Staying Mental Fit: Useful tips against camp freaks in corona times

The corona virus is spreading more and more in Germany. The government is trying to slow this spread to ease the burden on the health system. Strict rules now apply in many federal states. Whether a complete curfew, a domestic quarantine or simply exit restrictions: the population is asked to stay at home. Psychologists warn that social isolation could have an impact on our mental health. In addition, many people are concerned not only about their health, but also about their jobs. We give you useful tips on how to stay mentally fit in the stressful corona times and explain how you can protect yourself from the so-called corona storage bug. So you can survive the crisis in your own four walls and stay not only physically but also mentally healthy!

Stay mentally fit: a daily routine helps

stay mentally active organize tips for home office

Many people feel lost when they don't have a daily routine. If you stay at home, you should definitely create a clear daily structure. Set a fixed working time in advance if you have to work at home or a fixed school time for the children. It helps if you transform a room in the apartment or house into a home office or school room and set it up appropriately. The bedroom or the living room is less suitable, a play room or a niche in the hallway is more suitable. In the case of a home office, you should also make sure that the daily tasks are distributed similarly to those in the office. That means working during working hours and recovering after work. Even in the evening, a routine helps you stay mentally fit. This includes, for example, preparing dinner together, providing time for hobbies, etc.

Stay mentally active: Exercises keep body and soul fit

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Movement benefits not only the body, but also the soul. If you have your own garden, you should stay outside as often as possible. Otherwise, the balcony can also become a garden oasis, where you can do yoga exercises, for example, and even in your own four walls you can exercise. Allow at least half an hour in the morning and evening for this. Depending on the room conditions and your own preferences, you can create your own training program. Start with warm-up exercises, then continue with blood circulation improvement exercises and end the workout with breathing exercises. Exercise and sport help to reduce daily stress.

Stay mentally fit: Maintain social contacts with friends and family on a daily basis

stay mentally fit make calls with the family

Singles have a particularly difficult time in the Corona period. If we keep our social contacts to a minimum and only go out for the bare essentials, most people living alone feel lonely. Strangely, browsing through the Instagram pictures of the Freundeskreis doesn't help much. The experts advise maintaining social contacts with friends and family over the phone. Because they can give you a hold and stand by with advice and action to eliminate everyday problems.

Stay mentally fit: time for new hobbies

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You should continue to be productive even in the corona times. For the first few days, most people tend to watch the favorite show all day long. But after a week at the latest, you no longer feel like it. It is then much more sensible to dispel boredom with a new hobby. Crafts, painting, knitting and sewing arouse creativity and promote imagination.

Stay mentally fit: keep the apartment in order

stay mentally fit keep apartment in order

Right now, when we stay in our own four walls much longer, we should clean up our home regularly. If there is chaos in the apartment, it is also more difficult for us to structure everyday life. If you have enough free time, you can also tidy up the wardrobe, the basement or the roof. Now is the right time to seal the old wooden table with varnish or finally put the new wall sticker on the wall.

Stay mentally fit: find time for yourself

Remain mentally fit Tips against Corona Lagerkaller

In families with small children in particular, it is difficult for parents to find time for themselves. But it is important to create a retreat. In this way, family disputes can be avoided and children can learn to take their parents' privacy into account. Young couples often find it difficult to find a balance in everyday life. But it is very important that each partner has time for himself. Shared leisure activities and hobbies can strengthen the relationship. This includes not only television, but also games, crossword puzzles or cooking together.

Stay mentally fit: don't panic!

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Home quarantine or curfew can trigger anxiety. But right now it's important to stay calm. This is not an easy task, because everyone is talking about the corona virus. On the one hand, you should inform yourself about the situation in order to behave accordingly. On the other hand, you should try to assess the situation sensibly. A trick helps: plan half an hour a day and check the reliability of the information sources. The official website of your state government, as well as most news channels, are considered reliable. However, since fake news is constantly appearing on the Internet and on social media, you should learn to take a critical look at and sort out the information.

Stay mentally fit: seek help if necessary

stay mentally fit during domestic quranantane and exit restrictions

It is not always easy to stay mentally fit. If you are not feeling well, you can seek help. There is now a care line in every state where you can look for psychotherapeutic help. Get advice if you feel lonely, tense, or scared. And even if it currently looks like the coronavirus is ruling the world: it will soon be well again and it is only a matter of time before the doctors find a drug.

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