Preventing heart attack and stroke with toothpaste? Researchers test product from the USA

Strokes and heart attacks are among the leading causes of death. And that brushing your teeth as part of normal, everyday hygiene could lower your risk sounds very practical. A new toothpaste that was developed in the USA is said to prevent both a heart attack and a stroke.

Preventing a stroke and avoiding a heart attack with toothpaste - how is that meant?

How can you prevent stroke with toothpaste? The “Plaque HD®” is a product that stains the dental plaque of the teeth when brushing and thus indicates where further brushing is required. But what does that have to do with the risk of stroke and heart attack? It is not toothpaste directly, but proper oral hygiene that reduces the risk.

Prevent heart attack and stroke with the right oral hygiene

Poor oral hygiene and bacteria can lead to a stroke

Scientists have long warned that poor oral hygiene can also affect the rest of the body. Inflammation can occur. The bacteria that cause this inflammation in the mouth migrate further into the body and promote the development of other diseases there. These possible diseases also include arterial calcification, which in turn favors strokes and heart attacks. Arterial calcification means nothing more than deposits on the inner walls of the vessel.

So you can lower your risk and prevent stroke and heart attack by brushing your teeth properly, avoiding inflammation from bacteria. However, since many do not take oral hygiene seriously enough, be it due to everyday stress or simply convenience, researchers have developed the Plaque HD. It is supposed to motivate you to brush until your teeth are really clean. The bonus is that you are also likely to prevent a heart attack and stroke. But how exactly does toothpaste do it?

The toothpaste in the test

Brush your teeth properly and reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack

The toothpaste has a coloring property that stains those areas of the teeth that are not yet clean during brushing. Only when the harmful plaque is brushed away does the color disappear with it. The result is that your teeth are cleaner and you may even be able to prevent a heart attack and stroke. But the researchers at Florida Atlantic University used 30-day participants to test whether this really motivates them to scrub for longer and whether it is enough to prevent inflammation and thus heart attacks and strokes.

Prevent heart attacks and strokes with the staining Plaque HD toothpaste

Half of them brush their teeth twice a day with the new coloring toothpaste. The other group used another one with no coloring effect instead. At the end of the test period, the researchers found that the inflammation levels in the first group were lower than at the start of the test. The difference was particularly great among participants whose inflammation levels were initially high. This shows that it actually makes a difference what type of toothpaste you use and that a coloring product leads to more thorough tooth cleaning. Overall, the toothpaste should ensure that four times more plaque is removed than usual.

The researchers next want to use further studies to check whether this result is also related to heart attacks and strokes. By the way, you can also use conventional plaque coloring tablets to improve your oral hygiene. And if you also prevent a heart attack or stroke, the better!

You can read about the course and results of the study here.

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