Wear gloves as virus protection: whether it makes sense & how you can make them yourself from plastic bags

In times of the pandemic, many are desperately looking for the best possible protection against infection. Purchased and homemade protective masks are just one of the variants. However, some people also use disposable gloves to protect themselves from possible direct contact with the corona virus. However, in the long run it can be expensive to buy new protective gloves again and again. In this article, we would like to tell you whether it really works if you wear gloves and how you can make such gloves yourself.

Wear gloves to protect against corona – does that work?

Wear gloves and do it yourself - bring it something and DIY instructions

Again and again it is advised to wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. This is the only way to really remove germs on your hands and to minimize the risk of infection. However, many want to protect themselves by wearing disposable gloves. But does that bring something?

Respirators against the corona virus can now be seen every day. But experts recently clarified that they don't really protect a healthy person from infection. However, it is effective when you are infected because you avoid transmitting the virus further. Is it similar with the gloves? The answer is “yes”, because in principle you only give your hands a second, artificial skin. Since an infection via the skin is not possible with Covid-19, such a protective barrier is pointless. The purpose that protective gloves serve is as follows:

When to put on gloves for protection?

Wearing gloves for protection only works if you treat a sick person

They are intended to protect a healthy person (e.g. a medic) from a potentially infectious person. Immediately after the treatment, the gloves are removed so that they do not touch the skin and then disposed of immediately. And that's the problem if you wear gloves every day: they are not disposed of enough and the risk of infection is even increased.

You feel wrongly protected and wash your hands less often. At the same time, the protective gloves are not changed often enough. The result is that even more germs collect. At some point you forget that you shouldn't touch your face and this quickly transfers the germs that would not have been there if you washed your hands regularly.

Disinfect gloves or not?

Disposable gloves are useful for paramedics and doctors

Another incorrect procedure is to disinfect and reuse the protective gloves that have already been used to save money. You should use the gloves once and then dispose of them, as the name “disposable glove” already suggests. Keep in mind that you are unnecessarily producing additional garbage that you could have avoided by simply washing your hands.

Wear homemade gloves

It is useful to wear gloves as protection against coronavirus

During the epidemic, people increasingly suffer from anxiety. If you feel safer and better with a protective mask and gloves, you can use them, but with caution: you should only wear the gloves if absolutely necessary. Also remove them as soon as possible and don't touch your face until then. Once you have disposed of the protective gloves, wash your hands thoroughly, following the 20-second rule.

So that you don't have to spend a lot of money unnecessarily, we will show you how you can make gloves yourself from plastic bags.

Wear gloves and make your own from plastic bags

Make protective gloves yourself from plastic bags - simple instructions for manufacturing

Plastic bags are great for making protective gloves at home. All you have to do is put the bag with two layers on top of each other and trace the outline of your hand on it with an edding. Then use scissors to cut out the outline of the hand, slightly larger than what was drawn.

Transfer the hand outline to the plastic bag and cut out for self-made protective gloves

Now place the two layers of plastic hands on a fireproof surface and heat the edges with a flat iron (not too long so that the foil doesn't melt). When heated, the plastic melts slightly and the two layers fuse together.
Tip: These instructions work even faster and easier if you do not use scissors to cut the outline of the hand, but instead use a branding flask or a heated knife. It is best to use wood as a base.

Instructions with branding flask

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrMeG3vTOog)

With iron and stencil

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMv6KtfzN5w)

With heated wood

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5Na1L8IvM4)

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