Socal distancing made easy: Despite keeping your distance, fun with family and friends

In many federal states, measures to slow down the Covid 19 infection rate have now been relaxed. Nevertheless, it is still important to keep your distance from others. Be especially careful when we have family members or friends who belong to the corona risk groups. There is no need for barbecuing with the parents, a visit to the grandparents and the planned vacation with the best friend who is an asthma sufferer. And people in long-distance relationships also have a difficult time organizing visits and staying in touch with their loved ones. Social distancing does not mean that we should completely forego fun and partying with our family and friends. Here are 5 ideas on how to maintain relationships with friends and family while keeping your distance.

Social Distancing: Organize Café Date at home

Organize Cafe Date at home keeping social distance

Compliance with the distance and hygiene rules is now more important than ever. And although most cafes have now reopened, not everyone can or will not go there. Not only the people who are most at risk refuse to visit a restaurant or café. Even singles who organized a first date there before the Corona times must now reshape their lives with regard to the contact restrictions. The same applies to those who work in the so-called risk occupational fields such as Services are active.

Talk about family life with your grandparents via Skype

No matter what the reason for you and your family or friends, social distancing is still a hot topic: You don’t have to do without meeting in the virtual café. Just meet up with everyone, then spoil yourself with a cup of fragrant coffee and then enjoy a good time together via video call. Because especially in corona times it is often an expression of love that you do not meet as regularly as before.

Social Distancing and Party: Dancing until early in the morning in your own lounge room

Keep social distance and party in the garden or in front of the computer

No Saturday evening was complete when you danced with your friends until early in the morning? Even in corona times, there is no need to celebrate. The events in closed and not well ventilated rooms are unfortunately still considered risky. But that doesn’t mean you can’t party with your closest friends. You can invite a part of the circle of friends and talk to the others via Face Time, Skype or Zoom. Decorate the terrace or balcony appropriately and transform the outdoor area into a true lounge room. All guests should of course dress appropriately. So nothing stands in the way of social evenings with friends!

Social Distancing: Digital board games ensure family fun

Play digital board games with family and friends

Even if the children grew up and moved out, they still need their parents. The siblings often lose contact when one moves to another city. The great distance and hectic everyday life mean that we only see some family members at Christmas, family celebrations and birthdays. The corona times now offer the opportunity to contact all family members and have fun together. Digital board games are the perfect solution. There is a large selection of board games so that every family can choose the right one. The majority of them can also be played on a smartphone or tablet. It is a clever idea to spend more time with loved ones, which will surely continue to be fun even after the corona times.

Organize an online reading club for grandparents or school children

Organize an online reading club for family and friends

Do you have friends with children or grandparents? Organize an online reading club for different age groups. Especially in summer there are many opportunities to sink deeply into a new book. Of course, it is twice as fun when you can exchange ideas with your family. The little ones are guaranteed to look forward to a creative workshop. It is also a good idea to buy stamps and make a special booklet. All the books read can be listed there and stamped. Those who are most active can also win prizes. For this purpose you can organize an award ceremony via Skype.

Social Distancing: Organize an online fitness course for family and friends

Do online fitness exercises in corona times

Of course, going to the gym is twice as fun. Everyone knows each other anyway, can exchange ideas or simply pull themselves in after the hard working day and train what they can do. And even if there are many alternatives to the gym in summer, there is something missing when jogging in the park. That is why more and more friends who used to train together opt for an online fitness course. There, independent fitness trainers show suitable exercises that everyone can do at home without fitness equipment.

Organize online fitness classes with friends

Yoga classes have also become very popular. It’s a great way to stay fit and keep exercising with friends. So you never lose contact and can go back to the gym together after corona times. Those who opt for this variant also have the advantage of personal advice. This is important because you could easily injure yourself at home. Experienced and trained trainers know the strengths and weaknesses of the participants and know which exercises are suitable and which – not.

Social distance and dating: what does the future look like for singles?

Mastering Corona Virus Life as a Single Challenge

The corona virus poses great challenges for all of us. It is all about our mental health. Singles have a particularly difficult time because they were completely alone during the contact block and had no one to rely on. Add to that the fact that most singles are waiting impatiently for summer. Summer is the season of love. But what does the future look like for you now? The dating apps now offer many options for online dates. And although some people find this too impersonal, it’s actually a good start. Before the corona era, apps like Tinder were criticized. It would be too easy to get in touch. Too impersonal. The result is that people quickly meet up with Tinder and Co., meet and then separate again after a few dates. In the meantime, however, the app manufacturers have recognized the new trends. And if you are patient and willing to compromise, you can build a relationship online step by step during the Corona crisis, get to know your partner better and thus ensure that love really lasts even after the Coroan times.

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