Meaning tattoos - was hidden behind the most popular symbols?

was meant for a rose tattoo forearm tattoo idea for women

With a tattoo you can usually create a personal and specific statement. For this reason, you should look good first, if you were able to stick to a tattoo design. They find, for example, Rosen tattoos beautiful, but not sure why they stand exactly? Then read on - in this article we have compiled and detailed explanations for many tattoos with meaning!

Meaningful Tattoos - Tattoo Watch

Meaning Tascgenuhr Tattoo Design Broken Clock Tattoo Symbol

Every moment in our lives is unique. An watch tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs for men as well as for women. The bearer should always remember, not waste his time without enjoying each day. Even if the most obvious tattoo about your meaning of course is the time, it can still stand out a lot more. It could stand, for example, for life and death, for love and family or as a reminder to a loved one who has lost. Even the shape of the watch changes the meaning of your tattoo - a sundial is a symbol of wisdom, while a digital watch symbolizes the future.

Hourglass Meaning Tattoo

Hourglass with roses tattoo designs tattoo designs ideasA hourglass tattoo is the perfect choice for all who appreciate your time and your life. Just like the sand in the watch, the time will be kept for no one or for anyone. It stands for:

  • Live and Tod
  • Power and energy
  • Neuanfang
  • Vergangenheit
  • Unvermeidlichkeit

Many other elements fit into a hourglass tattoo.

  • An watch in combination with beautiful roses or hearts are among the most popular tattoos with significance among women. They act as a symbol of life and love.
  • A broken hourglass tattoo stands for courage and pain and should serve as a reminder that the bad times are already here.
  • Particularly beloved are his motifs with hourglass and inspirational quotes, such as "Let it not be kept from time", "Carpe Diem" (translated in German it is called "Nutze tag").

Meaning Flash Clock Tattoo

Meaning pocket watch tattoo motif watch with rose tattoo design for women

The pocket watch tattoo is usually embroidered in the so-called Realistic Style and contains additional elements, such as roses, tote heads or quotes. With this tattoo design, you can at a certain moment of your life in a way that is a bit of a temptation. It can be anything from the wedding day or a birthday to the birth of your child or to any other person.

  • One Rose Watch Tattoo usually stands for the living and the loved one.
  • Tattoo Totenkopf with watch is considered a symbol for the toddler and the mortal. This sentiment is reinforced by the feeling that time is precious and lasts until the last breath.
  • The flash watch can also be used for those Ewigkeit standing - no matter where we hang in the living, one thing remains constant - the time.

Tattoo Symbols and Their Meaning - Tattoo Eye

Tattoo Eye Triangle Back Tattoo Design Ideas For Women Small

If you are a spiritual person who is also interested in mysticism, then this tattoo motif will be just the right thing for you. The eye tattoo is a real hingucker and reads wonderfully with other symbols or backgrounds. The Eye Tattoo Meaning mostly stands for Omniscience, Truth, Knowledge, Spirit and Light.

  • All Eyes Tattoo Meaning - This eye tattoo is also known as "the eye of God" or "the eye of God" and stands for power, power and the ability to predict the future. The eye will be surrounded by a wreath and enclosed by a triangle. The triangle in this motif stands for the three elements of earth, water and air and also for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • A weeping eye tattoo stands for a sad moment from the bearer's life.

Horusauge and the "Third Eye" tattoos with meaning

Eye Tattoo Design Meanings Wrist Tattoo Ideas Small

  • The Horusauge originated in ancient Egypt and means "complete, holy, intact and healthy". Mythology reveals that the left eye is expelled from the light god Horus of the god Seth while both are fighting for the Throne of Osiris. As a tattoo motif, the horus eye stands for healing and health and as a back tattoo - for the protection of all, you could not see with the eyes.
  • The "Third Eye" Tattoo Meaning - In Hinduism, the god Shiva with a third eye is placed between the eyebrows. The eye is considered to be the gatekeeper to the inner world and stands for a higher consciousness and for enlightenment.

Tattoo Rose Meaning

red rose tattoo design shoulder tattoo ideas for women flower tattoo

A rose tattoo works elegantly, timelessly and modernly and is one of the most embroidered designs in the world. Blume looks nothing but wonderful, she also has many deep meanings. These depend on many factors depending on the color of the blots, the number of rose petals and of course the complete tattoo design.

  • Totenkopf mit Rosen Tattoos with Meaning - The Totenkopf is a symbol for the conquest of challenges and in combination with a rose it stands for the Neuanfang in life.
  • Rosentattoo with one watch - As mentioned, the watch has many different meanings as a tattoo. One flash clock without pointer and one rose, which they adorn, symbolize the eternal love.
  • Three Roses Tattoo stands for love, life and hope.

black rose tattoo design Meanings forearm tattoo ideas for women small

  • Red Rose Tattoo symbolizes love, passion and romance.
  • Rosa Rosen standing for femininity, humility, innocence and elegance. Many women who have successfully defeated the breast cancer also often stitch a pink rose in combination with a loop.
  • Black Rose Tattoo Meaning - The color Black will be brought into contact with Tod and Grief. Through this tattoo design you can immortalize a loved one in your beautiful way on your skin.

