The magical dirt eraser in the home: application and tips

Cleaning with conventional cleaning agents is not always successful. But with a dirt eraser, still called a magic sponge, even stubborn dirt can be easily erased without chemical additives. It is the ideal solution for a whole ton of problems in the household. Read here for what and how you can use the magic sponge!

Dirt eraser principle and ingredients

Dirt eraser Meister Proper for household use

The dirt eraser is made of melamine resin – a chemical compound with a high nitrogen content – which is widely used for the production of adhesives, plastics, whiteboards, worktops and dishes.

The open-pore melamine sponge works like an extremely fine sandpaper and has tiny air pockets where the dirt collects. So that the active ingredient can develop its abrasive properties, you first have to moisten the sponge and then simply rub it over the soiled area. No additional cleaning agents are required, which is also good for the environment. Simply wash out after use and allow to air dry.

The melamine particles and dirt rub off during use. Just like a conventional eraser, the sponge is getting smaller and smaller. In order to clean smaller areas, it therefore makes sense to cut the dirt eraser into smaller cubes.

Instructions for use

Dirt eraser is made of melamine resin and has an abrasive effect

Dirt shutters are a real miracle cure – if you use them carefully and skillfully! Note that the melamine sponge should first be tested on a small and inconspicuous area for any type of dirt. Only then is further use recommended. The more robust the surface, the more the dirt eraser is an option. Shiny, painted surfaces should not be treated with it.

Dirt eraser wet or dry

The use of the dirt eraser works best for impurities that have only a thin surface. Excessive rubbing can damage surfaces and materials. Be especially careful with very sensitive, shiny or matt plastic, stainless steel or lacquered surfaces, since the melamine particles can leave ugly scratches. The sponge must also not be used dry and in combination with solvent-based cleaning agents.

So you can use the dirt eraser

Use dirt eraser on painted wall

For walls – The eraser is the secret weapon against dirty children’s fingers, traces of pens and crayons on walls. Fingerprints around the light switch also disappear in no time. Just make sure that excessive rubbing can damage wallpaper or rub off wall paint.

For floors – You can get black rubber marks from shoes on the parquet, laminate or tiles without leaving any residue. However, the sponge is not suitable for linoleum floors.

Magic sponge household eraser on leather chair

Dirt eraser on leather – Leather bags discolored by jeans? White leather couch turned gray from everyday dirt? The magic sponge also works flawlessly on leather car seats.

Dirt eraser for shoes – The use of the protective eraser is also worthwhile for dirty rubber soles. White shoes in particular are like new!

Dirt eraser on leather shoe soles and textiles

Stains on textiles – Regardless of whether it is ketchup or oil, if you dab the stain with a damp eraser (do not rub), it should be completely gone after washing.

Remove deposits – One way to remove unwanted deposits from styling products on flat irons and curling irons is to use a dirt eraser. The method works with irons.

Remove dirt eraser on ceramic adhesive residue

Remove stickers and adhesive residues – Dirt erasers can be used to remove adhesive residues on ceramics and plastics very well, especially from the terrible price stickers.

Keyboards, laptops, remote controls – Greasy spots on the trackpad of the laptop and dirty keys are no problem for the magic sponge. To slightly moisten it, you can use a spray bottle. Before cleaning, switch off the laptop or PC and it is best to remove the battery.

The dirt eraser is an all-rounder in the kitchen

Dirt eraser in the kitchen on ceramic hob and glass

For a clean ceramic hob – Even stubborn fat crusts and burned-on foods can be removed from the ceramic hob very easily. Just be careful not to rub too hard so you don’t scratch the surface.

To clean the oven – With the magic sponge you can also remove stains from the oven window.

Some housewives also recommend the use of melamine sponges Kitchen fronts. However, you should be careful. If you erase in one place for a long time, you will attack the surface.

Dirt eraser against branding on glass oven pane

Using a dirt eraser in the bathroom makes everyone radiantly clean!

Dirt eraser magic sponge on glass shower cubicle bath tub and for joints

Clean the shower curtain – Does your shower curtain have mold, yellow discolouration and brown edges? These can be removed from the vinyl in a few minutes using the magic sponge.

Shower cubicle and bathtub clean – Dirt erasers also work effectively against soap residue and limescale deposits on shower doors. They will also serve you well when cleaning the bathtub and sink. Do not treat chrome-plated fittings.

For joints – Dirty tile joints in the bathroom and kitchen make the whole room look dingy. With the dirt eraser you get yellow joints white again!

Magic sponge against urine stone in the toilet

Against urine stone in the toilet – The internet is full of failures where people just let the sponges swim into the toilet bowl. It doesn’t work that way – you still have to scrub! Speaking of the toilet: You can also use the magic sponge to get toilet glasses tarnished yellow and the toilet lid back white. Just scrub the yellow spots clean.

You can’t use the magic sponge for this!

Do not use the melamine magic sponge on stainless steel

Not suitable for stainless steel, high-gloss fronts and lacquered wood

Don’t be fooled by the soft texture of the foam. As soon as it gets wet, it has the abrasiveness of a 3000 grit sandpaper. For this reason, the household eraser is not suitable for cleaning stainless steel and chrome, as it will remove the high-gloss layer. Also, do not use it to remove burnt-on fat and food residue from non-stick pots and pans. So you will damage their surface. It also does nothing to clean painted wood paneling and wooden dining tables.

Magic sponge in the car but do not apply to car paint

Do not apply to car paint

Although the magic sponge can be useful for removing dirt from the cup holder, dashboard, and leather seats of your car, don’t use it to get dried-out spots of bird droppings from the sheet. The dirt eraser will remove the car paint and leave dull spots.

Clean red wine and coffee stains on kitchen countertop

Do not use on stone countertops

Melamine sponges are abrasive. Avoid using it on sensitive worktops such as marble and granite. Not only can they damage the binder, they can also scratch the worktop and make it look dull.

Do not use on the skin

Do not use the melamine magic sponge on the skin to remove self-tanners

Last year, the British daily The Sun reported that several women had burned their skin due to using melamine sponges to remove their self-tanner. Then they used Twitter to warn others and report their skin problems after using the dirt eraser. In this sense, it would make sense to wear cleaning gloves when using the household eraser.

Do not use melamine sponge on skin to avoid skin problems

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