That is why long artificial nails are harmful and can increase the risk of coronavirus infections!

Especially now in times of coronavirus, we should regularly and thoroughly disinfect and wash our hands to protect ourselves from possible infection. However, you've probably never thought so far that your fingernails can pose a risk of infection and you should keep them clean as well. According to the latter information from health experts, nail polish and long artificial nails are harmful and significantly increase the risk of contracting the coronavirus. In our article, we will tell you why this is the case and which measures you can take against it!

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Beautifully filed and polished and with elaborate decorations – artificial fingernails undoubtedly complete our look and outfit completely. Unfortunately, the longer these are, the greater the likelihood that numerous bacteria and pathogens will remain hidden underneath. Even if you wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, not all germs are successfully removed. So maybe now would be the best time to give our manicure a short break and keep our nails as short as possible.

Why are long artificial nails harmful?

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It is not for nothing that the Robert Koch Institute recommends that people who work in the health service, hospitals and nursing homes do without artificial fingernails or nail polish. There have been several cases worldwide where artificial nails have led to wound infections after surgery or in people with weakened immune systems. One of the main reasons for this is that the longer the nail polish stays on the nails, the higher the germ density. In addition, the condition of natural fingernails under artificial nails or nail polish is difficult to assess. This, in turn, can cause fungi or other infections to spread. Experts have issued a warning last week that the risk of infection with coronavirus is significantly higher in women with long artificial nails.

Coronavirus infection risk from long artificial fingernails

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In an interview for the Daily Mail, Dr. Elisabeth Dancey, a British beauty and aesthetics expert at Bijoux Medispa in Belgravia, that fungi and bacteria can be easily accommodated under the fingernails. By touching your face, other people or objects afterwards, this bacterium is then transferred to them. “Long nails, nail polish or artificial nail extensions are absolutely taboo in many professions such as a nurse, doctor, cook, supervisor or physiotherapist.” – She told the newspaper. Germs such as bacteria, fungi and viruses (including the coronavirus) can spread under the nail space and be easily transferred to anything you touch. All doctors are required to brush thoroughly under the nails with a brush and soap or disinfectant solution before putting on gloves.

What is the optimal length?

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After this warning comes the question of how short the nails should be to reduce the risk of coronavirus? According to the general practitioner and former orthopedist Dr. Chike Emeagi and the director of the “Hampstead Aesthetics Clinic” is the ideal length just above the nail tissue. If you can’t directly touch the palm of the other hand with your fingertips without the nails being too far apart, then your artificial nails are harmful and should be shortened at best. However, if you are not ready to do this, you should thoroughly clean and scrub the area under the nail with a small nail brush and white soapy water.

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The news that long artificial nails increase the risk of coronavirus infection comes from a woman after a viral post on Facebook. The woman said about her conversation with a nurse in Australia who told her that while people value washing their hands, they don't really think about their nails and neglect their hygiene. “Among all the instructions for proper hand washing and the funny 20 second song suggestions, I have never seen anyone who has noticed that it is impossible to wash your hands properly and thoroughly if your fingernails are too long.” – wrote the woman on Facebook.

Chewing fingernails also increases the risk of getting infected with coronavirus

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In addition to washing your hands regularly, we should also try not to touch our face too often. Therefore, not only artificial nails are harmful, but fingernail chewing is also associated with a higher risk of infection. Purvi Parikh, a specialist in allergies and infectious diseases at the “Langone Medical Center” at New York University, pointed out in an interview that all types of dirt, viruses and bacteria can accumulate and spread under the nails. By biting off the skin loses its protective function and the pathogens then get directly into the mouth. However, according to health experts, this is the easiest way to get infected with the corona virus or other infection.

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