Not just the colors, but also the shape of the rose brings different meanings with it:

  • If those leaf blades are closed, stands the Rose Tattoo for a new cat.
  • One full blüte symbolizes success, growth, wisdom and beauty.
  • The benevolent Rose means unrequited love, loss, or death.

Totenkopf Tattoo Meaning

Totenkopf with rose breast tattoo for women ideas

Even if Totenkopf tattoos look very creepy, the motif looks for men as well as women's greater exposure. And it may surprise you a little, but the meaning of Totenkopf Tattoo is not as negative as you might think.

  • Impermanence of Life - Worldwide, Totenkopf is considered a symbol for the impermanence of life and for problems, worries or gloomy thoughts. A Totenkopf tattoo can symbolize to the wearer the toddler of a friend or family member.
  • Strength and positive change - Did they complete a difficult chapter in your life or successfully overcome a serious illness? Then you are best advised with this tattoo motif.
  • Symbol of belonging to a particular group - Many rock stars or bikers opt for a Totenkopf tattoo and emphasize their own lifestyle.
  • Totenkopf with a rose tattoo label the contrast of life and death or of good and evil.

Meaningful Tattoos - Nothing looks like hearing nothing but saying tattoo

Nothing looks nothing but nothing says tattoos with meaning

Nothing to hear, nothing to see, nothing to say - this proverb comes from Japan and in the foundations it is not, therefore, to concentrate on evil thoughts and to convey the bad. Originally, the proverb word is represented by three monkeys - Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru, or even known as the three wise monkeys. They can also look for tote heads, comic characters and everything, if you like it, decide - or so it is a very unique tattoo motif with a deep meaning.

Tattoo cherry

Tattoos with Meaning Kirschen Tattoo Design Shoulder Tattoo Ideas Small

Cherry tattoos are cute and elegant and the perfect choice for anyone who wants to stick a little tattoo. As a tattoo, it mostly appears in a doppelpak with a green steel and stands for femininity, purity, happiness and beauty. Das Obst himself had no such deep significance as a tattoo motif, for example in the Kirschblüten Tree - especially in Japan. It stands for beauty, accessibility but also for neuanfang and hope.

More Tattoos with Meaning - Were the Star Tattoos Meaning?

Star Tattoos With Meaning Back Tattoo Ideas For Women

On the back, in the wrist or in the key leg - Sterne Tattoo has some mysteries and romanticism and is a true hingucker. However, the Star Tattoo Meaning is very versatile.

  • Since these stars only appear at night, they are often used as symbols the fight against darkness and evil gesehen.
  • They also stand in front Protection and leadership.
  • Light and hope.
  • Pentagram Stern Tattoo - In essence, the Pentagram is a five-pointed star and four of the five peaks symbolizing the elements earth, water, air and fire and the fifth for the higher spirit. Even if he was staring up or down, he had different meanings as well. When pointing to the top, he stands for protection and balance and when he points to it, the Pentagram is again depicted as a symbol of the devil and connected with the satanic scene.
  • The nautical star does not embellish only skin - it dives again as a patch on leather jackets or vest. Its meaning as a tattoo derives from the original use of the symbol - as a symbol on sea maps. Here, the nautical star tattoo should serve as the orientation aid to the wearer in times and times and bring it to its destination.

Three Star Tattoo was meant to be Wrist Tattoo Design minimalist

  • There David Star is particular to the Judaism of great significance. The six-pointed star is regarded as a symbol for the unity of earth and heaven or for the balance between the human and the divine.
  • Tattoo Sternschnuppen - If you see a snap in one night, you must wish for it - the superstition knows everyone by the way. There are also star-studded tattoos and there are magicians, dreamers and specials. This tattoo motif is often regarded as a kind of good luck charm and is often brought into contact with a very special moment in life. Moreover, it still stands for freedom, remorse and spirituality.

Tattoo Infinity Sign Bedeutung

Meaning Tattoo Design Butterfly Infinity Sign Tattoo Ideas For Women

Infinite mark tattoos have gained a lot of popularity in recent years and more and more people are deciding to stick the motif in one form or another. The symbol has many different meanings - perhaps it has been seen for centuries and others since the last decade.

  • Most often it stands for that endless and boundless love and is perfect for a partner or friendship tattoo.
  • It also serves as a symbol for it Harmony and balance and should help the wearer to find equality in his life.
  • In some cultures the infinity sign stands for Wiedergeburt and Neuanfang.
  • Ein Tattoo double infinity is the perfect partner tattoo for two people who are very different and still love. This symbol is a tremendous opportunity to immortalize your love.
  • Was that 8 meant as a tattoo? - Count 8 stands for harmony, justice or even for the resurrection and the regeneration.

Anchor tattoos with meaning

Anchor Meaning Hand Tattoo Ideas For Women Tattoo Trends 2019

The anchor is a symbol with a very long history and thanks to the deep anchor tattoo meaning they decide more and more people for this motif.

