The hoodie is an all-rounder! Do you design the comfortable and stylish piece of clothing again?

The hoodie (hoodie in English) is an all-rounder and is loved by Jedermann. Yet again, came up with the glorious idea to design such a comfortable and stylish piece of clothing? Even so, it fits for every occasion, is caring and urgent! Simply overstate and already the outfit is complete! - Easy! Only few pieces of clothing can do this.

Hoodie hoodie for ladies with belly pocket colorful and fashionable

Meanwhile, expensive designer hoodies are already seeing supermodels in the world. For the normal looks, there are today's variants available in many outlet stores, especially for designer fashion. The hoodie is popular with both genders and can be wiped out of no closet. Yet this seemingly garment has a long story…

Where did the hoodie come from? - A simple piece of fabric with a complex story

Hoodie Hoodie Pulls Out of the Cut - Standard Uniform for Order Brothers in the Monasteries of Christian Faith

Where the hoodie is considered a neumodic designer piece, functional and beloved, a fashion-basic in the various colors and sizes of the world. Even if the hoodie was rescued from such a miraculous crisis in the morning, so it came from a time when the general population had a lesser idea of ​​style security everyday: The beloved hoodie is an invention of the Middle Ages: in this seeming Jersey or cotton fabrics manifest a 1500-year human history. It originates in the variant of the search. "Cut" as the standard uniform for brethren in the Christian faith. Knowing the movie "The Name of the Rose", you are likely to have a clear picture of the original hoodie for the eyes: long hooded robes, brown wands with cords around the hips, serve in the monastery's own walls for protection from air and cold. The gulf was the testimony and symbol of the humility of God, when the simple nature of the cut belonged to the everyday culture of the monastery. The sow. Kukulle was prepared in Roman times known as Cuculla. The hoodie, as you know it, made of gray cotton with a cord in the hood and pouch in the belly, was invented in 1930 by the "Knickerbocker Knitting Company". Today, this company is known by the name Champion.

From the hoodie to the hoodie: Where did the hooded sweater say its names?

Hoodie story wizard in a dress with hood

The hoodie developed not only in its optics, but also in its features. Cold protection will be redeemed from the life insurance available. The hood fulfilled the need to hide the sight. The legend still made a special group of people with the over-the-hood hoods: Robin Hood and his followers. On his raids, he was not recognized as a hunter or bird-lover. Protect the hood half their identity. The name of the all-round piece is therefore also derived from the English "hood" for hoods. Fun Fact: The Outlaw of Sherwood Forest Robin Hood sits together from an English word game. Hoodies (Robin) and Hoods (Hood) should be named for the most famous hoodie carrier of the modern and self-proclaimed justice fighter. If you believe any other theory, Robin Hood is just a gathering ground for lawless people. If you love this delusional style or dream of sitting on the sought-after Altair from "Assassins Creed" over the roofs of the city, then you will fall in love with the styles of Demobaza: With these hooded cuts you can stand the bird-free in case styling nothing else.

Labor, Labor - was they here today? The hoodie as a universal solution

Hoodie History The American company Champion is considered the inventor of today's well-known designs

At the beginning of the 1930s, the hoodie would only serve as a self-protection for desperate attempts to find a practical and suitable piece of clothing for the next working day. The American company Champion is considered the inventor of today's well-known designs. Designed to be a functional hood for athletes who had to protect themselves during training breaks before cooling off. Therefore, the practical piece of clothing for workers, who in a colder environment, such as e.g. Cooling houses had to work. Especially for the African-American society layer, the warm and far-flung sweater was ideal: sports and, unfortunately, drug trafficking seemed to be in America for Black's long time, the only way of social ascent - the hoodie was very practical for both. Out of marginalization, the expression of coolness becomes.

The Nerds Dress Code: The Hoodie as the Algorithm of Efficiency

Hoodie hoodie for man with beanie and glasses

The hoodie appeared to be one of the most populous and practically unpopular groups in the world, one that could be seen: The Nerds. Of course, these were the Internet icons and founders of no Ghetto Kids, except for most highly intelligent elite students. But as a developer and tutor, Nerds think of their practice and generally do not appear to be much in fashion. In the upcoming digital Zeitalter, the "Masters of Universe" Kapuzenpullover: Die Stars der Digitalmoderne, who e.g. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Larry Page (Google), Kevin Systrom (Instagram), Dick Costolo (Twitter), built with innovative codes and serious billion-dollar dress codes. Perfect for the hoodie fit the beanie too. Easy and simple in design, this cap seeks to preserve a clear head for cognitive high performance even in cold days.

It's going to be hot: From the refrigerator on the runway!

Hoodie History Hoodie Pullover from Street-Style Cannot Get Away

Beginning in the 1970s New York originated the phenomenon of gangster romance. The hoodie became the expression of belonging and was no longer in any street style. Famous rapper like Kayne West or 50 Cent is still wearing the mark today. The garment, which was reserved even before the American working class, became fashionable must-haves and soon found itself again on the lawn of the top designer. Since then, however, the casual hoodie has arrived, where you were expected to: In your home wardrobe.

Here says Eure Hoodies! - The sweater for the gentleman

Hoodie as an all-round fashionable piece of clothing for women

This story has proven it: Hoodies are a must-have! Whether top designer parts or casual homewear, without the comfy hoodie sweater you never get out. If you are not allowed to spend high fashion trash or brands like Moschino, Lagerfeld or Superdry, you can do tricks and secure high-quality designer merchandise in the outlet store. At the Outlets Online Shop, it prepares a wide selection of men's hoodies e.g. by Superdry as well as Ladies Hoodies in Sale for any occasion and of course for wind and weather. Were you perhaps not yet aware: Hoodies are, though shoes, rudders and feel fast alone in the closet. On the hunt for further trophies and bargains, you can relish your favorite piece of cabinets on newcomers.

Combines her hoodie in white with gray jeans and white sneaker


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