Weird bangs – great hairstyle ideas for long and short hair and step by step instructions!

At the start of a new season, most women suddenly feel an urge to make a small change and refresh their appearance. Whether on the side, short, long or a cool micropony – the pony hairstyles are a timeless classic in the fashion world and are also very popular this year. Particularly stylish and incredibly flattering and feminine – it comes as no surprise that a weird pony is one of the most popular looks of the year. If you would also like to change something in your hairstyle, but do not want to dye or shorten your hair, then you have come to the right place. In this article we have different hairstyle ideas for you for long or short hair and show you how to cut a weird bangs yourself at home!

Style bob with slanted bangs hairstyles medium length hair

Properly styled and styled, an oblique pony is incredibly changeable and gives your look a relaxed, soft touch. No matter whether you have a round, square or heart-shaped face – depending on the length and thickness, the trend hairstyle is wonderful for all face shapes.

A sloping bangs suits every face shape and hair length

Hairstyles with oblique bangs and layered updos, long hair

If you are unsure whether you would like a bangs, then an oblique bangs is the perfect cut for you. No matter whether short or long hair or a trendy bob with slanted bangs – the hairstyle is always good and is a good option to slowly approach the trend. The cut optically stretches the facial features and is therefore the best choice for everyone with a round face. If you have a square face, we recommend that you opt for a step cut with oblique bangs.

Bangs hairstyles are incredibly changeable

Oblique bangs tiered pixier haircut style brown hair with blonde strands

One of the biggest advantages of hairstyles with slanted bangs is that they can be styled very differently. Long hair looks much more modern and chic thanks to the trendy cut, while medium-length hair feels very fresh and feminine. Short ponies add texture and look best with short or asymmetrical haircuts.

How to find the right haircut for you

Oblique bangs long hair hairstyles maroon hair color trends

For a flawless look, you should first of all make sure that the bangs are best adapted to the hair structure. If you have rather thin and fine hair, use a round brush and a little foaming agent when styling – this will give you more volume. For shiny hair and less volume, style the hair with a flat iron. However, if you like it more natural or are sometimes in a hurry, just let the sloping bangs air dry. Slightly tousled hairstyles with slanted bangs look very cool and airy, especially in summer.

It's so easy to cut oblique bangs yourself – step by step instructions

Hairstyles with slanted bangs and layered honey blonde hair color ideas

However, cutting slanted bangs yourself can be a bit difficult and is not for everyone. However, if you save yourself a visit to the hairdressing salon and want to cut your hair yourself, this is absolutely feasible with the right accessories and instructions. Follow our step by step instructions and give your hairstyle a whole new look in less than 10 minutes! All you need is a steady hand and professional scissors should not be missing. The classic craft scissors are too blunt and can break your hair.

Cutting diagonal bangs by yourself Cutting hair at home Tips

And that's how easy it is to cut diagonal pony yourself:

  • Comb the hair on the forehead with a fine-toothed comb.
  • Next, either pin away the section of hair that is not being cut with hair clips or tie it into a tight ponytail.
  • Now dampen the hair well with water and comb it well over the forehead.
  • And now the fun begins! Keep your head straight and hold the scissors perpendicular to your hand with the tip slightly down.
  • It will be easier if you first cut a small piece at the longest and shortest end. These will then serve as a guide. Keep in mind that damp hair appears longer – so to avoid possible mishaps, start small. If necessary, you can always trim again afterwards.

Cut diagonal bangs yourself Instructions Blonde hair with dark strands

  • Then slowly cut the hair from the shorter to the longer end.
  • Then just blow-dry the weird bangs, style and your new trend hairstyle is ready!
  • A little styling tip from us – so that the ends don't look too blunt, try twisting the hair once. This is how you achieve a beautiful and flattering step cut with oblique bangs.

Weird bangs – more hairstyle ideas to imitate

Bob with slanted bangs medium length hair style beach waves hairstyle

A cool bob with slanted bangs offers a contemporary, fashionable statement. So that the bob hairstyle doesn't look too strict, conjure up a few curls in your hair or opt for a slightly playful layered cut.

Hairstyles with slanted bangs updos for long hair

The slanted bangs look anything but boring to an elegant updo. This airy and carefree look is perfect for the hot summer days.

Hairstyles with slanted bangs for long hair look incredibly chic

Hairstyles with slanted bangs hairstyle ideas for medium length hair

Side bangs and shoulder-length, curly hair are an unbeatable combination

Bob with slanted bangs medium length hairstyle ideas

Style the bangs outside with a round brush to add a touch of elegance to the hairstyle

Medium-length hair styled sloping bangs

Sloping bangs tiered with a casual updo focuses on the cheekbones and eyes

Updos Long Hair Sloping Bangs Tiered

The pixie haircut gets a cool and trendy update this year due to an oblique bangs

Pixie haircut style hairstyles with oblique bangs

Even the Hollywood stars are obsessed with the versatile haircut

Oblique bangs long hair Blonde hair with dark streaks

Gentle beach waves and weird bangs of long hair – the perfect summer hairstyle!

Weird Bangs Long Hair Hair Color Trends Fraen

Hairstyles with oblique bangs flatter every face shape

Weird bangs long hair hairstyle ideas with tiered cut

If you are looking for a quick and elegant hairstyle, then you are well advised with this look

Oblique bangs long hair copper hair color updos ideas

The classic ponytail with a slanted bangs also gives it a feminine touch

Weird bangs long hair updos style ponytails

Simply tie the hair loosely at the back of the head and you have conjured up the perfect hairstyle

diagonal bangs themselves cut updos long hair

A slanted bangs always looks incredibly beautiful and elegant with long and extremely short hair

Sloping bangs cut yourself pixie hairstyle style tips

If you want to slowly approach the trend, opt for a longer step cut

Layered cut with oblique bangs Kim Kardashian hairstyles

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