Tattoo Trends 2020: These styles, motifs and designs are totally hip!

Whether in terms of fashion, shoes or hair – every year brings with it a whole range of new trends that will undoubtedly affect our style and look. And of course the same applies to trends in the tattoo world. Apart from the price, the right body part and the right tattoo artist, the motive must also be carefully considered – after all, it will accompany us throughout our life. The Tattoo Trends 2020 could be described as particularly versatile and rich in contrast. From subtle and filigree designs to colorful motifs to the well-known tribal tattoos – there is certainly something for every taste! Looking for an idea for your next tattoo? Read on to find out what's going on this year.

abstract tattoo abstract tattoos trend 2020 micro tattoos for women forearms trend 2020 micro tattoos for women forearms

Choosing the right motif for a tattoo often becomes a real challenge. The most important thing is of course that it corresponds to your personality and you like it visually. And while such an important decision shouldn't be influenced by the latest trends, it doesn't hurt to take a look at what's in demand.

Tattoo Trends 2020: Realistic Trash Polka Tattoos

Trash Polka tattoo motif origin sleeve tattoos for men

Trash polka tattoos are a relatively new trend, but they are always very popular. The style was created by the two German tattoo artists and musicians Simone Pfaff and Volker Merschky from the tattoo studio “Buena Vista Tattoo Club” in Würzburg. The tattoos are based on different styles from painting and look incredibly realistic – hence the name. It is a unique combination of lettering, symbols, pictures and elements inspired by nature. But as “colorful” and large the selection of motifs for the Trash Polka tattoos is, the more reserved the style is in relation to the colors. The tattoos are only kept in black and red and other colors are very rarely used.

Effective abstract tattoos adorn our skin in 2020

geometric abstract tattoos forearm women tattoo trends 2020

Have you recently discovered your creative and artistic side or do you want a unique tattoo that has a hidden meaning that only you know? Then abstract tattoos might be the right thing for you. The nicest thing about this style is that there are absolutely no limits to your imagination and creativity – no other tattoo trend offers such great freedom in terms of design and motif. Whether simple doodles in unusual shapes or designs inspired by artists like Pablo Picasso – abstract tattoos create their own rules and everything is allowed!

Minimalist tattoos are still trendy in 2020

Ear tattoo pain tattoo care micro tattoos women

More and more people are trying to live according to the principle “less is more”. In addition to many areas of our lives, minimalism has been one of the most popular tattoo trends for some years. Simple shapes, restrained designs, individual words and symbols – minimalist tattoos are very popular and will be in great demand this year as well. If you thought the style was rather boring, then you were completely wrong. There are thousands of options to choose from – be it flowers, stars, animals or even skull tattoos. However, the classic simplicity of the motifs makes it the perfect option for anyone just entering the world of tattoos.

Fine lines with a big impact – linework tattoos

Linework tattoo design tattoo upper arm small

Clean and elegant – linework tattoos also follow the minimalist principle and are becoming increasingly popular. In this style, the tattoos are only engraved with fine lines and no colors are used. But don't be fooled by the simplicity – a simple outline can look just as bold and effective as a large, colorful design. Linework tattoos are characterized by an indispensable clarity of the lines and an excellent harmony between shapes and the whole picture. From minimalist and simple designs to the most complex and realistic masterpieces – the choice of motifs is literally endless. More and more people have recently opted for “linear” portrait photos instead of realistic ones.

Glitch tattoos are the trend of the year

Glitch tattoo trend small tattoos for women forearm

Glitch tattoos are a fairly new and rather unknown tattoo trend, but it is increasingly in demand. Translated from English, “glitch” means breakdown or minor defect and that is how the unusual tattoos look. In this style, the motifs are transformed into real works of art through a deliberate graphic error. Glitch tattoos reflect imperfection and are a symbol that not everything in our life is perfect, but often incorrect. But it is precisely this distortion of the design that makes it so lively, fresh and unique. If you have chosen a glitch tattoo, you should definitely choose a good tattoo artist who has experience in this area.

Sketch tattoos

Sketch tattoo trend ideas black-gray tattoo design

Sketch tattoos, or in German said – sketch tattoos, look somehow bizarre and unfinished. The unique sketched design reminds us of preliminary drawings by a painter that have not yet been fully worked out. The tattoos are mostly engraved entirely in black, but still offer a lot of scope in terms of design. But even if they look so simple and simple, we recommend that you choose a tattoo artist with a lot of talent, professional competence and of course – imagination.

