Setting up Spanish bathrooms: 50 ideas for bathroom design with Mediterranean glamor

Terracotta tiles, bathroom fittings with a vintage look and bathroom cabinets in colonial style: Spanish bathrooms bring Mediterranean glamor into your own four walls. The country's furnishing style in the heart of southern Europe is eclectic and is characterized by many influences of different architectural styles. The focus of the design concept is on the relationship to nature that is typical of the Mediterranean. We explain what the most important furnishing principles are, what you have to pay attention to when planning the room and how you can bring Spanish flair to the bathroom.

Spanish bathrooms: Eclectic aesthetics in earth tones

Decorate a Moroccan Spanish-style bathroom with wood accents and vintage mirrors and a free-standing bathtub

Generously cut, practical, stylishly furnished and designed in natural nuances: the bathroom in the Spanish style has a lot to offer. Perhaps that's why Spanish bathrooms are more popular now than ever. They bring a romantic touch from other eras, combine style with functionality and ensure sensual aesthetics through the use of fine materials. But what is the charm of the Mediterranean baths? It depends on the successful mix of materials and styles. When the Spanish colonists conquered large parts of North and South America in the 16th and 17th centuries, the immigrants left many deep traces in the colonies. The colonial states also had a great influence on Spanish architecture. This is reflected in the interior design of the haciendas.

Decorate your bathroom in a Spanish colonial style with a Moroccan touch

So it is not uncommon nowadays that the bathrooms in Spain effectively combine the magnificent Moroccan look with the puristic Mediterranean design principles. The neutral color palette grounds the furnishings and lets the Spanish bath in cream, camel, sand color, as well as numerous brown and terracotta shades shine and create visual calm. Accents in copper color optically refine the color ensemble and detailed wooden elements and decorations complete the opulent living picture.

The Spanish bathroom: the interior design

modern bathroom in Spanish style create ideas

The classic Spanish bathroom is spacious and optically divided into several areas, between which there is no direct connection at first glance. At the entrance there is one or two washbasins, the shower zone is usually right next to it, which is housed in a niche specially built for this purpose. In the middle of the bathroom is the large free-standing bathtub, which ensures the ultimate spa experience and transforms the bathroom into an oasis of wellbeing. The Spanish bathroom is a light-flooded room, windows are an absolute must for the Spanish interior design. Lead glass windows set accents and at the same time offer privacy protection.

  • The ceiling has either a gable roof shape, sloping roof or a slightly curved shape.
  • The bathroom wall is divided into two: the lower half is tiled, the upper half is cleaned. There is another variant: All walls are cleaned, only the shower zone is clad in mosaic or patchwork tiles.
  • The floor is laid with terracotta tiles. Multi-colored patterned tiles with Mediterranean motifs spice up the furnishings.

Spanish-style bathroom: an overview of the design elements

Spanish bathrooms set up ideas for bathroom cabinets with wood carving and free-standing bathtubs and kilim and mosaic tiles and Moroccan mirrors

There are five design elements that set the tone in the Spanish bathroom. In the first place, these are the tiles that give the room character and bring out important details of the interior design. Furthermore, the bathroom cabinets, which are richly decorated with wooden decorations, are an important part of the furnishings of the typical Spanish bathroom. In third place are the bathroom fittings with an old look, which score with an appealing copper or brass look. Then comes the lighting, which is very specific in the Spanish bathroom. In the last place are decorative elements such as mirrors, statues, carpets and vases, which complete the design effectively.

Furnish Spanish-style bathrooms: the color palette

Bathroom with plaster walls and free-standing bathtub in the Spanish style

The Spanish bathroom shines in light and warm colors such as yellow, ocher, brown red, orange and sand. A coat of yellow creates a cozy atmosphere that is typical of the Spanish-style bathrooms. In contrast to other Mediterranean facilities, the wooden furniture is dark. In addition to local classics such as cherry, beech and core beech, and walnut, exotic materials such as sheesham, rosewood or mahogany are also used. Not only the bathroom cabinets, but also the window frames are made from it.

