Sleeping with socks: unhealthy or good for thermoregulation of the body?

Some find it absolutely “no-go”, for others it has long been part of the sleep rituals: There is always controversy when it comes to “sleeping with socks”. For scientists, socks in bed have both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, the right socks on your feet can help you fall asleep, relieve hot flashes in menopausal women and relieve symptoms of Raynaud's syndrome. On the other hand, there are health risks such as infections or overheating. People who sleep with their socks suffer from foot odor more often. It is therefore all the more important that you sleep with the right socks. They should be made of breathable wool and have an optimal fit.

Sleep with socks: the advantages at a glance

Sleep with socks healthy or not tips

If you're wondering “Is it unhealthy to sleep with socks?” The answer is “No” as long as the socks are right. Even the other way around, who sleeps with socks can benefit from some advantages.

In the first place, the socks can stimulate blood circulation in the feet. This causes the body temperature to drop. The lower body temperature gives the brain a signal that it is time to fall asleep. Better blood circulation in the feet also ensures that the muscles, lungs and heart are supplied with oxygen.

Socks also support the body's thermoregulation process, which enables heat exchange between the body and the environment. In this way we can adapt better to the climatic conditions, for example when we go to bed in the warm bedroom on cold days.

Sleeping with socks is healthy or not

People who sleep with socks are less at risk from Raynaud's syndrome. This is a particularly intense reaction of the blood vessels of the toes and fingers to the cold. People suffering from the syndrome therefore often experience narrowing of the arteries, particularly in the winter months, which can cause pain. The affected parts of the body feel numb and are very pale. As a preventive measure, patients are usually recommended to keep their hands and feet warm at all times. That's why those affected often wear socks in bed.

Menopausal women should not ask themselves whether they sleep with socks or not. It is recommended for them to wear socks in bed. Because they often suffer from hot flashes that prevent them from falling asleep. The reason for the stressful side effects of menopause are changes in the hormone level. They prevent the body from regulating its heat. The complaint occurs very suddenly and can lead to problems with concentration during the day and sleep disorders in the evening. However, since the socks on the feet lower the body temperature, they encourage you to fall asleep quickly and can therefore be particularly helpful during menopause.

Why not sleep with socks: The disadvantages at a glance

Is it bad to sleep with socks?

But can sleeping with socks be unhealthy? The answer is yes if you follow a few basic rules. Socks on the feet can promote blood circulation, but they can also worsen them. This is especially true if the socks are too tight and not breathable. In this case, sleeping with socks is bad. The scientists recommend wearing socks larger than usual in bed.

Furthermore, there is a lot to be said against sleeping with the socks that were worn all day long. Otherwise there is a risk that the dirty and tight socks will irritate or even ignite the sensitive skin on the feet. Change your socks and wear a freshly washed couple in bed.

While it is true that the right socks can help regulate body temperature. In some cases, overheating occurs. For example, if the socks are not made of a breathable material. Especially for toddlers and babies, it is also recommended to buy models without rubbers and seams.

With socks in bed: which materials are suitable?

Why shouldn't you sleep with socks

If you want to sleep with socks, then you should attach importance to the material of the qualitative production. Depending on the season, cashmere, merino or cotton are ideal.

1. Kashmir feels very soft. This is because the cashmere yarn is significantly thinner than that of the merino and cotton. The high quality Kashmir socks are woven with a large number of threads. The dense fabric is guaranteed to keep your feet warm on cold winter evenings. At the same time, it is breathable.

2. Merino wool also very effectively protects the feet from the cold. It can absorb moisture and then release it back into the air. This allows the skin to breathe and even if the feet sweat, there are no unpleasant smells. The socks made of merino wool nestle optimally on the feet and ensure a healthy and pleasant foot climate on cold autumn and spring days.

Socks sleep unhealthily or are good for us

3. Cotton socks are perfect for the cool summer evenings. They are also an alternative for all vegans because, unlike cashmere and merino wool, they are made from plants. At the same time, they are in no way inferior to cashmere and merino wool when it comes to comfort.

4. If you will sleep with socks, then the bed socks are ideal. They are specially made for sleeping and are particularly comfortable to wear in bed. As a rule, most models are thicker than ordinary socks and are made from a mix of merino cashmere and cotton. It is very important to change the bed socks every day and put on clean ones every day.

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