Tips on how to stay positive in corona times + 20 encouraging sayings

With all the tragic things that happen in the world as a result of the corona virus, it now seems to be an unusual time to talk about optimism and positives. However, staying positive is essential for successfully coping with a crisis. Given the findings of psychological research that positive emotions help us reduce the negative effects of stress, now is the time to create little moments of happiness in our day. Here are a few practical tips on how to promote positive emotions. Also check out our encouraging sayings and share your favorite quotes with your friends, relatives, etc.

Enjoy the little moments

Stay positive sayings start every day with a positive thought

Even during the Corona curfew, you still have many little moments to enjoy: the smell of coffee, the feeling of a warm shower on your back and so on. If you pause to enjoy them instead of just seeing them as routine, you give your brain a chance to process the feeling of pleasure and thus increase the production of serotonin – the feel-good hormone that stimulates your mood lifts and calms you down.

Strengthen your relationships

enjoy the little moments saying promote cuddly hormone

For those of us who are in family curfew, there is now an opportunity to spend time with our loved ones. Take the time to hug your children or partner, to look them in the eye, to have long conversations with them. All of these gestures promote closeness and also release oxytocin – the cuddly hormone that strengthens bonds and also has a calming effect on your body. When the oxytocin level is increased, cortisol, the stress hormone, drops.

Seek the good in others

Optimism saying stay positive attract good people

These types of crises can produce both the worst and the best in human nature. Let the good news cheer you up. Philanthropists donate money to scientists to find a cure. Doctors and medical staff work overtime to help sick patients. People post positive messages on social media. Friends from all over the world shake hands with each other. When we focus our inner attention on these positive and pro-social aspects of the crisis, we are united in hope.

If you focus on these three positive sides of corona times, you may be able to change your mindset and stay positive.

think positive say positive things in your life

If we take responsibility for our mental health and capture the little moments, it will also help us to go further into the unknown. The effects of positive emotions on the psyche and body have been well researched and documented. Indeed, positive emotions are an important resource for us during the coronavirus crisis because they can do a number of things, for example:

– increase your resilience: If we experience positive emotions after a stressful event, we can get back on our feet faster and have a faster “cardiovascular recovery time”. Our heart rate drops and our blood pressure stabilizes faster if we stay positive.

Courage make encouraging words

Boost your immune system: A study that deliberately infected people with the influenza virus and rhinovirus found that people with more positive emotions were more able to ward off the symptoms. In this study, people who had little positive emotions developed a respiratory disease 2.9 times more often.

encouraging sayings believe learn to be thankful

– think more clearly: The way we feel affects our thinking. Positive emotions promote our problem-solving skills, judgment, decision-making, cognitive flexibility, and creativity. If you stay positive, you and your children will be better able to solve all the little problems we are currently facing.

hope is due to corona crisis

Sunshine follows every storm. This is your chance to strengthen your optimism and take responsibility for your mental health so that you emerge stronger from this crisis.

stay positive never give up

Think positive in times of crisis

to be grateful in English

patience saying stay positive in the end everything will be fine

think positive say good days will come

think positive say the good in people believe

more laugh less worry say more love less hate

let go of your negative thoughts positive life

Encouraging sayings optimist and pessimist

leave room for positive thoughts

challenges in life saying hope

make the world better saying optimistic

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