Tattoo studio Munich – these 8 places really get under your skin!

Beautiful churches, castles, numerous museums and parks where life rages – Munich is a “cosmopolitan city” that everyone should visit at least once in their life. The state capital of the Free State of Bavaria has a lot to offer and is one of the most popular travel destinations in Germany. In addition to the many good tattoo studios in Berlin or Hamburg, all enthusiastic tattoo fans are in good hands in Munich. With years of experience in this industry, the tattoo artists there are undoubtedly some of the best in the world. But where can you get good, detailed advice and the best possible quality that you want for your tattoo? Now we have made ourselves smart for you and present you in this article Top 8 of the best tattoo studio Munich for your next appointment!

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Anyone who has already decided to get a new tattoo must consider some important aspects. After all, finding an experienced and suitable artist is just as important as finding the right motif for you. The experience of the tattoo artist as well as the cleanliness and hygiene are two of the most important points that you should definitely pay attention to. Because above all, it is about your health and satisfaction with the design. All good tattoo studios must have a valid hygiene certificate.

Tattoo Studio Munich – “Temple Tattoo”

Small World Tattoo Studio Munich forearm tattoo for women

The Tempel Tattoo Studio Munich is undoubtedly one of the best places for everyone who wants to get a good and breathtaking tattoo. The artists working there have won over 100 awards at various tattoo fairs around the world in recent years. Tibo and Jimmi are two of the artists who tattoo at “Tempel Tattoo”. Tibo has been part of the team since 2003 and specializes in photo-realistic tattoos. Whether funny and playful or dark horror motifs – everything is possible with him. With his works, he had several appearances at numerous trade fairs in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and the USA. Jimmi has been tattooing for more than 25 years and has now become a real legend in the tattoo scene. Whether small designs or large-scale works – his work is characterized by precision and perfection. In addition to tattoos, the Tempel Tattoo Studio also offers piercing. The materials are used only once and are 100% hypo-allergenic.

Tempel Tattoo Studio Munich Address: Rosenheimer Str. 70, 81669 Munich

“Medusa tattoo”

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Do you value tattoos in almost every style, tattooed by experienced tattoo artists of the highest quality and also at fair prices? Then the “Medusa” Tattoo Studio Munich is the right place for you. The team consists only of talented and qualified tattoo artists, who attach great importance to quality, advice and professional execution. The shop is located in the heart of Munich and is one of the oldest tattoo studios in the city. The tattoo artists there come from different countries and besides German, English, Greek, Spanish and Italian are also spoken. What sets the Medusa Tattoo Studio apart from most stores is the regular walk-in days. These always take place from Monday to Saturday. The only thing you have to do is call ahead and ask if and when a tattoo artist is available.

Medusa Tattoo Studio Munich address – Altheimer Eck 11, 80331 Munich


“Chaos Crew” tattoo studio

Tattoos Realistic Style Tattootrends 2020 best tattoo artist Germany

Since 1999, “Chaos Crew” has not only been one of the most sought-after and best tattoo studios in Munich, but all of Germany. The 300-square-meter shop has an incredibly friendly and relaxed atmosphere that makes customers feel good. Whether black gray, dotwork, linework or in the trendy realistic polka trash style – the tattoo artists cover all imaginable tattoo styles. Good advice, cleanliness and unique tattoos of the highest quality – you will find all of this at “Chaos Crew Tattoo” Munich. In addition, the studio is one of the few in the Federal Republic that offers vegan tattoos – only products that are free of chemicals and animal products are used for this.

Chaos Crew Tattoo Studio Munich Address: Erzgießereistraße 34, 80335 Munich

“Corpspainter Tattoo Studio”

Medusa Tattoo Studio Munich shoulder tattoo men

Individuality instead of mass production, style and high quality – this is the principle the whole team of the “Corpspainter” Tattoo Studio Munich works in. The tattoo artists Julian Siebert and Sebastien Kristen work there – two names that everyone who is interested in tattoos should know! Vibrant colors and incredible compositions – this is how you could describe the works of art by Julian Siebert, one of the best tattoo artists in the world. He specializes in biomechanical and realistic tattoos, and is particularly popular with artists such as H.R. Inspire gigers. Roald Beyer, one of the best tattoo artists of biomechanical tattoos in Germany, also has a great influence on Julian Siebert's work. Black and gray, blackwork, freehand, neotraditional or ornament tattoos – the team from “Corpspainter” can do everything and there is a suitable tattooist for everyone.

