Autumn deco making children with various materials - garlands, figures and lanterns

Make autumn deco with kids - Ideas for garlands, wind light and pumpkin figures

Children are particularly proud of their craft, when their parents put them up or hang out and use them as decoration. For this reason, we come up with some ideas that you can make with many autumn decoys with children. Whether garlands, wind light or autumn figures made of different materials, our craft ideas are not only super beautiful, but also easy to craft. And in this way, the Bastel projects naturally make the kids even more fun. So if you want to make a simple autumnal decoration with children, look at our instructions, provide the necessary materials and bring yourself and your little ones in the right autumn mood with a creative afternoon!

Make autumn deco with kids - Easy pumpkin fall with paper

Autumn deco making children with folded paper for autumn pumpkins

  • Craft paper in yellow and orange tones and green
  • Schere
  • double-sided adhesive tape
  • Hot glue pistols and hot glue
  • Stöcke
  • Paketschnur

Dress and fall with children

Autumn deco making with kids - Guide to folding and sticking paper

For DIY pumpkins, you need 5 strips of paper to cut out yellow or orange paper, as well as two green leaves. They should all be 3.8 cm wide. For the lengths you need once approx. 7.7 cm, twice 22.8 cm and twice 28 cm. Those values ​​can also vary, which is no problem. If you can, you just need a sheet for the strips. Only mice that had paper strips were folded. Because of this, no complicated folding techniques are necessary, even smaller children can do this without problems. Simply apply paper folding techniques with strips like a harmonica folded.

Each strip then forms into a ring and glue the ends together with adhesive tape. Finally, you get 5 rings. Then take the smallest ring and stick it with the aid of the coat of adhesive that opens the middle, so as to create a kind of medallion. Next, the rings and the medallion were stacked together. If you take one of the medium-sized rings here, attach them to each other with the adhesive large rings and at the end of the medallion, which you have placed on the smallest ring. In the middle, you still stick the leaves, a knit and a piece of yarn. Fertig! In the same way, you can also make other fruits as an autumn decoration with children, such as apple, pear or eggplant.

Autumnal shrubs with children from leafy fairies

Hübsche autumn deco with children garlands made of artificial or real foliage

  • real or artificial foliage
  • Wood clamps
  • Hot glue and pistol
  • Schere
  • black fine markers
  • Paketschnur
  • red felt tip, wax, or lipstick

Autumn deco making with children from real or artificial leaves

DIY garlands from blades and washcloths as easy craft ideas for kids

This autumn leaf garland looks both true and artificial, as well as artificial leaves. If you use real, you should pull these and press them. When used to make baby clothes, this guide is suitable for older children. They can also use other glue and also make autumn deco with children, thus no combustion hazard. All you had to do was put the hairs and skirts in the blisters by sticking them in the bracket (the hairs on the back side of the closed side and the skirts around the open side) and by chance cut them off. Finally, you only have to mark and face the faces with the marker, when you may also add red cups with felt, wax, lipstick or lipstick.

Garlands made of linen as an autumnal decoration with children

Fabric garnishes themselves with the apple as a stamp

  • Lein Fabric
  • Templates for the garland elements
  • an apple
  • green and red fabric color
  • Schaumpinsel
  • Cardboard, wooden board or container for the color
  • black marker pen
  • Unter Lage
  • Metal rings for hanging or adhesive

Simple crafting guide to autumn deco making with kids

Crafted with natural materials and colors for a window decoration

Those templates can have a believable form. It comes down to what form your garland should have. Draw the desired pattern on paper, cut it up, transfer it to the fabric and cut it again. Repeat the whole until you get the desired amount. Halve the apple. Now paint on the boards (the cardboard or in the container), pick up the brush color and strike one apple half (the other half with the other color). You now use the apple as a stamp to transfer the color onto the linen.

Autumnal decoration ideas for home-making and children's crafts with linen and fabric colors

With the marker pen, steel and cores can still be drawn. Then you let the colors dry. Stitch rings through the fabric and attach yarn to attach the fabrics to the fabric. Also with suitable adhesive can be worked with rings instead. Of course, you can also paint other designs freely and use different colors if you want to make this autumn decoration with children.

Wind light autumn with children

Lantern or wind light for the lateral train in the autumn

  • white sheet of paper
  • Parchment paper in your favorite Autumn colors
  • Colored pencils or waxing pins
  • Leaf leaf as a template (real or printed)
  • double sided adhesive tape or adhesive
  • Schere
  • Karton
  • Bleistift

Guide to folding paper with lashes

Beautiful wind lights and lanterns are particularly popular in the colder seasons and when the weather is muddy and rainy. For this reason, with a lantern or wind light, you can make the perfect autumn deco with children. Those kids can paint the paper at first. Whether it is a change of lines as in the example or another pattern, it remains natural to overlook it. Main thing is, they used autumn colors. Then the sheet is folded on both ancient sides. A 3 to 5 centimeter wide strip is rich in appearance.

Adults help children in autumn crafting with paper and parchment

Then cut one of the longer sides with the scissors to create a lash. They should be told long enough, so they overlap when rolling the paper (see below in the instructions). Finally, you fall into the other long side. You don't need another opening yet, because you can see the candle light later. Here, with the help of the template, draw a sheet in the center of the sheet and then cut it out. On the backside, stick a small piece of colorful parchment paper.

Paper in one cylinder molds for one autumn lantern as decoration

If you place adhesive on one of the short folded pages, roll the paper together and stick it together. They can also use double-sided adhesive tape. Now use the page with the lash as a template to cut out a circle from the carton. Put glue on the lashes and glue them together roughly. You still need to put some adhesive on the circle and stick it on the lashes. They can squeeze in the interior of the lateral. Finally, you only need one more paper strip (alternatively, yarn or pipe cleaner), which you attach in the lateral as Henkel. Best use a LED candle to avoid burning.

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