Spanish bathroom: the tiles

Modern Spanish-style bathroom with mosaic tiles and colorful sinks

Tiles are not just tiles. In the Spanish bathroom, a lot of emphasis is placed not only on the appearance, but above all on the high quality. Ceramic mosaic in dark blue, orange or green and mosaic pictures give the room an exotic touch. The ceramic mosaic is used everywhere: as an accent wall behind the shower or as a border around the sink. The highly stylized patterns are inspired by nature. Flowers and plants bring charm to the bathroom from past eras.

Spanish bathroom with teraccotta tiles on the floor and dark solid wood bathroom cabinets and white vanity

Thanks to their warm color and pleasant feel (they are warm to the feet), terracotta tiles are a real Mediterranean classic. Many assume that the popular floor tiles come from Italy. But that's actually not true, because many of the types of clay used to manufacture terracotta tiles come from Spain. The charm of the tiles is undisputed, but whoever decides to do so should expect an average high price as ceramic tiles and more complex maintenance. If the tiles are sealed with a special wax coating, they are suitable for use in wet areas. However, there is a risk that stains will form over time that can only be removed with difficulty. That is why they are only used in the dry area in the bathroom.

Bathroom in modern Spanish style with natural stone on the floor and free-standing bathtub

Natural stone tiles are ideal for wet areas, for example in the shower cubicle or around the bathtub. They are much easier to care for than terracotta, durable, waterproof and simply look great both as flooring and as wall covering in a Mediterranean bathroom. The popular natural stone tiles are available in different sizes and shapes so that everyone can find the right one. In any case, they are an inexpensive alternative, especially for the spacious Spanish bathroom.

Setting up Spanish bathrooms: the bathroom cabinets and bathroom fittings

Spanish-style bathroom with reclaimed wood cabinets and teracotta tiles and brass sinks and taps

The vintage bathroom cabinets are typical of the Spanish bathroom. They have a worn look, are richly decorated with wood carving and have old-style handles. Much of the furniture in the classic Spanish bathroom is either inherited or found and restored at the flea market. The look is completed by metal washbasins, which are embedded in the washbasin made of natural stone, and bathroom fittings with cross handles in the trendy antique style.

Spanish-style bathroom: hand-painted sinks and other decorations

Spanish bathroom with plaster walls and hand-painted wash basins

In the Spanish bathroom, valuable decorations that are handmade are mainly used. Hand-painted sinks are typical of Mexican baths, but over time they have also gained popularity in Europe. They are the perfect variant for everyone who wants to bring an exotic touch to the bathroom, but still doesn't want to do without the functional, puristic bathroom design. Even mirrors with an elaborate metal frame can compliment the mid-century look of the bathroom. If you reach for a mirror with antique refined play glass, you also spread a touch of romance in the bathroom. And it doesn't necessarily have to be one of a kind, because luckily, numerous shabby chic online shops have mirrors with an antique look.

Setting up a Spanish bathroom: the lighting

Spanish-style bathroom with gold tiles and LED candles and a free-standing bathtub

Antique chandeliers with LED candles above the bathtub and metal wall lantern around the wall mirror scatter soft light and create a romantic atmosphere and relaxed ambience in the Spanish bathroom. When buying the LED lamps, you should make sure that they are not too strong. The light in the Spanish bathroom is dim and compliments the design so effectively. You can also set accents with lanterns.

Interpret the Spanish bathroom in a modern way

Spanish style bathroom with mosaic tiles on the wall

It doesn't necessarily have to be expensive one-offs made of sensitive materials: With a little creativity, you can imitate the Spanish “look” with modern materials. We give you tips that can help you with the task:
1. Choose base cabinets made of dark wood and combine them with a bright washbasin made of natural stone. Wenge and white marble, for example, go particularly well together. Or you can choose Jura Yellow Marble and combine it with alder, linden or pine wood.

2. You can either paint the bathroom in a popular color or lay it with plain tiles. Set accents by decorating the area around the mirror with ceramic mosaic, patterned or patchwork tiles. So you will save money and at the same time create a real eye-catcher in the Spanish style.

3. Combine antique bathroom fittings with an antique-look mirror. You can also opt for a modern mirror with a simple frame if it has the same color as the bathroom fittings. For example, metallic nuances such as copper or old gold look super chic.

