Taylor Swift Documentary: The singer talks about experiences with eating disorders

A new Taylor Swift documentary called “Miss Americana” will premiere this month on Netflix. In it, the pop singer reports about her struggle with an eating disorder. Experts praise Swift and hope that their story will prompt others to find medical help they may need.

True stories in new Taylor Swift documentary

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Whether it's a new song or a political statement when Taylor Swift speaks, millions of people listen. This made her recent revelation that she was dealing with an eating disorder particularly remarkable. In the interview, Swift dealt with negative aspects of the body image. She explained how comments about her body, both positive and negative, contributed to the eating disorder. So she discusses her experiences in the Netflix documentary, which will be released on January 31.

Brooke Nicole Smith, a survivor of the eating disorder who became an expert in mindful eating, agreed that Swift's experience brought about a culture of worshiping thinness. While the singer has been exposed to a constant stream of commentary about her body, non-celebrities, especially young women, are also exposed to commentary about her body. “There are already so many comments about what women look like and such a strong focus on thinness by society. “

Important message for young people

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While Swift's window into her eating disorders opened a conversation about eating disorders, it could leave the majority of people in need of help out of the discussion.

“It can be incredibly helpful for celebrities to talk about their eating disorders. This also reinforces stereotypes of those who have an eating disorder or are involved in eating disorders. “That said Chevese Turner from the American National Eating Disorders Association.

“Celebrities who focus on nutritional, exercise and body image problems are usually thin, young white women with anorexia. They are a minority. The reality is that those affected can be of any height and race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender or age, ”said Turner.

Focusing on very thin young women when talking about eating disorders does not help alleviate the problem for people who do not fit the stereotype, especially for people in larger bodies. “Sometimes individuals think they're not thin enough to get help. However, it is important to remember that problems with eating or body image that lead to stress are not normal – regardless of body size. “

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