  • According to its function, the anchor tattoo stands in first place Protection and security.
  • It symbolizes that Love the sea and water.
  • The bearers of an anchor tattoo usually have one adventurous character.
  • Ebenso can be an anchor for that eternal trusts stehen.
  • Rose and Anchor Tattoo symbolize in general love, loyalty and honor.

Tattoo Key Meaning

Meaning Key Tattoo Forearm Tattoo Test Ideas Short

Most of us know the old saying - "You belong to the key to my heart". And a heart-wrenching tattoo is the perfect opportunity to express your feelings and to put the love of your partner on your skin. A very cool idea would be if you just stuck the key and your friend - the appropriate lock. Yet behind the tattoo motif key are many other meanings.

  • It can be for those Freiheit nor a particular time or relationship in which you felt confined.
  • Neuanfang and change
  • Security and protection
  • A key tattoo might as well Thinking in a loved one diene.

Interesting Tattoo Symbols and Their Meaning - Was a Playing Cards Tattoo Meaning?

4 Asse tattoos with the meaning of forearm tattoo motif small

Are you adventurous and company like new? Then this tattoo design might be just the right thing for you! The most common and widespread card tattoo meaning is happiness. It gives you a choice of different card hands that can be stitched. If you get a unique and very cool tattoo, you can also add other elements and symbols to the design. Perfect for owning, for example, cubes, cherries, 8 balls or a horseshoe - they all stand for happiness and success in life!

  • Royal Flush is the best hand you can have at poker and contains the cards Ass, King, Lady, Bube and 10, the diesel color. This tattoo symbolizes power, gain and success.
  • Since Ass is the highest map, is 4 Asse Tattoo another beloved motif and stands for victory, power and happiness.

Cool dice tattoos with meaning

Dice tattoo motif hand tattoo ideas for women small

Besides the playing cards, a tattoo cube is also a very good choice for anyone who wants to take risks in life and escape the long distance. This motive should protect the wearer's happiness and success forever. In combination with other designs, the dice tattoo meaning also changes.

  • Dice and roses are particularly fond of women and stand for the happiness of love.
  • Stickers and cube bring the carrier happiness in life.
  • Playing cards and dice is a very cool and interesting tattoo design and stands for the happiness of the game.

If you decide on a cube tattoo, you should very well consider which combination of combinations the cube will show.

  • The Hall 7 basically counts as good luck.
  • 13 symbolizes bad luck and misfortune, it gives many people who see it as personal happiness.
  • Im Kartenspiel ends Pasch mostly only benefits. However, a 6 pack is the biggest win and a 1 pack is considered a failure.

Hand Tattoo

Hand Tattoos with Meaning Forearm Tattoo Motives for Women Tattoo Trends 2019

Even as a child, we learned that a hand print is a symbol of respect, friendship and peace. It is for this very reason that more and more people decide why they choose a hand tattoo. However, the variations of this motif are infinitely many and in the following we will inform you about the most popular hand tattoo motif and their meanings.

  • Snake Hand Tattoo - In this tattoo design, the hand of a snake is bitten and symbolizes only one - one should not trust anyone blindly.
  • Tattoo open hands - A tattoo with two open or operating hands had some magic and spirituality in it. It could be a souvenir to a deceased person. Many people believe that the two-handed tattoo can help them to more easily pass through difficult times in life.

Cross Tattoo

Three Crosses Tattoo at Shoulder Tattoo Trends 2019

In the classic and most popular tattoos with meaning, even the cross tattoo must not be missing. Also, when many people associate the motif with religion, its meanings are much different and more diverse than they think. Thus, the Cross Rose meaning is, for example, a symbol for love and the connection between female and male. Before stitching a cross tattoo, you should again acknowledge if the motif is affixed and allowed at all - it does not give any cross symbols, such as the hook cross, which is prohibited by law.

  • At the classic cross the horizontal line represents the earth and the vertical symbolizes the sky. As a tattoo motif it stands for that connection between human and divine or heaven and earth.
  • The Iron Cross Tattoo Meaning - The square cross with pointed corners originates from Germany and was a special Prussian war award in the 19th century. Since it is used as a military symbol in the Third Reich, today it does not have a positive meaning.

Cross Tattoo Symbol Meaning Rosen Tattoo Design Upper Arm Women

  • Ankh Kreuz Tattoo - Ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol that looks a bit like a key. It stands for the rebirth, the living and the new.
  • Tattoo cross wings stands for the dead and many people let this motif stick as a souvenir in a dead man.
  • Circles Meaning - The inverse cross is most often associated with Satanism and the conversion of Christian values. It is also known as Peter's Cross - the Apostle Peter had at his crucifixion that his cross was turned, because he did not worthy to say who Jesus died.

Tattoo symbols and their meaning - bird tattoo

Wofür stone swallow tattoos with meaning

"Free was a bird" - says for centuries, the bird symbolizes freedom and longing. So a bird tattoo stands for:

  • Freiheit
  • Protection and spiritual leadership
  • Family and love
  • Frieden
  • Schönheit

Meaning tattoo swallow

Was meant a swallow as a tattoo machine small tattoo motif for women

The small, sweet swallows are known in many traditions and cultures as protectors and guardians and are considered a symbol of motherhood, beauty and protection. A tattoo swallows and is particularly popular with women. Whether in black and white or in color in the so-called old-school style - it looks very elegant and unique. Why do swallows actually stand? The Swallow Tattoo stands in front Happiness, love and freedom.

