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Welches Obst has the Lowest Calories Water melon kcal 100 g

Prepared as a child, we learned that Obst is healthy. It is naturally loaded and packed with valuable vitamins, minerals, ballast substances and antioxidants. For this reason, it should be a solid component of a healthy and balanced diet. But which Obst has the fewest calories and which ones lose the most? Which are the best fruits to take and have the lowest fruit sugar? All that and many more information about the health effects of fruit as well as a few elaborate fruit calorie tables can be found right in our article!

Top Calories - The best fruits to take away

Cherry Calories 100 grams Welches Obst had the most calories

According to the German Nutrition Society, you should take 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day, while dividing them into 2 portions of fruit and 3 portions of vegetables. According to several studies, a single portion of the fruit is likely to reduce the risk of heart disease by 7%. In general, fruit is considered low in calories and very rich in ballast. But not all fruits are the same - some varieties contain fewer calories than others. Which Obst Has the Lowest Calories? In the following, we have compiled for you an elaborate list of the most low-calorie fruits that you must enjoy at any time without any odors.

Low calorie fruit Acerola cherry which is the best fruit to take away

  • Acerola cherries have 20 calories per 100 grams and land on the first place in our list. They are characterized by a light, acidic taste and full of valuable ingredients. A handful of delicious cherries cover your daily needs with vitamin C.
  • Erdbeeren have only 32 calories per 100 grams and is another very low calorie fruit. And extremely healthy are those sweet, rotten fruits too - they take care of your diet with iron, zinc, potassium and calcium.
  • Grab it quietly Cantaloupe Melone, had this delicious fruit per 100 grams of 34 calories and is very rich in vitamin A.
  • If you are low in calories on the fruit, the watermelon may not be missing. This delicious refreshment consists of over 90% of water and only has 38 calories per 100 grams.
  • With yogurt or quark for breakfast or just as a delicious snack - Himbeere tastes incredibly good and is very rich in many valuable antioxidants.

Multiple calories have apple kh poor fruit kcal apple

  • Please grapefruits because of their special taste not particularly beloved, they undoubtedly belong to the healthy fruits. Besides, they are with us only 38 calories per 100 grams very good for your figure.
  • 100 grams of Heidelbeers bring it straight up 36 calories and contain many antioxidants that protect the cardiovascular system.
  • The exotic Papaya is a very delicious, low-calorie fruit and still only 36 calories per 100 grams they had to worry about your diet. When ripe, she has a very sweet and juicy taste and unripe she tastes bitter and herb. Papaya is also extremely rich in papain - an enzyme that accelerates fat burning and helps in the digestion of egg white.
  • Pfirsiche contain a lot of vitamins A and C, iron, potassium and zinc and are low 41 calories per 100 grams the perfect healthy snack alternative in summer.
  • The apricots are very healthy fruits and only offer 47 calories per 100 grams. By the way, they are very rich in Pro Vitamin A, which is positive for your eyesight.

Low Calorie Obst - So look like 100 calories in a single serving of fruit!

red grape calorie table which fruits in diet blueberries kcal

Wassermelone350 grams
Strawberry300 grams
Cantaloupe Melone270 grams
Pfirsich250 grams
brombeere230 grams
Pineapple225 grams
Pflaum215 grams
Orange195 grams
Himbeere190 grams
Apfel185 grams
Blaubeeren175 grams
Birne170 grams
kiwi165 grams
Kirsche140 grams
Traube140 grams
Banane120 grams

Which Obst has the least carbohydrate?

Kirschen kcal 100 grams Sind berries Low carb fruit calorie table Strawberries

For a healthy and balanced diet, besides the fruits are calories and other factors of major importance. The sweet taste of the fruit comes from the sugar content and the many fruit sugars that contain some varieties are surprisingly high. On a low carb diet, all carbohydrate-rich foods are dispensed with. However, if you eat the right fruit in the right quantities, you can still benefit from the many health benefits that our fruit offers. Read on and find out which diet has the least carbohydrate per 100 grams.

  • 100 grams of watermelon contain only vitamins A and C, potassium and magnesium only 7.66 grams of net carbohydrate.
  • Erdbeeren have only yet 5.68 Grams of net carbohydrate.
  • brombeere get it 4.31 grams net carbohydrates.
  • Himbeere sind mit 5.44 grams also an excellent choice for Kh poor orchard.
  • Also, if they are very sweet and juicy, have Pfiric acid only 8.04 Net carbohydrate. Combined with cottage cheese they are the perfect low carb snack for the summer.
  • Mandarinen heard in winter just go there and with just yet 8 grams of carbohydrates you must enjoy them without any odors.
  • kiwi is not just a fruit with few calories, but also a very good vitamin K source. It also contains many minerals such as calcium, potassium and zinc 8 grams of net carbohydrate.