Corpspainter Tattoo Studio Munich Address – Bodenseestrasse 21, 81241 Munich


“Black Rabbit Ink” tattoo studio

Temple tattoo studio munich hand tattoo ideas tattoo trends 2020

You won't find any books and catalogs full of tattoo templates at the “Black Rabbit Ink” tattoo studio in Munich. The tattoos are individually designed and engraved by the tattoo artists after extensive discussions and consultations with customers. So you can be 100% sure that your tattoo is a unique piece that no other person in the world will have. Even if the studio was only founded a few years ago, the artists have established themselves as some of the most popular in the city. At “Black Rabbit Ink” Munich you will find the world famous tattoo artist Ralf Spitzer, also known as Shamey ABC. The master has more than 25 years of experience with both tattoos and graffiti art. The tattoo artists are mainly specialized in linework, black and gray, sketch, realistic and abstract tattoos. They often put their own ideas about wanna-do tattoos on social networks. It is definitely worth taking a look at every now and then.

Black Rabbit Ink Tattoo Studio Munich Address: Gabelsbergerstrasse 32, 80333 Munich

“Sin City Ink” tattoo studio Munich

Liquid Sky Tattoo Studio Munich good tattoo artist Germany

Breathtaking masterpieces, professional tattoo artists, the highest hygiene standards and an inviting, friendly atmosphere that ensures that customers feel welcome and at ease. You can find all of this at “Sin City Ink” Tattoo Munich. The tattoo artists there have many years of professional experience and have worked in various studios in Germany, Austria and Hungary. The team specializes in New School, Old School, Trash Polka, Oriental, realistic portraits and Maori tattoos. The attention to detail and the incredible compositions and colors can be seen in absolutely every tattoo. Have you ever heard of the so-called diabetes tattoos? The type of diabetes and a blue circle on the wrist are tattooed, which in exceptional cases reminds people of the disease. Upon presentation of a medical certificate, you can get your diabetes tattoo free of charge at “Sin City Ink”!

“Sin City Ink” Tattoo Studio Munich Address: Rosenheimer Str. 157, 81671 Munich

Tattoo studio “Anansi”

CorpspainterTattoo Studio Munich forearm tattoo for women

Located in the heart of Munich in the popular Maxvorstadt, the team from “Tattoo Anansi” has been decorating the skin of its customers with beautiful and unique masterpieces since 2015. After working for many years in Spain, Ireland, Croatia and Hungary, the owners finally decided to open their own tattoo studio. You have no precise idea about the motif you want? With “Anansi Tattoo” you are in the best hands – the tattooists take as much time as necessary to discuss your wishes and ideas in peace. In addition, they work in almost every tattoo style – from fine lettering to classic portraits to incredibly realistic designs, everything is included.

“Anansi” Tattoo Studio Munich Address: Augustenstraße 73, 80333 Munich

“Small world” tattoo studio

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Small but nice – the “Small World” Tattoo Studio Munich was opened in 2013 and is located in the heart of Neuhausen. The talented tattoo artists have decades of experience and have already participated in some of the best tattoo fairs in Europe and worldwide. Regardless of the complexity and size of the desired motif, every customer of “Small World Tattoo” gets the full attention of the tattoo artist. The priority of the team is to always design very individual tattoos that people will enjoy throughout their lives. The tattoo artists specialize in almost all tattoo styles, including Neo Traditional, Old School, Realism, Watercolor or Japanese. It is particularly interesting for this tattoo studio that many artists and photographers from all over Germany exhibit their work there.

Kleine Welt Tattoo Studio Munich Address – Hübnerstraße 9, 80367 Munich

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