80s Costume - Ideas for 80s Motto Party Outfits Suitable for Halloween

costume for 80s motto party 80s outfits rock band

The 80s offer an inspirational treasure trove of films, musicians, characters and fashions as ideas for an 80s costume. If there is no 80s party on the horizon, Halloween can certainly be your ideal getaway. Whether you have a refined, a creepy or a funny taste like Cyndi Lauper, you will find suitable ideas here. We have examples that you can use either as a DIY 80s costume or as an inspiration for your next purchase. So get ready for these many 80s outfits, with which you can certainly draw attention to yourself.

Costume for 80s motto party

the prince of zamunda costume with leopards fell and gold chain

Even if you haven't grown up in that decade, it's much to be appreciated - especially the fashion that makes for great 80s Halloween costumes. It was a drastic time, in which the popular styles of the time preferred large hair, accessories and every variety of neon color. The music scene was equally robust: Pop icons such as Madonna and Prince created an upbeat, dance-like sound. Through movies, we learned hits like Beetlejuice and Ghostbusters, which are popular today with kids, teens and adults alike.

cindy runner costume self-brimmed with more hairstyle and colorful necklace earrings and bracelets

In honor of the hair-streaking decade, we have our favorite 80s-era costumes that will help you throw them back and dedicate themselves to the masses this Halloween before putting them together. You will find figures from some of your favorite TV shows and films for which you can use old pieces of clothing from your closet. It also gives 80s costume pairs as an idea for Halloween. Always choose - You can't do anything wrong. Regardless of whether you prefer an 80s jogging suit or an 80s athlete costume, you will find great options here.

Tom Cruise Top Gun 1986

family with child in top gun costume with overalls in military green colors

Although Top Gun is now over 30 years old, it is still a cult film and yet was a very popular choice for an 80s costume. This is especially true for young men who want to take the classic look of Goose and Maverick with the inspirational aviation. So if you expect to see a fabulous 80s costume gentleman, then that is exactly the right idea for you.

top gun 80s costume men, women with aviator jackets and goggles

An airplane train contains, for example, everything you needed for the entry into the Top Gun Flying School. This can consist of an overall that is decorated with realistic pilot marks. With one of the pilot glasses you round off the classic look. In this fantastic 80's costume, you fly up to the next party.

Ghostbusters costume

ghostbusters costume with colored protective gear and combat boots as well as backpacks and gadgets

Bring your group of ghost hunters with creative ideas for group costume in swing. Use slow-moving or protective gear again and transform yourself into Halloween with the famous heroes of the 80s creepy comedy. If you feel like hunting down Geystern, you can pick up a self-made proton backpack and a colored overall to pick out even more authentic damit.

Madonna costume 80s

madonna costume 80s with many bracelets and neon colors

Madonna is getting better with increasing age, but you can still embody her iconic "Lucky Star" era in her 80s costume. The singer was von Anfang and roadworker, fashion designer and frontier. The fact that they are in contrast to other pop stars of the 80s, who still spend time with parachutes, proves their instinctive understanding of pop culture and the desires of men. For this reason, as a pop icon, she is the ideal model for your party costume of the 80s. For a unique outfit, you can combine aspects of Madonna looks with the "Like a Virgin" time. Use photos from your albums and music videos as inspiration.

Elements for 80s costume ladies in the style of Madonna

madonna costume herself with black mesh and leather gloves in the 80's style

  • Black eye make-up
  • Wavy, wild hair (or wig) lace, fingerless gloves
  • Many bracelets
  • Earrings (hearts and crosses were your favorites)
  • Bustier type top (black armor could work as well)
  • Rock
  • Gama Chen
  • Black boots

Cindy Lauper Costume 80s

lilac colored blazer for cyndi louper costume with bottom dress and gown

She was also a slow-moving column of the 1980s, which even as a pioneer as well as music as well as the style of the century. Your inspiring and funny personality is similar to your inspiring and funny looks - Madonna may have been the sexy bad girl, but Cyndi was the one who could have a pajama party with kissing, dance parties and joke calls. In her 1983 debut album, She's So Unusual, she released a series of hits such as "Time After Time", "She Bop", "All Through the Night" and her anthem "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" in the superstar range.