Tattoo pigeon meaning

white deaf tattoo design with heart shoulder tattoo ideas for women

The deaf symbolizes the Holy Spirit and plays a very important role in Christianity. For this reason, it fits perfectly with other significant tattoo designs, such as a heart, a cross or a hand tattoo. Basically, it serves as a symbol for:

  • Freedom and Peace
  • the Holy Spirit
  • Glücksbringer
  • The white pigeon tattoo stands for innocence and purity.

Bird tattoos with meaning - the eagle tattoo

Eagle Tattoos With Meaning Old School Tattoo Design Tattoo Trends 2019

The eagle is a royal and majestic animal and has been the coat of arms of the Federal Republic of Germany since 1950. Also, if an eagle tattoo looks truly enviromental, you should know that a wealthy eagle as a tattoo in a prominent position, whether the shoulder or the breast, is legally punishable. The Adler tattoo meaning is thus:

  • Selbstbewusstsein
  • Strength and power
  • Glück

Meaning Owl Tattoo

why stand empty foot tattoo ideas for women sweet

The owl has inherited some mysticism and has been honored for centuries by many cultures. In the Aztecs and the Celts, it is like dying boats, only to find out to proclaim the souls of the deceased or to proclaim an accident. Nun was a owl meant as a tattoo? For example, an owl tattoo in combination with a Totenkopf plays exactly the same symbolism. The beautiful bird is also integrated into many Mandalas and gives each tattoo a unique and mysterious note. The owl mostly stands for:

  • Wisdom and Spirituality
  • Mystery and Mysticism
  • Anmut
  • Anxiety
  • Todesbote

Wings tattoo

Heart with wings tattoo symbol forearm tattoo for women small

Extremely elegant and wonderful - nothing to be missed, the wings tattoo is one of the most embroidered designs at all. As you read wonderfully with many other elements combined, you can let your imagination run free and create a unique, personal design. A wings tattoo usually stands for:

  • Freiheit
  • Peace and rescue
  • Loss of a loved one

Meaning tattoos - Was a pen meant as a tattoo?

Feather rainbow tattoo ideas forearm tattoo design women

The Feather Tattoo has only positive meanings and for that reason the motive is for men as well as for women. Here are the most frequently used Feather Tattoo Meanings:

  • Purity and innocence
  • Courage and hope
  • Freiheit
  • Weisheit

Heart Tattoo Meaning

Tattoo open heart Shoulder Tattoo ideas for women small

A heart tattoo reads well with many other designs. Do you want a sweet partner tattoo? Perfectly, for example, possess a heart with 2 rings that symbolize your honor. Good dazu also fit wings or pigeons. Depending on the art and designs of the heart tattoos, this also changes its meaning. In the following we show you the most popular heart tattoo symbols and their meanings.

  • Tattoo open heart - It stands for grief, love, or other negative moments in life.
  • Heart with arrow is the perfect tattoo for all freshly loved - Just as an arrow, you have met your loved one completely unexpectedly right in your heart.
  • Heart tattoo black be connected with grief and death.
  • Lock and Heart Tattoo had a deep and very interesting meaning. It says that the wearer has closed his heart and is waiting for the right person to open it.

Tattoo compass meaning

Anchor Compass Tattoo Meaning Watercolors Tattoo Trends 2019

All tattoo symbols have a definite meaning and have been used for many centuries. This is also the case with the Compass Tattoo case - they are used by relatives of the military and of the sailors and served for guidance. It can be embroidered as a single tattoo or combined with other symbols. The most widespread compass tattoo meaning is naturally that direction and is a symbol that the bearer has found the right path. Further meanings are:

  • Hope and power
  • Zielstrebigkeit
  • Vertrauen
  • Anchor Compass Tattoo Meaning - since the anchor is an important symbol in Christianity, this motif stands for the connection between human and divine and for love and God.
  • Rosen Compass Tattoo symbolizes passion and the search for the great love.

Unique Tattoos With Meaning - Tattoo Earth

Earth Elements Water Meaning Tattoo Engine For Women Forearm

An earth tattoo is wonderful and can be stung in many different species. Many people choose for the 4 elements tattoo as motif - water, fire, air and earth.

  • The water tattoo stands for life, innocence, purity, power, peace and rebirth.
  • Tattoo fire symbolizes passion, love, power as well as life and death.

Tattoo Meaning Tree

Tree of Life tattoo symbols and their meanings shoulder tattoo woman

Trees are rugged and long-lasting and symbolize nature and the cycle of life. A tree tattoo has a very strong and powerful meaning and namely:

  • Long and wise lives
  • Connections between nature and humans
  • Repeat and Neuanfang
  • Tree of Life Tattoo Meaning - For the Celts, the tree of life means immortality and eternity, forgiveness and redemption, power and protection, or even a successful growth in life. In other cultures the tree of life is seen as that connection to all of life.

