona Virus Birthday Ideas Zoom Call

Celebrating a birthday during the corona crisis is a real challenge. On the one hand, “hosts” and “guests” should have a good time together, but on the other hand keep a distance from each other. Is a party possible at all? And how is it organized? Yes, it is possible to surprise family members and friends for their birthday and to bring joy. Here are some fun, touching, and creative birthday ideas in Corona times.

Birthday ideas for Corona times: celebrate a birthday party with Zoom

Birthday ideas for Corona Times virtual birthday party via zoom for kids

Zoom offers numerous ways to celebrate a birthday with all friends. So that the “guests” do not get bored, a motto can be selected as with normal parties. Here are some ideas for the perfect theme party:

1. Superhero kids birthday party. Everyone can dress up like superheroes, even the birthday boy gets his costume delivered shortly before the call. Don’t forget the cake, every child who is virtually invited to a guest should be given a bag of sweets.

2nd Beach party for the family. A cocktail in hand, a fruit salad with exotic fruits, sand under your feet and relaxing reggae music: the party can now begin.

3rd Organize a 90s style party for your best friend. Casual jeans with a high waist, a tight top and hair styled into a messy bun with Schrunchies: the party can begin. Of course, all the friends then watch the film “Clueless”. Thanks to the free Chrome app “Netflix Party”, all “guests” can simultaneously stream the same film.

Birthday despite Drive-By Party being banned

Birthday surprise in Corona Times Drive By Party

The so-called drive-by birthday offers an alternative to the zoom party. All guests meet and drive past the birthday child’s house at the same time. The cars are of course festively decorated with garlands and the guests congratulate the host with self-made posters. The so-called drive-by birthday is very popular in the USA.

Birthday in corona times celebrate ideas for Drive By

The drive-by birthday is a good option for large families. If one of the grandparents celebrates and the grandchildren would like to personally congratulate him on a festive occasion, then the drive-by party is the right choice. There is another decisive advantage: guests can bring gifts and the birthday child can thank you with a homemade cake.

Birthday ideas in corona times: make your own cozy curtain out of plastic wrap

Social Distancing Birthday ideas for adults with family and old family members

Residents of old people’s homes and pensioners living alone are currently having a particularly difficult time: For months they have been banned from visiting friends and family. Despite easing, we should continue to protect all of our grandparents from the corona virus. And since need is known to be creative, the Americans have found a solution: a curtain made of transparent plastic film with two sleeves makes hugs possible. A very cheap and simple craft idea that offers a welcome change from Skype video calls.

Birthday ideas in Corona times: rent a food truck

Birthday Corona Celebrate Food Truck Hire

What is a birthday party without the festive buffet? Even in corona times, you shouldn’t do without it. Rent a food truck and set up a festive buffet inside. Then park it in front of your house and invite the guests. So everyone can drive past and take finger food with them.

Birthday party in Corona times: social distancing excursion

Organize social distancing trip for birthday

Social distancing and still together: If you have a birthday in summer, you can organize a trip with your friends. So everyone can keep a distance from each other and still celebrate their birthday together. Guests can pass the time with various travel games. For example:

  • What story is made up? The birthday child tells three stories about herself. One is made up, but which one?
  • Something happened! The birthday child prepares several funny stories (invented), but only tells the end of each story. His guests should ask him questions and find out what really happened.

Social distancing and birthday: camping with friends

Social distancing and birthday idea go camping with friends

If you have more free time and would like to spend a whole weekend with your friends, you can opt for an excursion and camping. Most campsites are now working, so nothing stands in the way of a camping holiday. But be careful: Here too, strict protective measures apply and day-to-day tourism is still not permitted in most federal states. Even spontaneous trips are out of the question in corona times. So if you choose this variant, you should plan the short vacation in detail and find out about the currently applicable regulations.

Social Distancing and Birthday: Send flowers

Bouquet of flowers as a surprise for a birthday in corona times

Flowers put a smile on everyone’s face. When all friends meet, everyone can surprise the birthday child with cut flowers from their own garden. A home-made floral arrangement is always well received and is guaranteed to give pleasure. Bouquets can be staged in the house and can also be dried. Good planning is crucial for the surprise to succeed. Our tip: Choose a color scheme or a flower type as an accent, then the individual bouquets are visually connected.

Adults living alone have a particularly hard time in corona times. People who have a long-distance relationship also have to fight for love. Pensioners and families with young children also have to cope with the new situation. Even if we continue to limit our contacts privately and publicly as much as possible, there are already several eases that give hope. Hope that the corona crisis will soon be over.

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