Artificial skin delivers haptic feedback and makes you feel virtual reality

Scientists have developed a soft, artificial skin that provides haptic feedback. Besides, you can also use this to help make use of virtual reality, to feel your surroundings. The new invention consists of silicone and electrodes. The artificial skin can also adapt itself to the movements of the wearer thanks to a sophisticated self-recognition mechanism. Read more here to discover more interesting facts about revolutionary novelty.

Innovative technology for artificial skin

design and technology for heptic artificial today and new invention

Scientists from the RRL (Reconfigurable Robotics Lab) developed the technology that uses a system of soft sensors and actors. This allows the gadget to customize the exact shape of the wrist of a carrier. Sometimes it can provide a haptic feedback in the form of pressure and vibration. Stretch sensors also measure deformation of the skin, so that you can adjust the feedback in real time, in order to achieve a possible realistic sense of touch. Soft pneumatic drives further form a part of the membrane layer and can be inflated when air is pumped. In the layer of sensors are the soft electrodes contained in the synthetic haptic technology, which measures any deformation of the skin and then transmits this data to the microcontroller.

touch artificial today as a scientific innovation from silicone and sensors

The haptic artificial skin can therefore last up to four times longer than originally for up to one million cycles. Scientists are developing that technology even further, having prepared these monkeys and tested various users. According to a press release, it could be used for various viable applications. For example, doctors who test proprioception can test a patient for medical purposes.

scientists test result in labor with green rubber gloves

This is the first time that scientists have developed a perfectly soft artificial skin, with both sensors and integrators involved. This is what one says in a position of scientist in the EPFL and the lead author of the study. This gives science the opportunity to control the circular. This means that developers who are familiar with user vibration stimulation can accurately and reliably modulate. This fact makes artificial skin ideal for wearable applications.

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