BMW Concept 4 - The new Coupe with impressive sporty design

darkened glass disc in the door and large alloy wheels of new model sports car

The Bavarian carmaker has proposed the new BMW Concept 4. It is a future interpretation of a modern coupe. The model also combines a dynamically strong and emotionally appealing design with exclusivity and exceptional driving characteristics. The stylish, sporty car sometimes embodies the aesthetic essence of the brand and combines perfect proportions with a clear and precise design. For this reason we invite you to discover the indisputable charm of the brand new vehicle in our contribution.

The future belongs to BMW Concept 4

modern radiator grille of the new model of Bavarian car manufacturer

At the center of the front end stands the vertically aligned radiator grille, which references the form and design legendary classics like the BMW 328 or BMW 3.0 CSi. The radiator grille also features horizontal facelift disks that provide a nice contrast to the sporty front section design and lend radiator grille depth and exclusivity. The radiator grille has always been a hallmark of BMW vehicles. The BMW Concept 4 still makes these icons self-conscious and noble. At the same time, the new car model offers a view of the expressive face of the 4-programs.

led lights and rims with modern design a new vehicle in red

The narrow and focused double headlamps are easily angled and work together with the kidney grille to give the front part a modern look with a strong identity. The striking LED luminaires have no glass coverage; Instead, they became the ones who worked in three-dimensional sculptures in the body. This makes it possible to bring an even greater quest for modernity and technical sophistication to the front end. The sharply contoured motorhome extends the lines of the front ends with powerful volume and precise edges. The cool surface surrounds the kidney grating as a gemstone.

Innovative forms for aerodynamic performance

Seitenansicht vom neuen coupe bmw concept 4 in rot

The BMW Concept 4 thus, as mentioned above, says the unmatched proportions of the brand in their hitherto most modern form. The stretched motorhome, the long wheelbase, the flowing roofline and the short overhangs create a modern, elegant and dynamic Coupe silhouette. Inside the cabin, the high-clean surfaces of the new BMW Concept 4 form a powerful basic body. The compilation of punctured cuts and a small number of extremely precise contours creates a rare sense of emotion and dynamism.

bmw oncept 4 l-shaped backlight glowing in rotten contrast

The athletic body contains a slim glass house with a narrow window opening, which further emphasizes the dynamics of the site. The long, oblique roofline gently flows into the tailgate and lends the rear a high-quality and sporty aesthetic. The vaulted rear wheelbases lend the power that flows through the rear wheels, a visual expression and emphasize the muscular shoulders still above. The slim range over the front wheels provides a proper dynamic balance. The tempered volume improves visual mobility and lightness.

Design and function in the new BMW Concept 4

rear side of new car model bmw concept 4 with two exhaust

The outer tone of Forbidden Red lends to the combination of contours and volume a dramatic feeling of radiance and depth: Each surface of the light radiates a soft, shiny red, while the shadow evokes an almost black effect and a stark contrast. The rear of the BMW Concept 4 lies in a sports car well above the road. The recordings, where the previous end has ceased, are large and clear surfaces with only a few lines give a statement about the sporting intention that excites the emotions.

emblem of rotten car with heading of model bmw concept 4

The LED backlights, which consist of fiberglass, give the well-known BMW a top-notch look and dispense on glass covers. The contours of the car also emphasize the sport-horizontal alignment of the rear and emphasize the noisy road surface. The striking diffuser, which is integrated into the muscular rear apron, characterizes the rear design of the vehicle. Its vertical rivers sometimes break the clean surfaces of the rear of the vehicle. This can send a statement about a good sporting pedigree.

dark room for presentation of new car

exhibition of brand new model vehicle in frankfurt

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