Engagement ring with stone: 5 trends for the modern, the elegant, the Vintage and the Boho bride

If summer is considered to be the wedding season, then Autumn is the right time for engagement. Now, the men are thinking about the marriage proposal and are looking for a suitable engagement ring with Stein. But which engagement ring is actually appropriate? Basically everything is allowed, was please. But the versatility of stones, slings, sockets and materials makes the task much more difficult. The future bridegroom often seeks several weeks after the appropriate design, which corresponds to the performances of the bride. Whether it's on an expensive diamond ring or on a fund piece from the flea market or antique shop, the ring's main thing.

Engagement ring with Stein Fassung organize small diamond bow baguette modern wedding

And although the classic solitaire ring is always looking for a great experience and arrives well with each bride, it also applies to the engagement rings trends. Determined for the style of the precious jewelery are among other wedding trends. They set the tone and inspire the designer. We give you an overview of the latest trends and explain which model fits which bride type.

Engagement ring with stone: 1. Modern interpretation of the classic solitaire ring

Engagement ring with Stein Baguette Schliff Solitaire ring with gold thread modern reduced shape

The solitaire ring, in which the engagement ring has only one large stone and is made of gold, has long been regarded as an absolute classic. In this year, however, lies the modern Interpretation im Trend. The design is reduced, puristic and readily combines seamlessly with other rings and pieces of jewelry. The gemstone, traditional diamond, is characterized by a rectangular shape and an emerald ribbon. The filigree ring has the shine and many facets of the diamond. Thanks to the simple design and the slip, the clarity and the color of the gemstone are emphasized extra. So, if you are opting for a modern diamond engagement ring, then you should add extra value to a high-quality finish. Exactly a precise loop ensures that the diamond reflects the light and works with every hand movement.

Engagement ring with stone modern bridal minimalist purist wedding plans diamond

This engagement ring has yet another decisive advantage, your loved one with safety will be appreciated. It reads seamlessly with other rings and is extremely commonplace. Perfect for all women who have an office job.

The engagement ring with emerald snail in the overview:

  • Stylish modern design that combines with other pieces of gold
  • The diamond is in focus, because of its high-quality finish, the clarity of the gemstone and the precise slate are very important.
  • The ring is devoted to busy ladies who dress timelessly elegant.

Engagement ring with stone select baguette Schliff solitaire ring with diamond modern wedding

Who looks for the dream wedding for the purist bride: A minimalist engagement ring wishes for women in particular who add value to the quality. They love timelessly elegant wedding dresses and decorate your table sparingly, but very stylishly. Decoration, flower arrangements and the bridal styling were counted according to the motto "Fewer is more". Also the color scheme: White and green form a retaining color ensemble.

Engagement ring with stone: 2. Lavender sapphire for a romantic wedding on the land

Vintage wedding plan engagement ring made of rose gold with lavender sapphire stone in drop shape

Lavender Sapphire is considered the trend for 2020 for all brides who want a vintage wedding. The gemstone fascinates with an appealing soft purple hue, which brings a romantic touch from the past. It reads, like a diamond, grinding. Especially feminine looks like a engagement ring with stone with heart or drop shape. A rose-gold ring gives the design a vintage look. Lavender Sapphire are no soloists, but look better in combination with brilliance that further enhances the ring. An engagement ring with sapphire will certainly reflect the light again and will be particularly attractive when the sunlight is on. If your loved one wants to bring home items from the flea market or restore old furniture to your grandparents, then a engagement ring with lavender sapphire is just the right thing for them.

Engagement ring with Stein lavender color wedding Scheune Weinkeller organizing on the land

If your girlfriend is dreaming of a vintage wedding on the land, in a modernized bar or on a winery, then the engagement ring with lavender sapphire will surely fall. The lavender color brings a holiday flair from Italy and reads very effectively combining pink, white and wine red.

The engagement ring with lavender - Sapphire at a glance:

  • The sapphire is a stainless steel that is classed as Class 2. Class 2 is a gemstone that can reveal keystrokes that one can even recognize with the naked eye.
  • The engagement ring with lavender sapphire fascinates above all with the gemstone color and its soft shine. Especially valuable is Saphire, who can change the light conditions in the space of your color.
  • Perfect both for weddings in the spring, as well as in summer and autumn, the lavender hue adds harmoniously to various color schemes.