Meaning Tattoo Butterfly

3d Butterfly Tattoo Design for Women Upper Arm Tattoo Ideas

A butterfly tattoo is modern, playful and extremely feminine and looks very versatile. Especially laid-back and pretty looking 3D butterfly tattoos. Such a tattoo is not only beautiful, it is also full of different meanings.

  • So a butterfly tattoo stands out for you Repetition, Neuanfang or even for purity, love and beauty.
  • A tattoo butterfly with Totenkopf is an incredibly beautiful combination and symbolizes the cycle of life.

Segelschiff Tattoo

Ship tattoo designs upper arm tattoo symbols and their meanings

Ship tattoos have a long history and count to the most popular tattoos with meanings. Since most tattoos are very detailed, this design is perfect for a cool back tattoo. Then the ship will be combined with other elements and symbols such as anchor, pirate, compass or sword. In general, a ship tattoo stands for:

  • Neuanfang
  • Glück
  • Unabhängigkeit
  • Tapferkeit
  • Connection with nature and water

Tattoo Dragon

The dragons are fabulous beings, who are first and foremost connected with the most desirable cultures. A dragon tattoo works very exotic and majestic and there are many different meanings:

  • Power and strength
  • Weisheit
  • Langlebigkeit
  • Spirituality and rest
  • Wohlstand
  • Leben und Tod respectively Creation and destruction

Feminine Tattoos With Meaning - Tattoo Lilie

Tattoo lily shoulder tattoo for women tattoo design ideas

Whether lilies, rose or any other flower - all flower tattoos look elegant and adorable. The lily counts among the oldest cultural plants in the world and is very closely connected to Christianity - the Christian bringing the flower to the Virgin Mary. For this reason, the tattoo lily meanings are only positive:

  • Liebe
  • Rein Heit
  • unschuldig
  • Weiblichkeit
  • Fruchtbarkeit
  • Vergänglichkeit

Tattoo points

Have you ever been asked, were three points on hand meant as a tattoo? Most often, these tattoos are used in connection with the criminal lifestyle and are part of the so-called Knast tattoos. "Mi vida loca" in German means "my crazy life" and it is the most common 3-point tattoo meaning. It is either in the hand or around the eyes in a triangular pattern. Through this tattoo, the bearer tells me that he has been in prison and led a hard life and yet is proud of himself. As the number 3 also symbolizes the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in Christianity, other people also decide for a dot tattoo. Such a small tattoo and so many meanings that could stand behind it:

  • "Mi vida loca" - my crazy life
  • Faith, love, hope - these words can also be represented in the form of a cross heart anchor tattoo.
  • Nothing to see, nothing to hear, nothing to say.

Lotus Tattoo Motive

Lotus Flower Tattoo Design Mandala Tattoo Ideas for Forearm Women

In many cultures, especially in Hinduism and Buddhism, Lotusblume has a very significant significance. However, this wonderful flower is not only sacred, it looks incredibly beautiful and is a popular choice for tattooing. The meanings they can have for the wearer are as follows:

  • Faith and purity
  • Perfektion
  • Repeat and Neuanfang
  • Harmonie
  • Liebe
  • unschuldig
  • Endurance and durability

Tattoo Symbols and Their Meaning - Tattoo tears and was hidden there?

Amy Winehouse Train Tattoo meant a tattoo in the eye

The meaning of tattooed tears under the eye goes in two different directions. For one, it symbolizes grief and loss or as knot tattoos it means that the bearer has committed a murder. The number of tears stands for the murders committed. Among the stars who have a tear tattoo include Lil 'Wayne and The Game. Das Amy Winehouse Tränentattoo steht für die Trauer über die Inhaftierung von ihrem Mann und soll Mitgefühl ausdrücken.

Dreieck Tattoo Bedeutung

Dreieck Tattoo Ideen Rosentattoo Unterarm Frauen

Im Christentum steht der Dreieck für die Heilige Dreifaltigkeit – den Vater, den Sohn und den heiligen Geist.

  • Drei Dreiecke Tattoo – Die drei Dreiecke, die ineinander verschlungen sind, sind auch noch als Valknut oder Walknut bekannt. Dabei handelt es sich um ein Vikinger Symbol, das die Krieger auf dem Schlachtfeld getragen haben. Als Tattoo steht es für Tapferkeit, Macht, Mut und Kraft.
  • Je nachdem wo die Spitze steht, ändert sich auch die Dreieck Tattoo Bedeutung. Wenn die Spitze nach oben zeigt, steht es für Liebe, Familie und Hoffnung. Spitzen nach unten wiederum wird meistens mit Trauer und Verlust in Verbindung gebracht.

Tattoo Bedeutung Spinnennetz

Tattoo Bedeutung Spinnennetz Ellenbogen Tattoodesign für Frauen

Genauso wie das Punkte Tattoo hat auch das Spinnennetz als Tattoomotiv seinen Ursprung aus dem Knast.

