Custom-made wardrobe: How to plan a functional and stylish wardrobe

Sometimes it's bewitched. The furniture stores in the area are full, hundreds of cupboards are on display. But in this confusing selection, no closet fits in your own living room. Some cupboards are too big, others are too small. For some cupboards, the design is not pleasing or the design does not meet the requirements for the storage space that should be available. In all of these cases, a bespoke cabinet is the right choice. Because if the piece of furniture is specially made for your own living room, you don't have to make any compromises.

Custom-made wardrobe: there are no limits to your imagination!

Plan a bespoke cabinet Tips for buying

A “classic” cupboard, which stands alone on a room wall, makes the smallest demands on the design. In fact, in these simple cases, cupboards from furniture stores can often be used. But if the situation is a bit more complicated, a cupboard made to measure must be made.

In many apartments there are nooks and crannies that often have strange dimensions. Under stairs or in the living room with a special floor plan, cupboards must be tailored to the actual circumstances. With a made-to-measure wardrobe, there are no limits to your imagination.

Cabinet made to measure: create space with a cabinet made to measure!

Plan a bespoke cupboard with a mirrored door and shoe cupboard

This creates a better quality of life, especially in small living rooms. Anyone who cleverly uses the conditions of the room can create an enormous amount of storage space with little effort, without unduly restricting the already scarce space. A wall unit, which was individually designed for the respective living room with its special features, finally offers the residents the space and storage space that they have long wanted.

A cupboard for every taste

Plan a bespoke closet in the hallway or walk-in closet

An individual closet does not only fit into the apartment in terms of dimensions. There is no need to compromise on design either. Whether you are looking for furniture for an old farmhouse parlor or a modern loft, all of the customer's design wishes can be taken into account here. Different materials and surfaces are available.

Custom-made cabinets are not a luxury item!

Plan a custom-made cabinet in the children's room Tips for space-saving storage space systems

Anyone who thinks about having a cabinet made hesitates at first because one expects very high costs. Of course – custom-made furniture will usually be a little more expensive than pieces of furniture that you can buy in a furniture store. But when the prices are precisely calculated, the positive surprise is often great: the price difference is not that clear. Especially if you take into account the fact that it is an individual cupboard that you don't have to compromise on, it's worth it.

It may take a little longer!

Custom made closet in the bedroom with sloping ceilings

The many advantages of a cabinet that was made to measure, however, is offset by a disadvantage. It may take a little longer. Because the cupboards are manufactured as individual pieces and are therefore not immediately available – simply drive to the furniture store, buy a living room cupboard, take it with you and set it up in the apartment in the evening – that is not possible with a cupboard made to measure. It is not uncommon to have to wait significantly longer for the new facility. When the cabinet is delivered, you can look forward to your very own cabinet in the living room.

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