AML emergency call already possible in Germany: faster assistance thanks to direct location assistance

With the new emergency call technology Advanced Mobile Location (short AML) rescue services can directly locate the auxiliary searchers and respond faster. Then in life-threatening situations every second counts. With an AML emergency call from a smartphone you will be Location of the caller equally sent to the people. The three-year trial for the new emergency system starts today officially Germany-wide.

AML available in Germany Notruf-Ortung on the smartphone

In emergency people panic and make stupid mistakes. At the moment, in the event of an emergency, the last one was, one was, to be sure. During an emergency call, many callers often did not know who they were exact location indicated sollen. Again, the rescue kit had to ask long, was on the "average Reaktionszeit“The emergency forces work out in an emergency.

How does the AML emergency call work?

AML emergency call location over the mobile radio transmitter

With the new emergency phone technology it gets faster: If the caller dials the emergency number 112, this activates the cellphone to talk start automatic WLAN and GPS and transmits the exact location directly to the rescue pipeline.

AML also works when all available location services have been switched off. All data then became automatic with a text message. This allows the competent emergency services and the emergency physician to send the location data directly to your navigation device.

With an AML emergency call, rescue guides can determine the auxiliary searchers' location within 20 seconds. Without AML, it takes about 210 seconds to go through.


Freiburg people bring this technology to Germany

The AML system is prepared in 13 countries worldwide (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Slovenia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, USA and Mexico ). In Germany, data protectors and mobile phone companies have prevented an early start. Vodafone, Telefónica Deutschland O2 and the German Telecom have been informed that their mobile radio networks support the AML emergency call system as soon as possible.

Easy that Freiburg rescue helicopter together with the Berlin fire brigade have set themselves up for the new emergency technology and are ready to build the system for the whole of Germany. In both locations, there is a server where all AML data is stored. To ensure data protection, keep this one again after 60 minutes. The AML technique has been tested for three years now and has been successful in rolling out 250 jobs in Germany.

AML New Emergency Emergency Technique Faster Assistance in Emergency

AML already works on almost all smartphones

Of course, in addition to the mobile radio network and the seat, the end device must support the new standard. AML is on all smartphones integrates with the Google operating system Android as of version 4.0 as soon as Google Play Services is installed. Also, Apple's iOS devices with version 11.3 support the AML emergency call. The location transmission is für everyone Mobilfunk Customer kostenfrei.

The new emergency call technique is still not perfect

The AML technique already has nor weaknesses. It insures when we are about our own mobile service provider no network haben. Being able to kill people in rural areas, in the woods or in remote locations can be a problem. Fortunately, there are not many emergency calls.

Cyclist who is killed and injured

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