Which style of living is particularly popular in 2020?

In 2020, the current living trend can be mixed and experimented with. And when it comes to the interior, Art Deco is right at the front. It can be opulent, decadent and even a little pompous here. Where simple elegance has dominated in recent years, minimalism is now being replaced by playing with colors and shapes. The international design fairs show not only gold and copper tones, but also exuberant floral patterns and dark shades of blue and gray on furniture and seating. Read more about the 2020 living trends!

Ornaments wherever you look

Living room in Art Deco style 2020 in gold, white and black

Art Deco is a direct successor to Art Nouveau, from which numerous elements have been incorporated. Art Deco moves between the floral forms of Art Nouveau and geometric elements of the Bauhaus. Characteristic of the Art Deco are lavishly rich decorations paired with precious luxurious materials such as glass, crystal, leather or silver.

Living room in berry tones with a hint of Art Deco

It is therefore not surprising that in the future living rooms, in addition to the voluminous leather wing chair, the floor lamp and shelf in silver or the modern display case will be found as an unusually futuristic room divider. And vintage furniture combined with thick carpets also fit into this unusual mix.

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It's all in the mix

large modern living room represents a successful mixture of different styles

As already indicated, 2020 is not just a hip trend. The mixture of the popular living styles of recent years now seems to be particularly popular. Probably the one who is allowed to set up these days. Not only is Art Deco at the forefront, it shares its place with Nordic design. With this design, the Scandinavian interior gets an update and so the purism of the past years is combined in the living trend 2020 with lots of wood, colorful accessories and colored furniture. The right contrast is achieved with the use of natural materials. So you can find more wood and stone. And wall colors in gray, green and yellow contrast the whole Deco glamor with a healthy level of simplicity

Viennese network returns

Viennese wicker chairs will make a comeback in 2020

To top it all off, the Viennese network returns in the style of old coffee house furniture. Already seen increasingly in the interior scene in 2019, it is now on the rise in our apartments and can be found not only as seating furniture, but also on beds, lamps, cupboard doors and side tables. In combination with modern furniture, these classics look more exciting than ever.

What colors go with it?

Colors 2020 pastel colors and gold at Art Deco home accessories

Not only on the walls, but also in the furniture and accessories, pastel colors are leading in the living trends of 2020. Particular attention is paid to furniture that has been designed in mint green, dusky pink or eggshell yellow. Together with gold-colored elements such as furniture handles or fittings, the pastel-colored furniture ensures a feeling of well-being with elegance.

The color blue, but not a delicate light blue, but a rich, strong blue, is also at the top of the list of home and furnishing colors this year. Contrary to the motto of the current minimalist lifestyle “less is more”, deco fans can really let themselves go in their own four walls. Colorful vases and gold-framed mirrors are allowed.

Warm colors from the field of spices are very popular in 2020

Warm colors from the field of spices are also very popular in 2020. In addition to charming yellow tones such as curry, saffron and turmeric, there is also a strong reddish brown and cozy brown and beige tones such as cinnamon and nutmeg. These colors are particularly present in upholstered furniture and cushion covers. And last but not least, dark earth tones are increasingly appearing on pillow cases and upholstery. Individual pieces of furniture or accessories in a dark taupe tone or a strong brown gray enrich the home and give the whole a soothing touch.

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