Halo engagement ring with stone: 3. For the elegant bride

Organize halo engagement ring with diamond engagement from platinum wedding at the castle

With a Halo engagement ring, your girlfriend would feel like a real princess. The design goes together from a large diamond in an oval cliff with facet-rich crowns, surrounded by a wreath of many smaller diamonds. These sparkling gems make the Halo Ring a real hingucker and feed you with safety compliments.

The Halo engagement ring at a glance:

  • Inspired by the engagement rings of the English royal family.
  • Looks very valuable and is a real eye-catcher.
  • The high-quality finishing of the catch and the grind of the gemstones play a crucial role for the final result.
  • Perfect for the bride who dreams of a classic wedding.

Halo engagement ring with stone wedding in the castle celebrate classic

When the ring with Halo Diamond fell to the bride, who brought up the classic look of the engagement ring and brought to life a modern note. The perfect location is in Saale, where the historical environment meets modern glamor. Celebrated mostly in a friendship and family circle. The venue will be decorated with seasonal flowers and fruits, vintage porcelain and gilded crockery to give the festive table character.

Engagement ring with stone with hexagon sling: 4. For the wedding in the castle

Engagement ring with stone diamond hexagon vintage engagement wedding to celebrate in the castle

A engagement ring with stone with hexagon loop is a design for true connoisseurs. Glamorous and timelessly elegant, she also adorns the ring of rose gold. A diamond in the middle is surrounded by a number of smaller diamonds in the bee grasp and then surrounded by a second series of larger diamonds. The intensely sparkling gems and the imaginative design make the ring to a romantic acquaintance of love. It is the appropriate piece of jewelery for all women who want to make a positive statement and love the vintage style.

Engagement ring with Stein organizing romantic wedding in the castle

The engagement ring with hexagon sling at a glance:

  • You can find a unique in an antique shop or in the flea market.
  • Works very noble, strikes at once. At best, as a soloist on hand you can find a good figure and do not readily combine with other rings and pieces of jewelry.
  • Costs on average more, as the production is very demanding.

As a true royal couple, you can celebrate the wedding with many guests in a castle. A glamorous wedding dress with a long veil, beautiful decoration with gold elements and colorful flower sticks enchant a noble ambience and make the wedding celebration an unforgettable experience, for the bridal couple as well as for the guests.

Engagement ring and blue stone: turquoise blue for the beach wedding

Engagement ring with Stein Boho wedding on the beach plan organizing tips

If your girlfriend wants a boho wedding on the beach, then you should opt for the next trend. A engagement ring with blue jewelery, for example turquoise, is guaranteed to fall. Although the engagement ring does not look too sleek, the jewelry is adorned mostly with several smaller diamonds.

With an airy shoulder-free dress, a matching engagement ring with blue jewelery and a naturally-occurring bridal ostrich, your girlfriend guarantees all looks of the guests to see. A boho wedding is usually organized in the summer, so now is the right time to make a marriage proposal. Then, the future bride had plenty of time to plan the wedding in Details.

Engagement ring with pink diamonds: sleek design for minimalists

Engagement ring with stone baguette loop diamond pink fit with diamond modern wedding

Meghan Markle made the minimalist engagement ring worldwide popular

Baguette Schliff Diamond in rose gold fashion trends for minimalist modern wedding

Vintage engagement ring with engagement rings with blue stone and brilliant cut diamonds

Organize lavender sapphire on ring with diamond vintage wedding on the land

Accented accents make the gold ring a real hangover

Vintage Rings with Lavender Sapphire and Diamond Facing of Gold

The gemstone is called lavender sapphire and fascinates with a soft purple hue

Lavender sapphire ring with diamond vintage wedding location on the land

Lavender sapphires sparkle and shine like diamonds, if they are well cut

vintage ring with lavender sapphire stone and diamond

Glamor pure: The Halo engagement ring with brilliance is a real eye catcher

Halo ring with diamond and round shape

Not every diamond is a jewel, brilliant with a special ribbon

Organize halo ring with round diamond barrel white gold wedding in the lock

How to find real pieces from an antique shop present the next engagement rings

Engagement ring with stones bearing gold rain drop shape

The engagement ring is inspired by the designs of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton

Diamond with Hexagon Schliff engagement ring with stone wedding official

Boho Chic with a engagement ring with diamonds and jewelry

Boho engagement ring blue stone faceted gold small diamonds on edge

Turquoise and diamonds are great for combining each other

Boho engagement ring blauer stone turquoise color small diamonds

The ring itself is made of gold

Find engagement ring with Stein Boho Chic in vintage style on flea market

Pearls and jewelery adorn the boho engagement ring

Boho engagement ring with rose gold lining inherited piece

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