  • Spinnennetz am Ellenbogen Bedeutung – Das Spinnennetz Tattoo wird meistens mit dem Kriminellen Lebensstil in Verbindung gebracht. Dabei steht die Zahl der Stänge für die von dem Träger abgesessenen Jahre.
  • Im Laufe der Jahre hat sich das Spinnennetz zu einem sehr beliebten Tattoomotiv und ist an vielen Körperstellen anpassbar, darunter der Nacken, der Hals oder auch die Brust. Da das Netz die Stänge miteinander verbindet, könnte man annehmen, das es für die Zusammenhalt von einer Gruppe steht und kann auch als Partner Tattoo gut funktionieren.

Diamant Tattoo Bedeutung

Diamant Tattoos mit Bedeutung Oberarm Tattoomotive für Frauen klein

Der Diamant gehört in den letzten Jahren definitiv zu den angesagtesten Tattoomotiven. Ob als einzelnes Tattoo oder in Kombination mit anderen Mustern und Elementen – ein Diamant Tattoo sieht wunderschön und elegant aus und dahinter stecken außerdem viele Bedeutungen:

  • Luxus und Schönheit
  • Macht und Kraft
  • Reinheit
  • Einzigartigkeit und Ewigkeit
  • Ewige Treue
  • Positive Entwicklung
  • Schutz vor Bösen
  • Mut

Tattoos mit Bedeutung – Papierflieger Tattoo

Papierflieger Tattoos mit Bedeutung Unterarm Tattoodesign Frauen klein

Sie sind abenteuerlustig und möchten die Welt jeden Tag aufs Neue entdecken? Dann wäre ein Papierflieger Tattoo genau das Richtige für Sie! Mehr über die Papierflieger Tattoo Bedeutung können Sie in unserem Artikel lesen.

Mandala Tattoo Bedeutung

Tattoodesign Lilie Mandala Tattootrends Frauen Oberschenkel Tattoomotive

Mandala Tattoos stammen aus dem Hinduismus und Buddhismus und liegen dieses Jahr voll im Trend. Die verschiedenen Symbole tragen tragen unterschiedliche Bedeutungen und Fähigkeit, aber im Allgemeinen gilt es, dass ein Mandala als Tattoo ihre magische Kraft an seinen Träger weitergibt und ihn vor Bösen beschützt.

Tattoo Krone Bedeutung

Krone Tattoomotiv Oberarm Tattooideen für Frauen klein Rosen Tätowierung

Fühlen Sie sich wie eine Königin? Dann sollten Sie sich vielleicht ein Krone Tattoo stechen lassen! Als Motiv lässt es sich sehr vielseitig darstellen – Sie können es mit Diamanten, Kristallen oder Blumen versehen. Sehr beliebt unter den Frauen ist auch ein Herz mit Krone Tattoo. Die Krone trägt folgende Bedeutungen mit sich:

  • Macht und Autorität
  • Luxus und Reichtum
  • Kontrolle
  • Loyalität

Semikolon Bedeutung

Semikolon Bedeutung Tattoosprüche Selbstliebe Tattooideen Frauen

Das Semikolon Tattoo ist durch die Amerikanerin Amy Bleuel so beliebt geworden. Im Jahr 2013 hat sie das „Project Semicolon“ gegründet, welches das Ziel hat, die Gesellschaft auf die Themen Selbstmord und Depressionen aufmerksam zu machen.

  • Das Wort Semikolon wird so definiert: „Semikolon nimmt zwischen Punkt und Komma eine Mittelstellung ein – wenn ein Komma zu schwach trennt und ein Punkt zu stark – wird das Semikolon eingesetzt.“ Und genau das symbolisiert es als Tattoo – der Träger selbst entscheidet, ob er den Satz – sein Leben, beendet oder offen lässt.
  • Ein so winziges Symbol und gleichzeitig so starke Bedeutung – das Semikolon Tattoo steht an erster Stelle für Hoffnung und Lebensfreude. Auch Familie und Freunde von Menschen, die darüber nachgedacht oder bereits versucht haben, sich das Leben zu nehmen, tragen dieses Tattoo als eine Art Unterstützung.

Leuchtturm Tattoo Bedeutung

Tattoos mit Bedeutung Leuchtturm Tattoodesign für Frauen a

Das Leuchtturm Tattoo ist Eine sehr interessante Idee für alle, die auf der Suche nach einzigartigen und schönen Tattoos mit Bedeutung sind. Die Designs sind meistens farbenfroh und dazu können Sie andere Motive mit dieser Thematik hinzufügen. Dies können Wasserwellen, Anker, Sterne, Schwalben, Tauben und noch vieles mehr. Blitz Tattoo oder auch Blumen und Fische passen ebenso gut dazu. Hinter einem Leuchtturm Tattoo stecken außerdem viele Bedeutungen:

  • Schutz
  • Sicherheit
  • Hoffnung
  • Schicksal
  • Der Leuchtturm als Tattoo soll dem Träger den richtigen Weg im Leben zeigen.