Design a modern Spanish bathroom with a sunken sink and wooden vanity

4. Choose a round metal or natural stone sink in the vanity to complete the Spanish-style look. With the right lighting, you can better emphasize the bathroom design. Lamps made of metal and frosted glass, as well as almost all industrial-style lights, will cut a fine figure in modern Spanish bathrooms. Two-lamp wall lights in brass with champagne-colored glass are particularly attractive. If you want to hang a chandelier over the bathtub, it has to match the lighting and furnishing concept.

Modern Spanish style bathroom with terraccotta tiles

5. The typical Spanish bathroom is very spacious. Of course everyone would want a 15 m² bathroom, but unfortunately this wish can rarely be realized nowadays. With a simple trick you can make your own bathroom appear more spacious. Paint the walls in a very light or even white color and set accents with darker terracotta floors and dark bathroom fittings.

Stylish, romantic and noble: This is what a bathroom looks like in the Spanish style. In the photo gallery below you can also find other examples of bathroom designs. Let yourself be inspired and create your own bathing oasis with a Mediterranean touch.

Spanish style bathroom with vintage bathroom cabinets

Spanish style bathroom with natural stone tiles and vintage bathroom cabinets

Set up a Spanish-style bathroom: freestanding bathtub, mosaic tiles on the wall and natural stone tiles on the floor

Spanish-style bathroom with mosaic tiles on the wall and floor and chandeliers with LED candles

Bathroom with alcove for the bathtub and fireplace

Spanish-style bathroom with a round bathtub with natural stone paneling and a fireplace

Spanish bathroom with spacious shower cubicle with mosaic tiles and terracotta floor for the drying area in front of the washstand

Spanish style bathroom modern design of the shower cubicle with tiles

Spacious bathroom with free-standing ceramic bathtub and shower cubicle in a niche

Spanish bathrooms in white and blue create ideas for Mediterranean bathroom design

Bathroom design in white and blue

Bathroom with high ceiling and windows and free-standing bathtub

Ceramic mosaic as accents on the wall

Decorate bathrooms in blue and white in Spanish style

Designing a Spanish-style bathroom: copper-look bathtub

Bathroom with tiles in green and bathtub set up ideas

Bathroom with antique bathroom fittings, bathtub and fireplace

Bathroom with wood-burning fireplace and brass bathroom fittings and natural stone vanity

Bathroom with elaborate ceramic mosaic with natural motifs on the floor and on the mirror frame

Spanish-style bathroom with mosaic tiles on the floor

Design Spanish-style bathrooms with plaster walls and natural stone and wood

Spanish bathroom ideas for decor in earth tones

Patchwork tiles on the wall

Bathroom with patchwork tiles on the wall and teraccotta on the floor

Design Spanish-style bathrooms with mosaic tiles and freestanding bathtubs and mahogany bathroom cabinets

Spanish-style bathrooms create ideas for planning and furnishings and colors

Spanish bathroom with Moroccan style decoration

Ceramic bathtub and natural stone floor and wall tiles in the Spanish bathroom

Spanish bath in yellow and ocher

Spanish-style bathrooms in beige and sand with clean walls

Spanish bathroom with skylight and bathtub that overlooks the garden

Spanish-style bathroom design Tips and ideas for furnishing

Ideas for bathroom design in Spanish style with free-standing bathtub

spanish bathroom with copper tub and walls without tiles and colonial style wooden cabinets and chandelier

Modern interpretation: bathroom in Spanish style with patterned tiles

Set up a modern bathroom in a Spanish colonial style

Design a Spanish-style bathroom with a shower cabin and free-standing bathtub and black and white tiles with patterns in the mid-century style

Separate shower zone and bathtub in the middle of the bathroom

Design the bathroom in black and white with mahogany wood

Bathroom with patterned tiles

Modern Spanish-style bathroom with shower zone and free-standing bathtub and mirror and tiles

Bathroom with patterned tiles in black and white

modern Spanish-style bathroom with tiles on the floor and tiled bathtub

Bathroom design with patchwork mosaic tiles

Patchwork tiles in modern Spanish style bathroom

White bathroom with vintage chandelier and mirrors

spanish-bathrooms-modern-design tiles floor white bathroom cabinets and tiled bathtub

Designing a Spanish-style bathroom: Wenge base units

Spanish bathrooms set up mosaic tiles on the bathtub and terracotta floor tiles and wooden cabinets

Spanish bathroom with spacious shower area

Spanish bathroom with tiles on the floor and wooden cabinets and shower cubicle

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