Store cigars – tips for optimal storage of exquisite tobacco products

For real connoisseurs, a high-quality cigar is a real treat. Proper storage plays a crucial role in maintaining the characteristic taste of the tobacco product as long as possible. However, there are some aspects to consider, because high-quality cigars are sensitive to the room conditions. In a heated or air-conditioned room, a cigar can dry out quickly and quickly lose its typical properties and quality characteristics. In this post we explain how you can avoid this.

Store cigars and keep them fresh

correct storage with appropriate temperatures and humidity store cigars

If you buy from a reputable dealer, you will get a high quality tobacco product. Pipes from Huber, for example, are kept in optimal conditions. To keep such products fresh yourself, you should maintain the climate in which they were manufactured. This is not always an easy or straightforward process, but consistency can be key.

Store cigars correctly: this is how you create ideal conditions

use of tobacco plant for quality tobacco products such as cigars

Fluctuations in humidity or temperature can affect the ability of your cigars to burn properly and taste good. 70% humidity and 22 degrees Celsius are the optimal conditions for storing cigars. Most cigars are stored at a humidity of 65-72% and a temperature of 18-22 degrees Celsius, which is still fine. Cigars that are too damp or too soft tend to burn off crookedly. Ideally, your cigars should give way a little with light pressure between your fingers. Also keep in mind that not all varieties are the same. Some mixes are rolled closer or tighter than others.

Store cigars and use humidor

Store humid cigars in wooden box and moisten for longer storage

Cigar humidifiers serve a very simple purpose. They maintain a stable level of moisture and temperature so that the rolled tobacco maintains the integrity of the taste and consistency. A humidor is essentially a wooden box with a lid or door that seals and locks enough moisture inside to keep your cigars moist. The moisture is supplied by a reservoir. Most humidors are made of cedar wood because this material best preserves the taste of the cigars. In some ways, cigars are like wine. They get better with age and can even reach a culinary climax over time.

Ziplock bag and damp sponge

Sponge and ziplock bags store home remedies and alternative methods

If you only want to store one or a few cigars, all you need is a conventional ziplock bag and a damp sponge. Just take a large freezer bag and put the sticks in it. Then add a new, slightly dampened sponge and close the bag tightly. The sponge will keep the cigars fresh for weeks. For safety reasons, check from time to time whether the sponge is still damp.

Glass or plastic container as a storage box

plastic containers in different colors for storing fresh products

For additional protection against drying out, a container or a glass can form a very good temporary humidor. This can be particularly effective if you want to store multiple cigars. You can still use a wet sponge to maintain the humidity. In this case, however, you should use distilled water for it. This will prevent mold from forming and also ensure that the cigars are not exposed to chemicals that are found in normal tap water and could affect their taste.

Additional tips

keep a few cuban cigars with an ashtray in a wooden case with a leather case

Regardless of the method you choose, there are a few additional points to keep in mind. Most premium cigars are packed in wooden boxes, some of which can be very elaborate and decorative. However, most of them do not act as humidors. Although some cigar boxes are aesthetically pleasing, they don’t always have a seal. As a result, moisture can easily escape. A cigar box wrapped in an outer layer of cellophane helps keep your cigars fresh and protected for a short time. However, you shouldn’t rely on it to keep your cigars moist for longer than a few days. So now you know more about the storage of cigars and can enjoy the full taste of the high-quality rolled tobacco in the long term.

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