Tattoo Löwe Bedeutung

Tattoo Löwe Bedeutungen Schulter Tattooideen für Frauen

Der Löwe als König der Tiere ist ein wunderschöner und zeitloser Klassiker in der Welt der Tätowierungen. Ein Löwen Tattoo ist ein Symbol für unglaublich viele Dinge:

  • Macht und Kraft
  • Sieg und Anmut
  • Weisheit
  • Gerechtigkeit
  • Loyalität
  • Familie und Liebe

Regenschirm Tattoo Bedeutung

Regenschirm Tattoos mit Bedeutung Schulter-Tattoo für Frauen klein

Einer der Hauptgründe, warum Regenschirm Tattoos in letzter Zeit so beliebt geworden sind, ist, dass sie sich auf viele verschiedene Arten stechen lassen können und Sie die ganze Tätowierung nach Ihrem eigenen Geschmack anpassen können.

  • Der Regenschirm schützt uns vor Regen und Schnee und daher ist Schutz die wohl offensichtlichste Regenschirm Tattoo Bedeutung.
  • Ein Regenschirm kann auch für Reise stehen. Und nein – nicht, weil man einen Regenschirm immer mit dabei haben muss, sondern eher in einigen Büchern und Geschichten zum Herumfliegen verwendet wird. Sie haben schon sicher von Marry Poppins gehört oder nicht?

Regenbogen Tattoo Bedeutung

Regenbogen Tattoo Ideen kleine Tätowierungen für Frauen

Wenn Sie Farben mögen, dem grauen Alltag entfliehen möchten und im Allgemeinen ein fröhlicher Mensch sind, ist ein Regenbogen Tattoo eine ausgezeichnete Wahl für Sie. Ob, als Hauptelement oder als Hintergrund – nur beim Ansehen sorgt ein Regenbogen sofort für gute Laune. Daher steht es vor allem für Hoffnung, Glück und Liebe.

Raute Tattoo

Raute Tattoodesign Rose Tattoomotiv Tätowierung Symbole Bedeutungen

Schlangen Tattoo

Tattoos mit Bedeutung Schlange mit Blumen Schulter-Tattoo

Pfeil Tattoo

Pfeil Tattoodesign für Frauen Unterarm Tattooideen

Kreis Tattoo

Kreis Tattoodesign Frauen Oberarm Tattooideen klein

Tattoo Marionette

Marionette Tattoodesign für Frauen Schulter-Tattoo Ideen

Tattoo Landkarte

Landkarte Tattoo am Schulter Ideen für Frauen

Tattoo Olivenzweig

Tattoo Olivenzweig Fuß Tattooideen für Frauen klein

Luftballon Tattoo

Luftballon Tattoodesign Schulter Tattooideen für Frauen klein

Weinglas Tattoo

Weinglas Tattoodesign lustige Tattooideen für beste Freunde

Tattoo Treppe

Tattoo Treppe Uhren Tattoomotiv Ideen für Unterarm Frauen

Tattoo Kerze

Tattoos mit Bedeutung Kerze Tattoomotiv für Frauen

Weitere Ideen und Inspirationen für Tattoos mit Bedeutung

Tattoo Würfel Ideen Bein-Tattoos für Frauen klein

Würfel Tattoo Ideen Spielkarten Tattoodesign klein

Nichts hören nichts sehen nichts sagen Tattoodesign Eule Tattoomotiv klein

Tattoos mit Bedeutung Vogel Tätowierung am Schulter Frauen

wofür stehen eulen Fuß-Tattoo Ideen für Frauen süß

Brust-Tattoo für Frauen Schlange Symbol Bedeutung

Papierflieger Tattoodesign Klein Unterarm Tätowierung Ideen für Frauen

Kreuz mit Flügel Tattoodesign Schultertattoo mit Rosen

Kreuz Symbol und seine Bedeutung Tätowierung am Fuß klein

Kreis Tattoodesign klein Tattooideen für Frauen

Joker Karte Tattoodesign Ideen Oberarm Tattoomotive und ihre Bedeutung

Leuchtturm Tattoodesign Symbole und ihre Bedeutungen Unterarm Tattooideen Frau

Leuchtturm Tattoos mit Bedeutung Tattoomotive für Frauen

Löwe Tattoodesign Oberschenkel Ideen Tattoos mit Bedeutung

Luftballon Tattoodesign Bedeutungen Tattoosymbole Schulter-Tattoo Ideen für Frauen

Luftballon Tattoodesign Tattoomotive für Frauen klein

Mandala Tattoodesign Ärmel Tätowierung für Frauen Ideen

nichts hören nichts sehen nichts sagen Tattoomotiv Bedeutung Katze Tattoodesign

Nichts sehen nichts hören nichts sagen Tätowierung Schulter-Tattoo Motive für Frauen