And what Obst has many carbohydrates?

Low-calorie fruit table Healthy fruit fruits with low carbohydrate rates

In fact, it provides many healthy fruits that have a very high carbohydrate content and are not suitable for a low carb diet. All types of obesity that have more than 20 grams of carbohydrate in one serving are absolutely taboo.

  • One medium-sized banana had 27 grams of carbohydrate and is suitable for anyone who is eating low carb.
  • Just like most citrus fruits, unfortunately they are also delicious carbohydrates full of carbohydrates. Ein Mango has about 28 grams of carbohydrates, can cover up to 80% of your daily dose of vitamin C and vitamin A at the same time.
  • Please Pineapple very low calorie (50 calories per 100 grams), does not mean that low carb is suitable. The delicious fruit landed with me 22 grams of carbohydrates on place 3 in our list.
  • Surprise has one medium apple 25 grams of carbohydrate.
  • Dried fruits have a low water content as a fresh fruit and for this reason a very large amount of carbohydrates is left. The values ​​lie in normal case at about 70 grams of carbohydrate on 100 grams of dry matter.

Which fruit has the least fruit sugar?

Fresh pineapple kcal 100 grams of low carb diet fruits to remove

Doubtless all fresh fruits are healthy and delicious. However, if the most fruit is low in calories, the sugar content is usually much higher than you think. It is scientifically proven that the contained fructose is in no way healthier than the original household sugar. If you want to narrow down your sugar consumption a little, you should be very careful when choosing the types of sugars you consume. In the following, you will find the varieties with low, medium and high sugar content.

  • Lemons have only 100 grams of sugar and 30 calories per 100 grams. Also, if you do not own snacks, they do well in various salad dressings and smoothies. In addition, they cover half your daily needs with vitamin C and the acid they contain, are antibacterial and help with digestive problems.
  • Watermelons contain 6 grams of sugar on 100 grams of fruit and when it was mentioned rich in vitamin C and A, it was very good for your skin and hair.
  • Guave is a little known citrus fruit, which surprisingly belongs to the berries fruits. It is very rich in Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium and Potassium. And with me still 6.7 grams of sugar it is also figurative.
  • With 37 calories and 7 grams of sugar count those Kaktusfeigen the healthiest and most low-calorie fruit at all. Since they are not maturing, they should always prepare ready-to-use ripe fruits when buying.

Sugar content in the fruit varieties - detailed table

Top calorie table healthy fruits for taking

papaya2.4 grams
brombeere4.8 grams
Himbeere 4.9 grams
Erdbeeren4.9 grams
Wassermelone6 grams
Grapefruit7 grams
Kirschen8 grams
nectarine8 grams
Pfirsiche8 grams
Orange8.3 grams
kiwi9 grams
Aprikosen9 grams
Birne10 grams
Pineapple10 grams
Pflaum10 grams
Mandarine10 grams
Apfel 10.5 grams
Maracuja11.2 grams
Honigmelone12.5 grams
mangos12.5 grams
Litschi15 grams
Weintrauben16 grams
Granatapfel16.2 grams
Bananen17.5 grams

When should you eat the best fruit?

Low-calorie fruit fruit with the least fruit sugar

Whether in the morning, noon or evening - breakfast is generally healthy at any time of day. However, we can benefit from all the benefits it offers for our health, we have to follow some rules.

  • So, if the fruits can support the detoxification of your bodies and the healthier nutrients are better absorbed, you should Always consume only on sober stomach. Weven if you want to get a delicious ham salad after dinner, your fructose is released in the stomach and starts to like the rest of the stomach content. The whole can lead to major problems in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • For sensitive stomach and heartburn you should prefer to dispense with all acidic fruits like apple or pineapple in the evenings.
  • Enjoy the best time until noon - Sometimes the orchard in the evening could not be properly digested and remains lying in the large intestine, could again lead to sleep problems and to a leaflet. Or if you sometimes have the appetite, you prefer to go to the low-income places, and if possible - make a short walk.

Bear fruit calories and health effects

which Obst has the least Carbohydrate Calorie Table Strawberries Blaubeeren kcal

Whether raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, etc. - these small fruits are very healthy and rich in many vitamins and nutrients. In addition, they support the immune system and, according to new studies, reduce the heart attack risk by up to 60%. Below you will find more information on the health effects of small power fruits.

