Think positive and overcome Corona fear: This way you can encourage yourself and others and give you strength!

In these hectic corona times we get bad news every day. The number of new cases is increasing nationwide, the healthcare system is overwhelmed and an economic crisis is also just around the corner. In all of our uncertainty, it is difficult for us to overcome the corona fear. Now it is important that we think positively and stick together as a society. We give you 9 tips on how to encourage yourself and others and give you strength. Because even in an exceptional situation there are always stories that give us hope. Hope the crisis is over. A return to normalcy may be possible again soon!

Think positive and overcome Corona fear: The flood of news can overwhelm us

Corona fear in the media overcome tips

Radio and television programs, newspapers and digital media: Most of us can no longer cope with the corona of information. There is also a problem: the so-called fake news, which is distributed via social networks. They continue to cause confusion and can cause panic attacks. The first step in overcoming the Corona fear is to try to objectively perceive the news. So choose two – three reliable news sources. Such are, for example, the state government, the Robert Koch Institute or renowned news agencies. Try to devote half an hour a day to the news to keep up to date. Find out about the security measures already taken and adhere to them. However, take a critical look at the situation. Because even if it is currently difficult for us to adhere to the new rules, they are necessary.

Think positive and overcome Corona fear: a look back in time encourages

Corona fear overcome curfew tips and home quarantine

The corona virus has really presented the country with a major challenge. But we have survived other crises. Natural disasters, the economic crisis in 2008 and terrorist attacks: We have seen bad things. Many of us also struggle with illnesses and we are still feeling better. The chances are good that we will soon have the Corona crisis behind us. Now it is important that we think positively and stick together as a society.

Think positive: Funny videos help to reduce everyday stress

Corona Fear Overcome Tips for Couples and Young Families

Sometimes we find it difficult to reduce everyday stress in corona times. This is where YouTube comes to help. Sometimes it’s enough just to watch a funny video. According to psychologists, videos with animals are particularly well received. They prove to be a helpful means of coping with the stress and offer distraction from the situation. But streaming platforms also offer a wide selection of films that will improve your mood or encourage you, at least for a short time. And in any case, there is a wide range available for bookworms.

Think positive: good neighborhood

Corona overcome fear and stay positive for older people

In many communities, the corona virus welds the neighborhood together. So even if you don't belong to the risk group, you can help older people in the area. Call the neighbors regularly to check that everything is OK. Offer them to shop for them. There is a curfew in many federal states especially for high-risk patients, i.e. people over 80 years and chronically ill. Many of them have no family nearby and can only rely on their neighbors.

Think positive: Support the local economy

Coronavirus economy support local restaurants

As the corona virus spreads, the local economy is under enormous pressure. Even if it is currently not possible to visit a restaurant or shop in the shopping center, you can still buy a gift card. You can also surprise your friends or family with it. When the Corona crisis is finally over, you can celebrate with your loved ones.

Think positive: send gifts to grandparents

Easter gifts for grandparents tinker in Coronavirus times

Maybe now is not the time to visit the grandparents. But you can still surprise them with homemade things. Make an Easter gift with the children and send it by post. Grandma and Grandpa will definitely be looking forward to the nice surprise, because they certainly feel lonely and isolated. You can also send funny greeting cards or pictures with inspired sayings to friends and other family members. Now is the right time to get back in touch with old friends or to plan a future meeting after the end of the corona crisis.

Think positive and overcome Corona fear: Use your free time sensibly

Do exercises at home for coronavirus

Each of us now has a lot more free time than three months ago. Make good use of the time available by learning something new. Or you can start a spring cleaning, spice up old furniture or create a new training plan. Now is the right time to eat healthy and cook delicious dishes with the whole family.

Think positive and overcome Corona fear: start the day motivated

think positive create a list to motivate against Corona fear

Try to start the day motivated. Plan what you want to achieve that day. For example: playing sports at home, eating healthy, learning something new, tidying up the closet. Try to list the tasks as specifically as possible. Then in the evening you can compare what you have done and what is still to come. By the way, you can still create a list. Write on a piece of paper what you are thankful for. Read the list before going to bed.

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