A trend only for the very brave – blackwork tattoos

Blackwork Tattoo Trends 2020 sleeve tattoo design for women

So far this tattoo style has only been very popular among men, but next year it will be one of the most popular tattoo trends 2020 for women. In blackwork, or in Germany also known as blackout tattoos, certain parts of the body or larger areas are completely covered in black. This leads to a very strong contrast that attracts attention. So if you are brave enough and want a striking tattoo design, this style is perfect for you!

And why not a couple of different tattoo styles combine?

Tattoo mixed styles ideas forearm tattoo woman

Dotwork or linework tattoo? Do you think you should choose a specific style for your next tattoo? Then we have good news for you – more and more tattoo artists have recently combined a few different styles to create truly unique and breathtaking tricks. Given the large number of styles and techniques, we are not surprised that crossovers and style mixing are also among the most popular tattoo trends in 2020.

Tattoo Trends 2020: These are the most popular parts of the body

Hand tattoo pain tattoo care flower tattoo women

In addition to the motifs, designs and techniques, there are also tattoo trends regarding the body parts. For many years, visible tattoos were taboo in most professions. However, since this has changed and you no longer have to hide them, we are surprised that the demand for visible tattoos is increasing. Small and delicate hand tattoos have proven to be particularly popular among women. However, this part of the body is considered extremely painful and so that the motif does not fade quickly, special care is also necessary.

Filigree ear tattoos

Ear tattoo women micro tattoos ideas flowers tattoo motif meaning

Whether you just run out of space on your body or are just looking for a small yet unique design, ear tattoos are always the perfect option. Tattoos in the auricle or Felix tattoos are particularly popular. Delicate and feminine motifs such as flowers or stars are particularly suitable for this part of the body.

What are the motifs in 2020?

Space tattoos meaning forearm tattoo for women ideas

After we have explained the latest tattoo trends in terms of techniques and body parts, we will tell you in the following which motifs will decorate our skin most often. The mostly filigree and geometrically engraved space tattoos look incredibly mysterious and fascinating. Whether star constellations, planets or the Milky Way – the possibilities are endless and range from super small to large-scale masterpieces.

Protection symbols and tarot cards tattoos

Tarot Cards Meaning Latest Tattoo Trends 2020 Women

2020 will be the year of tattoos with spiritual motifs. Either for esoteric or religious reasons – more and more people are getting a variety of protective symbols. Tarot cards have been the most popular way of interpreting life and divination for centuries and provide very original and beautiful tattoos.

Female silhouettes as self love tattoos

Self love tattoos ideas last tattoo trends 2020

Would you like a small tattoo to show the world what you love and what you believe in? Self-love tattoos underline our femininity and are the perfect way to do it. Minimalistic, feminine silhouettes are particularly popular and incredibly beautiful – sometimes alone or sometimes paired with blooming flowers.

Tribals and Maori tattoos are back

Maori Tattoos Meaning Tattoo Trends 2020

Timeless and an impressive eye-catcher – Maori tattoos were very popular a few years ago and are making a big comeback in 2020! They have a very special meaning, are a symbol of strength and strength and are firmly anchored in New Zealand's history and culture. Another trend that has long been considered frowned upon and cheesy is coming back – tribal tattoos.

More ideas and inspiration for your next tattoo

abstract tattoos ideas forearm tattoo motif for women

Abstract tattoos are often inspired by artists such as Picasso or Gothic surrealists HR Giger.

abstract tattoos picasso tattoo design shoulder tattoo women

The contrasts in blackout tattoos are fascinating and catch the eye

Blackwork tattoo ideas tattoo forearm women small

By combining different tattoo styles, the motif looks even fresher and more lively

Flower tattoo forearm women tattoo trends

Roses and other floral elements are wonderful for a hand tattoo for women

Hand tattoo for women rose flower tattoo meaning

Linework tattoos look simple, elegant and very feminine

Linework tattoo trends abstract tattoos for women small

Mysterious and full of meaning – tarot card tattoos

Upper arm tattoos women latest tattoo trends 2020

Unique sketch tattoos cause a sensation

Compass Tattoo Meaning Sketch Tattoos Ideas Unteram

Female silhouettes make the perfect forearm tattoo for women

Self-love tattoo motif woman with flowers as head tattoo trends

Tribal tattoos – a trend that is only for the very brave.

Tattoo Trends 2020 Tribal Tattoo Meaning Tattoo Motifs Men

Striking blackwork tattoos are also becoming increasingly popular among women

Tribal tattoos trend women tattoo shoulder tattoo

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