  • Whole calories have strawberries, we have mentioned. With only 34 kcal per 100 grams, they are very low in calories and yet they contain more vitamin C than those lemons. In addition, they have a very high content of potassium, calcium, iron and folic acid and help with anemia or various bowel complaints.
  • The raspberries Calories 100 grams lie at 33. The small fruits are rich in many B group vitamins, iron and phosphorus, which are good for your metabolism and blood. Yet they still contain anthocyanins - active substances, which according to recent cancer research.
  • Blaubeeren, or also known as Heidelbeers, regenerate the intestine and support blood formation. In addition, they strengthen the eyes and the gerberas that they contain help with breakthrough.

Blueberry kcal 100 grams calorie table berries and poor fruit varieties

  • The blackberries have 43 calories per 100 grams and because of their high levels of calcium, potassium and magnesium they are very good for our muscles and bones. They are also very rich in vitamins C, A and E and contain many iron, potassium, calcium, carotene, magnesium as well as fruit acid and pectin. These super fruits are anti-inflammatory, promote blood formation and help with fever.
  • Johannisbeeren is at 36 calories per 100 grams also very low-calorie and simultaneously healthy fruits. Since the nuclei are very rich in gamma linolenic acids, they are very good for your skin and can help in many cases in the fight against neurodermitis. In addition, they contain plenty of vitamin C, iron, potassium and calcium. Through their high ballast content you contribute to the lowering of cholesterol and help with digestive problems.
  • Cranberries usually it is in dried form. If they are to benefit from all the health benefits they offer, they should best decorate them fresh. Fresh Cranberries are not only very healthy, but also low in calories - you only have 100 calories in just 45 calories. By having high levels of antioxidants and secondary plant substances, they are anti-inflammatory and protect against many diseases.

How many calories do bananas have and how good are they for health?

kcal banana fruit calories table fruit sugar indicate fruits for eating healthy

Bananas are extremely tasty and a very popular snack on the go for anyone looking for a healthy diet. The calories of a banana are about 110 and the carbohydrates lie at about 30.

  • The exotic fruit contains many essential nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron, which are very important for the body's regeneration after a fitness workout. For this reason, all athletes swear by the health effects of bananas.
  • In addition, bananas offer many benefits for heart health and digestion.
  • The Power fruits also contain tryptophan - a protein that is converted from the body into serotonin. This again increases the mood and provides relaxation and combats depression of major significance.
  • The iron, which contains the bananas that governs the production of hemoglobin, was able to help with anemia.

Top Calories - Which Calories Have Apples and Healthy Effects?

Top calorie apple to take away healthy fruits calorie list

"An apple in the day keeps the physician away" - most of you probably know the old saying. A medium apple of about 180 grams has 95 calories and about 25 grams of carbohydrates. The apple is for good reason the most fermented fruit in Germany - it contains over 30 important minerals and trace elements, including many iron and potassium. Since most flavonoids, polyphenols, ballast substances and vitamins are in the bowl, you should always eat apple peeled. But apple is not the same apple - depending on the variety, the composition of the ingredients varies. Which are the healthiest apple varieties and belong to you as well? We are betraying you right away!

  • Since the older apple varieties are less processed in comparison to the new breeds, they are much healthier. Examples include: Boskoop, Cox Orange, Berlepsch, Goldparmäne, Ingrid Marie and Idared.
  • Granny Smith is one of the most popular apple varieties and is a true connoisseur. You green, sour apples are so rich in Vitamin C that 100 grams of apple has the same effect as 400 mg of pure Vitamin C from the pharmacy. In addition, they contain plenty of magnesium and potassium, which is good for the nerves.

Low Calorie Fruits Apple kcal 100 grams which is the best apple variety

  • Elstar Äpfel drawing through a juicy and sweet taste. They contain many antioxidants and bioactive enzymes, which protect against joint inflammation and promote the formation of immune cells.
  • Braueburn is super juicy and very rich in chlorogenic acid - a plant substance that successfully abolishes the bacteria that cause caries.
  • Boskoop apple contain lots of pectin and make sure that cholesterol and fats are excreted more easily. This makes them the perfect apple variety in Abnehmen.

Orange - health effect and calories orange

Orange kcal 100 g citrus fruits in low carb diet low calorie Eastern varieties

Oranges originally originated in China as well, and they worked out to prepare your two-name apple orchard, which was translated "apple of china". Fruity, delicious and full of healthy ingredients - not to mention they are the most widely grown citrus fruit in the world. A medium-sized orange of about 200 grams consists of 87% of water, has only 85 calories and 11.8 grams of carbohydrates.

