Renovation of a prefabricated house – what can be done in-house

Feeling good is the most important thing for all of us when it comes to your own four walls. Unattractive walls that even show a yellow tone from the smoldering sticks. Wallpaper that was often used in the past but is no longer up to date today. The new phase of life, which is just around the corner, for which you also want to change the proverbial wallpaper, because just as you continue to develop yourself, the house or apartment in which you live should change and develop. If a few years have passed since you bought your own prefabricated house, for example, renovation work is necessary, or at least is often wanted.

Once the rooms that are to be renovated have been identified and inspected, the question arises whether to do it yourself or have the work to be done by a specialist. What can I do myself and what should I better leave to a craftsman? We will now pursue this question.

Which work on the house or apartment is dangerous and should therefore only be carried out by a specialist?

Imagine that you bought a new and beautiful kitchen from a kitchen retailer. It is delivered and with a lot of diligence and help from a skilled craftsman, who you know from friends and acquaintances, install the kitchen furniture properly. So far so good, but now the oven is unpacked and you have to find out that the installation of the device is not only complicated, but can also be dangerous under certain circumstances. If you are the owner who wants to rent the apartment or house after installing the kitchen, you are even obliged to the tenant to have such electrical installations carried out by a specialist. Similar regulations apply to special buildings such as hospitals, schools or old people's homes. Because if you are not the one who will use the kitchen, there is a risk of endangering third parties. Outside of this legal regulation, it is up to you whether you put your hand on a power connection.

“Bauhaus, if it has to be good” – “Hornbach, there is always something to do” – “Respect who does it himself”

Almost everyone knows these slogans, which can be seen up and down on TV and heard on the radio. You should feel like doing it yourself, motivation and courage to do your own renovation or renovation. What DIY stores want to increase sales and the private tradesman hopes that construction projects in their own home can be done inexpensively by themselves, do not have to be as difficult to carry out as they appear at first glance. With a little practice and preparation time, the living room itself can be wallpapered, the kitchen modernized, the garden remodeled or the laminate floor itself installed. If, during the execution of the craft activities, you have to find out that you are getting stuck or fear that you are doing something wrong that could endanger the completion of the project in your own home, then the advice of a professional should be consulted, also to avoid annoyance. Otherwise, working on water pipes, for example, can later become a problem when it comes to insurance issues.

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