What to wear in the gym? Tips for the perfect gym outfit

If you want to lose weight and do something good for your body, you can't avoid sport. But if the sports outfit does not fit perfectly, even the greatest sport is not fun. In the gym, for example, the outfit must not only meet the needs of other visitors, but also your own. What is the best thing to wear for the gym? What should women pay attention to when buying fitness clothing and which faux pas should be avoided? Find out everything about the perfect gym outfit here!

The agony of choice

Gym put on woman colorful comfortable sportswear leggings and sports bra for a good mood

There is now an abundance of fitness clothing. You can find them in special sports fashion stores as well as in online shops. It is not so easy to keep track of things. In general, sportswear should be comfortable and functional. Depending on the sport, different demands are placed on clothing. Offering functional sportswear such as Fabletics is one way to prepare for training in the gym. The American label specializing in sportswear for women knows that fitness clothing has to meet high standards. It must be hard-wearing, abrasion-resistant and easy to care for. If you want to look good while doing this, it's worth taking a look at current fashion trends.

It depends on the material

what to wear in the gym breathable colorful clothing made of polyester

Sports bra, panties, tops, trousers, socks and sports shoes should be tailored to personal fitness training. Those who do weight training place completely different demands on their clothes than those who want to lose weight with zumba or aerobics.

When we move, the energy turnover increases, which creates heat. However, because this can only be converted into output to about 20%, the remaining 80% is given off as sweat. If this evaporates, the body cools down again. Breathable fitness clothing ensures that sweat does not build up. Instead, it is efficiently directed outside. Cotton clothing is therefore less suitable for sweaty sports. Tops and pants made of polyester are better. The material ensures that the moisture is quickly transported outside. Another positive effect: polyester fibers are less friction-intensive and reduce chafing during sports.

Do’s and don’s for buying sportswear

which gym gym shoes are good

In order to look good during training and to support your body actively, some tips should be heeded when buying fitness clothing. In the same way, there are things that you should avoid with a gym outfit.

1. And which shoes to wear in the gym? When buying shoes, always make sure that the shoes are the right size. There may be minimal differences depending on the manufacturer and model, but they can quickly cause blisters or overload during sport. To prevent injuries, the shoes must be non-slip and stable. Well ventilated shoes also ensure a good foot feeling during training.

gym what to wear woman doing weight training sports bra racerback tank top leggings and sneakers

2. An absolute must for women: a perfectly fitting sports bra. This must not rub and should always be tailored to the respective sport.

3. Pay attention to the material composition before buying. Cotton should be avoided if possible. Clothing made of polyester, bamboo, polyamide or other breathable fabrics is better.

Put a light, breathable jacket or long-sleeved blouse in your sports bag

4. A light, breathable jacket should be packed in the sports bag at all times of the year. Since the air conditioning in gyms usually runs around the clock, you can catch a cold very quickly.

5. Colorful clothing in motivating colors is fun to exercise. Better to keep your hands off black and gray clothes. Black training gear quickly gives you the label of a gray mouse. With gray sportswear, sweat stains are particularly visible.

6. Before you decide on sports shoes or the new sports outfit, you can also browse through the numerous test reports on test websites and sports blogs. Because you can often read personal experiences there, from customers who have already tried these sports products. From running shoe tests to leggings tests or even GPS sports watches and bicycles, you can find almost everything there and follow the appropriate recommendations.

Colorful sportswear in motivating colors is fun to exercise

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