  • Vitamin C cannot be formed from our bodies by itself and therefore we have to take over the food. With 2-3 oranges you can completely cover your daily needs and the vitamin.
  • Oranges are rich in iron, phosphorus, folic acid and many B-group vitamins, which strengthen the immune system and work against antioxidants.
  • The magnesium content of the delicious citrus fruits is also not underestimated and the mineral is special for the density of the bone of great significance.
  • Since the oranges contain a lot of potassium, your digestion can lower a high blood pressure.

Calories in watermelons and health benefits

Top with low sugar watermelon calories 100 grams of fruits in diet

Especially in the hot summer days, watermelons are a very popular snack. But besides a good taste, our delicious fruit also offers numerous benefits for the health.

  • The watermelon consists of 92% of water and is therefore the perfect thirst quencher in the summer. 32 - So many calories are fresh watermelon at 100 grams and it makes them one of the best fruits to absorb.
  • They contain large amounts of Vitamin C, A and B6, which are good for your skin, hair and eyes.
  • Through the high content of ballast substances the digestion is regulated.
  • In addition to the vitamins and many valuable nutrients, the delicious watermelon with a very high content in carotenoids punctuates and protects against many diseases, such as asthma, arthritis and arteriosclerosis.
  • The deep red color owes the watermelon to the Lycopin - an oxidant that lowers the risk of a cancerous disease and strengthens its anti-inflammatory immune system.

Top calories in the various melon varieties - honey melon nutrients

Water melon kcal 100 grams welches Obst has the most calories

Alongside the watermelon, the honey melon is also a delicious and refreshing snack for the summer. If you are looking for a delicious fruit to take away, then you are best advised with the honey melon. 100 grams of davon only have 55 calories and 12 grams of carbohydrates. It is not only low in calories, but also extremely healthy and contains large amounts of vitamins C, B1 and B2. However, the most important vitamin is Provitamin A, which is converted to Vitamin A in the body and is of great importance to the eyes and the cell growth. Besides, the honey melon is very rich in various minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium.

Cantaloupe Melone Calories

Top Calories Which Obstacles in Low Carb Diet Melon Types Nutrition

Cantaloupe is the sweetest variety of melons, which it gives at all and with only 34 calories per 100 grams it is also a very low calorie fruit. One more interesting fact is that the smaller the melon, the more nutrients and vitamins you drink. It contains large amounts of Vitamin C and B, which strengthen the immune system and provide for healthy hair growth. Prepare 100 grams of Cantaloupe Melone more than the recommended daily requirement for Vitamin A.

Galia Melons Nutrients and Benefits for Health

Honey melon kcal 100 g low calorie low carb fruit table

The Galia Melone is a hybrid type of honey melon and cantaloupe and is restored in Israel. It is rich in Vitamin C and A, contains many bioflavonoids and contains large amounts of pectin. Moreover, the delicious fruit contains many minerals, such as iron, potassium, calcium and sodium. They take care of a healthy heart and are good for the metabolic processes in the muscles.

Who fell calories have Weintrauben?

Red grape kcal 500 g Welch fruit has the least fruit sugar Low carb fruit varieties

Despite the high sugar content, the grains only have 67 calories per 100 grams. So if you only count on the calories, they are the perfect healthy snack on the go.

  • In addition, they contain many phenols and flavonoids - they are all about plant substances that capture the free radicals in the body and in this way significantly reduce the risk of cancer and successfully prevent any arteriosclerosis.
  • They are a very important source of Vitamin C, A and K and supply important minerals such as Copper, Iron, Potassium and Magnesium.
  • The occasional distortion of small, delicious fruits regulates metabolism and regulates the acid-base household.
  • The red grape calories and those of the green wine grains hardly distinguish themselves. However, the red grape contains much more Resveratrol - a very strong plant substance, many investigations into subsequent heart disease, inflammation and even fight tumors.

Calorie table fruit per 100 g

Orange kcal 100 g which fruits have the least carbohydrate calorie list

Apple calories52
Pineapple Calories55
Apricot Calories43
Birne Calories55
Banana Calories88
Blueberry calories35
Blackberry Calories43
Cranberries Calories, fresh46
Strawberry calories32
Feige calories107
Grapefruit Calories50
Pomegranate calories74
Honey Melon Calories54
Raspberry Calories36
Kiwi Calories51
Cherish calories50
Mandarin Calories50
Mango Calories62
Maracuja Calories97
Nectarine Calories56
Papaya Calories32
Inflate calories47
Poor calories41
Rhubarb calories21
Watermelon calories30
red wine grains calories71
green grape calories69
Lemon Calories29

Green grape calories are the best fruits for the decrease calorie table

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