A good hair brush is so important

All over the world, the hair splendor plays a special role in personal appearance. Different hairstyles or looks are also subject to regional peculiarities and trends. Volume, shine and fullness, however, are attributes that have a very special significance everywhere.

In addition to the supply of important nutrients and careful care, the choice of the right brush is a decisive factor. In order to find the individually perfect brush, it's not just the shape, processing and application that are of interest. Particular attention should be paid to the materials used. Plastic, metal but also wood or natural fibers are processed here. Some brushes are already treated with active ingredients during manufacture, here we speak of hairbrushes with an active ingredient complex.

How do you recognize a good brush?

choose the best brush for long hair

The question of whether a brush is “good” first arises with regard to its processing. Of course, the decisive factor is to choose the right shape for the corresponding purpose (styling, care, detangling, smoothing).

Round brushes are considered the perfect tool for styling

In general, the brush should be comfortable in the hand. With round brushes in particular, care must be taken that the rotation between the fingers is easy. The bristles must be rounded, otherwise there is a risk that the scalp or hair may be injured. This problem often arises with low quality brushes. The connection between the brush and the handle should be well made so that no hair gets caught in it during use.

Which brush for which hair type?

which brush for which hair - an overview of all brush types

In addition to the different areas of application, the hair type also plays an important role in the selection. The longer the hair, the more risk of tangling or matting. Entwirrbürsten (Detangler) remedy this with their gentle plastic pens and prevent hair breakage.

round brushes are considered the perfect tool for styling. Thanks to their round shape, they are ideal for giving the hair dynamic momentum and bounce when it is dried with a hair dryer. Small round brushes are used for particularly fine hair, for the last drying or blow-drying, since they need more stance at the base. The large round brushes are the right choice, especially for longer hair. They provide volume and resilience. Natural bristles provide an additional natural shine here.

Paddle brush for long hair stimulates hair growth

One is recommended for particularly frizzy hair skeleton brush, With their widely spaced plastic pins, curls can be defined and styled voluminously.

Longer hair can with a Paddle brush can be dried and smoothed more quickly. This brush usually has plastic or wooden pencils on an air-filled brush pad. Due to the type and nature of the bristles / pencils, the brush glides very well through the hair and massages the scalp. This stimulates blood circulation and promotes the care of the hair roots.

Antistatic brushes make styling easier

All-purpose brush are, as the name suggests, versatile. They are usually provided with bristles of different lengths. The long bristles gently massage the scalp, while the short ones optimally distribute the natural skin fat and thus smooth the hair surface.

In addition, brushes are available, into which additional active ingredients have been incorporated during manufacture, so-called Drug hairbrushes, Nourishing oils and ingredients are used here, which are distributed in the hair and scalp when brushing. Antistatic brushes make styling easier and prevent individual hairs from repelling each other.

Tangle Teezer hairbrush for fine brittle hair


For the selection of the right brush, the intended use and the associated material must be defined first. It should be noted which hair type is present and whether additional properties such as incorporated active ingredients should be included.
Inferior brushes can damage the hair and scalp. As a result, investing in a high quality brush is definitely worth it.

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