Saddeldach modernly interprets: The "Origami" - House in Japan

Saddle roof house with modern construction Example for a covered terrace with search protection and sun protection on two floors

An inherited plot. A natural stone wall that built the Great Father. For a young couple, they wanted a modern and functional single-family home. The TSC architects have worked with the "Origami" house to create a balanced mix of tradition and modern. The classic Japanese architecture is enriched with the foundations of contemporary architecture. In the end, a concept emerges that interprets the construction and the saddle roof in modern fashion. "Origami" offers little comfort for the young family in a small living area.

Saddle roof modern interpret: Stylish and functional roof shape

Front garden with covered terrace under the saddle roof rock garden and a narrow garden path with pebble stones

For your new project, you have the inspiration for the "TSC" - Architects of the origami art. The saddle roof resembles a piece of paper folded around the house. It is not just a stylish, but also extremely practical element of the façade design and fulfills many more functions. It shields the house from curious eyes, offers sun protection for the terrace and umbrella for the home entrance. And with its minimalistic design, modern flat roofs are nothing new.

Saddeldach modern interpret: The Lage des Hauses

Saddeldach modernly interprets Japanese single-family house with sliding doors and a wooden terrace in front garden

Closed to the road, the house opens to the neighboring mountain. Since the building is in a densely inhabited Gendend, it unfortunately has no free look in nature. Therefore, you can ask the owners about a flooded living room and a sunny terrace. The saddle roof casts cool shadows on the timber terrace in the summer and protects them from heavy rain and snow in winter.

Saddeldach modernly interprets: A thoughtful interior architecture and a clever residential concept

Living room with fireplace and a leather sofa for two and a little rectangular rustic wooden

The thoughtful interior architecture and the clever living concept also open up in no wish. Despite the limited living space, the saddle roof house is spacious. They also carry both window fronts and glass sliding doors, which allow for a seamless transition between residential and outdoor areas, as well as the high ceilings. The residential area in Erdgeschoss is stylish, but typically Japanese - sparsely furnished. The living program keeps at a minimum: A couch for two, a small wood stove, a fireplace, a TV cabinet and a home office in the living room round out the interior of the living room.

Modern kitchens under roof slopes Gripless wood fronts and white worktop

In the residential area, another dining space for four is furnished and a small kitchen with kitchen island. The kitchen landscape is minimalist with its frontless and built-in appliances. Only the choice of material attracts the strict purist optics: Wood gives the furniture a pleasing touch and provides comfort.

Guest rooms in the first warehouse right next to the residential area

Behind wood sliding doors, a smaller yoga room in the ground floor can be used, which can be used as a guest room at will. A small window breathes fresh air into the room, an air conditioner provides warmth and cool days and ceiling lights radiate soft light.

Living area with storage room for bicycles and modern furnishings in Scandinavian style

Since the house had no garage and garden, even the bicycles had to be stored in the living area. If they do not stand on the road, a niche special bicycle bracket is mounted. Otherwise, they offer more wall shelf storage space for books and home accessories.

In the second stock are the bedroom and several smaller rooms, where the couple can relax with a book in hand. There is also the option of having a fitted wardrobe or a dressing room.

The "Origami" house is a perfect example of a successful architectural project that links tradition and modern in an unconventional way.

higher living area with high ceilings and glass fronts in the saddle roof house

Living area with high ceiling seating area in front of the fireplace

Living area with glass fronts in the day and evening clever lighting for rooms with high ceilings

Space under a roof slopes with sharing floors and white walls

Sleeping areas under the roof rails provide functional ideas

Saddle roof house modern interpret Small saddle roof house with protection modern materials for the roof 30 degrees

The saddle roof offers sun protection and throws shadows on the stone garden in the backyard

Roof house modern interpreted building concept in Japanese style Examples of architect houses on two stonework with glass facade

Roof and wood facade as an accent single-family house in Japan

Roof and wood panels as cladding in the exterior walls of a single-family house in Japan

Stone garden with gravel and garden path with pebble stones and terrace with natural stone slabs

Family houses in Japan modern and functional architecture with wood cladding in the facade and a saddle roof

Roof tops and high ceilings in residential indirect lighting create comfortable ambience

Ideas for lighting in living rooms in neutral colors such as camel, nude and cream

Family house in Japan with modern construction and well thought-out outdoor lighting concept

Saddle roof house with plenty of glazed façade ideas for home and garden lighting

Saddle roof modern interpret view of the high ceilings in residential area and a covered terrace

Saddle roof house in Japan Construction plan outlines the living area and bedroom

Saddeldach interpret modern building plan shows the view from above

Grundriss a small single-family house that the plot is in one corner

Construction of a saddle roof house shows an element in 3D

Modern single-family house in Japan. Sketch shows the assembly of the canopy

A project of the TSC architects

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