Joseph Plateau: The Inventor of "Moving Pictures"

In the year 1830, the Belgian Joseph Plateau developed the phantoscope, a device that could project the moving images. Its invention is considered the first step in the development of film projectors. She had cost her health but to pass on her attempts, the researcher had to look long into the sun for a long time and soon blinded follow-on. The Belgian was born on October 14, 1801 and would have been 218 years old today. To his credit, today Google has dedicated a Doodle.

Joseph Plateau: The Belgian Physicist inherited the Wunderrad

Joseph Plateau Invented the first moving Google Doodle image

Phantascope, still known as Wonder Wheel, is based on a physical principle. Plates depict various stages of movement of a dancer separated by slots from one another. The viewers looked through the slits on a mirror, where the drawings were reflected. When the disk is rotated, almost the human eye interacts with the drawings as a movement. Originally, only 16 images were portrayed on the ship, which is why the worst silent films had at least 16 images per second. Once you have seen a silent film, you have surely noticed that the actor's movements on the screen work unnatural. This lies in the count of moving images that are recorded per second. The present films were rotated so that they render 24 individual pictures per second. This frame rate allows a natural perception of the continuous sequence of images.

Hardly imaginable, but true: Without a plateau, cinema evenings with friends would only be a dream. No wonder the physicist is today considered one of the Fathers of the Cinema. For his experiments, he looked long in the sun and dazzled in the coming years. Many studies have also been carried out and are popularized for their rules on the soap bubble structure. He had even written books about his blindness and stated in Details that he could still visualize images for years after the loss of the eye.

Joseph Plateau device Wonder wheel itself make ideas

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