Midlife Crisis: Study reveals how many years men are most affected

There is hardly a more controversial topic in psychology than the midlife crisis. Pure excuse or hormonal condition? A new study proves that there is really a midlife crisis and that men are most affected at 47 years of age. Now we will tell you why most people hit rock bottom and whether the results are also valid for women.

Midlife Crisis: A phenomenon in men over 40 years of age

Midlife crisis in men how many years are they unhappy

Scientist David G. Blanchflower published a study focusing on midlife crisis. More than half a million people from over 130 countries worldwide filled questionnaires on the sensitive topic. Based on the survey, Blanchflower was able to create a so-called happiness curve and evaluate the feeling of happiness in the different age groups. He came to surprising results: Allegedly most people are happiest at 20 years, from then on the feeling of happiness gradually decreases.

Midlife crisis in men aged 47 and over is at its lowest

Both men and women reach the absolute low point at the age of 47, but from then on it goes downhill again and the feeling of happiness starts to increase again from 50. The scientists were able to exclude factors such as career, relationship status or property. They allegedly play a minor role and can hardly influence self-esteem from the mid-forties.

Midlife Crisis and how we can overcome it

Midlife crisis in men from when is low

We automatically assume that the midlife crisis mainly affects men. However, the results of the study indicate that both men and women in their mid-forties are deep in a midlife crisis. According to the researchers, there are many reasons for this: the children are mostly teenagers and the parents are starting to spend more and more time alone. This puts the relationship to the test. Your own body also changes. Enough reasons to feel insecure. The good news: If you appreciate not only the negative, but also the positive in your life, you will feel better faster. And then it goes slowly but surely downhill.

David Blanchflower's study

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