80s costume ladies with two coats in top tights and boots

Corsets, crinoline, stockings, colorful make-up and wild hair have conveyed this unusual style. They can imitate Cyndi's characteristic look in simple ways. Between an excursion in the secondhand shop and a shop for fun accessories, you can find everything you need. Most guests at the Halloween party will surely admire your outfit. Your make-up can also be unethical. Think of the example in Orange and Blue, from the bottom of your lids to the upper edge of your eyebrows. The lips can shine bright and red to achieve the unified, unique Schmollmund style of the singer.

Beetlejuice costume

beetle juice costume for women with striped back in black white and green hair with make-up

Tim Burton's imaginative horror comedy of 1988 depicts Michael Keaton as a grotesque, resentful and very funny spirit, who publishes himself as a bio-exorcist, to rid the spook houses of his living occupants. At the fragile house, therefore, it is about the home of Adam and Barbara Maitland (Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis), a happy, adorable couple who happen to be coincidental.

80s costume couple who were beetle juice and broke in red dress with roses

For the look, simply try a striped dress or pants that you can combine with a simply striped blazer or alternatively with black or white jeans. Detailed hair and makeup in this case is also a must, if you want to bring the outfit to the point.

80s John Rambo Costume for Men

rambo costume man and woman with military attire and red stargun cargo pants and rifle

Sylvester Stallone was one of the Kings of the 80's cinema. His talent has convinced us as author, director and star of Rocky and his legendary status by bringing the character of John Rambo to life. "Rambo: First Blood Part II" has lost the final look of the war heroes, which is relatively easy to emulate, even if you have nothing to do with the muscles of the Italian stallion (though that would certainly be helpful). As a man you can use the following:

man and two women costume as john rambo with bows and patterns

  • Stirnband (preferably a longer, roter, welded fabric strip)
  • A tiny green Jade Buddha pendant and an unbelievably narrow neckline
  • Black or dark olive green cargohose
  • Kampfstiefel
  • Huge plastic knives would be a safe choice
  • Machine gun and bow with arrows from a prop would be optional items

Indiana Jones costume gentlemen

indiana jones costume with original elements such as his leather jacket whip leather boots and hut

Indiana Jones is a pretty simple 80s costume that you can wear. All you need is a brown leather jacket, fedora and khaki colored chinohose, which you can buy in your handy second hand or take home from the closet. Otherwise, you can save yourself some such journeys in the drawer and leave the outfit on your doorstep too.

woman in black who lara croft sucked next man in indiana jones costume

Let's face it: If you see someone wearing the classic Indiana Jones hat and bomber jacket, then the theme music is determined in your head. So if you choose this look, your friends will definitely envy the outfit at the next costume party. The appropriate Peitsche dazu will be rounded off the whole.

80s Costume Couple was Blues Brothers

blue brothers costume worn by two men looking elegant with sunglasses in black

Blues Brothers costumes are a lot of fun for men and women who disguise themselves for every pleasure. The classic look for Jake and Elwood is pretty easy to come up with items you may have at home. The Blues Brothers are a great choice for a DIY costume from the 80s, as it is so easy to find all the basic parts yourself. As you may remember, both Jake as well as Elwood wear black trainings and long-sleeved white shirts with narrow black ties. In addition, they also wear characteristic sunglasses, white socks, black shoes and black fedoras.

80s jogging suit suits couple american style man and woman

While both men and women can dress up as Blues Brothers, there are other hilarious parts from the movie that could inspire costumes. A custom costume for a woman would be, for example, the role of Aretha Franklin in the movie Mrs. Murphy: She just needs a pink waiter outfit, a red vest and a pair of fuzzy slip-on-pink slippers. Expect for group costumes, members of the country band, the good ol 'boys who torment the brothers, or the cops who eventually chase them.

80s sporty costume for halloween or carnival with cassette player

Really, almost every character from this decade and the music industry of this era would inspire a hilarious 80s costume. Meet a group of friends and watch the best old music videos or movies. Then decide which characters each person should play. In fact, this would be a great motif for a costume party, since such great music is made at this time. You could bring people out there too, dress them up, listen to various soundtracks or watch movies and spend a great time with family and friends at Carnival or Halloween.

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