nix hören nix sagen nix sehen Tattoodesign Bedeutung Star Wars Tätowierung Ideen

Tattoo Bedeutung Baum des Lebens Rücken-Tattoo Ideen klein

Spinnenetz Tattoo Bedeutungen Knasttattoos Symbole Rose Tattoomotiv

Spielkarten Tattoos mit Bedeutung Tätowierungen am Fuß Ideen Frauen

Spinnennetz Tattoodesign für Frauen Tattoosymbole Bedeutungen

Tätowierung am Schlüsselbein für Frauen klein Tattoosymbole und ihre Bedeutungen

Semikolon Bedeutung Tattoosprüche Inspirierend Selbstliebe Tattoomotive

Spielkarten mit Rose Tattoodesign Tattoosymbole und Bedeutungen

Schiff Tattoodesign Oberarm Tattoosymbole und ihre Bedeutungen

Schiff Tattoodesign Wasser Element Tattoosymbol Bedeutungen

Schlüssel Tattoodesign Klein Rücken Tätowierung Ideen für Frauen

Schulter-Tattoo Ideen für Frauen Weinglas Tattoodesign klein

schwarzes Herz Tattoo Bedeutungen Blumen Tätowierung Ideen klein

Rücken-Tattoo Ideen für Frauen Tattootrends 2019

Rücken-Tattoo Ideen für Frauen Tattoosprüche Inspirationen

Rote Rosen Tattoodesign für Frauen was bedeuten Blumen-Tattoos

Regenschirm Tattoos mit Bedeutung Schulter Tattooideen für Frauen

Raupe Tattooideen Frauen Tattoomotive Schildkröte Frauen

Regenbogen Tattoodesign Handgelenk Tätowierung Ideen für Frauen klein

Regenschirm Tätowierung Watercolors Tattootrends 2019

Pfeil Tattoodesign Oberarm Tattoosymbole und ihre Bedeutungen

Allsehendes Auge Tattoodesign Bedeutungen Unterarm Tattoomotive Frauen

Auge im Dreieck Tattoo Bedeutung Hand-Tattoo Ideen klein

Auge im Dreieck Tattoodesign Rücken Tätowierungen für Frauen

Auge Tattoo Bedeutungen Regenschirm Tattoodesign Frauen klein

Kirschen Tattoosymbol Ideen kleine Tätowierungen für Frauen

Auge Tattoodesign Tattoosprüche Ideen kurz

Tätowierung allsehendes Auge Symbol Oberschenkel Tattoomotive für Frauen

Tattoodesign Kirschen Handgelenk Tattooideen für Frauen klein

Totenkopf Kirschen Tattoodesign klein Bein Tätowierung Frauen

Totenkopf mit Blumen Tattoo Watercolors Tattoodesign Ideen

Tattoo Rose Bedeutung Augen Tattoodesign Ideen für Frauen

Tattoo Auge Dreieck Tattoosymbole und ihre Bedeutungen

Tattoos mit Bedeutung Rosentattoo mit Uhr Unterarm Frauen Tattoodesign

Totenkopf mit Krone Tattoodesign für Frauen Unterarm Tattooideen

Totenkopf mit Rose Bedeutungen Rücken-Tattoo Ideen für Frauen

Uhren Tattoos mit Bedeutung Tattooideen für Unterarm Frauen

Totenkopf Tattoodesign Taschenuhr Tattoomotiv für die Schulter

Totenkopf Tattoodesign Bedeutungen Schulter Tattoomotive skull mit Rosen

was bedeutet schwarze Rose Rücken-Tattoo für Frauen Ideen

Weinendes Auge Tattoodesign Oberarm Tattoomotive für Frauen

Weinendes Auge Tattoos mit Bedeutung Unterarm Tattoomotive für Frauen klein

Kreuz mit Rose Bedeutungen Rücken Tätowierungen für Frauen klein

Luftbalon Tattoodesign Oberschenkel Tattoos mit Bedeutung Frauen

Schlüssel mit Herz Fußknöchel Tattooideen für Frauen Tattoosymbole Bedeutungen

Segelschiff Tattoodesign Frauen Tattoosymbole und ihre Bedeutungen

Japanischer Baum Tattoodesign Tätowierung aufm Rücken für Frauen

was bedeutet Semikolon Tattoosymbole und Ihre Bedeutung

Tattoosymbole und Ihre Bedeutung Rücken-Tattoo Ideen für Frauen

Tattoos mit Bedeutung Hand Tattoodesign für Frauen klein

Tattoo Sanduhr Bedeutungen Oberarm Tattooideen für Frauen

Tattoo Schmetterling Bedeutungen Schulter-Tattoo Ideen für Frauen

Tattoo Spielkarten Bedeutungen Tattoosymbole Unterarm

Tattoo unendlichkeitszeichen Bedeutungen Handgelenk Tattooideen Freundschaft-Tattoos

Tattoo zwei Hände Kreuz Tattoosymbole und ihre Bedeutungen

Tattoo zwei Hände welche Bedeutung Unterarm Tattooideen Frau

Tattoodesign Kerze mit Auge Tätowierung Unterarm Ideen Frauen

Tattoos mit Bedeutung Fußknöchel Tattooideen für Frauen klein

Tattoos mit Bedeutung Erde Elemente Tätowierung Oberarm

Tattoos mit Bedeutung Baum des Lebens Rücken-Tattoo

Tattoos mit Bedeutung Anker Tattoodesign klein Unterarm Tätowierungen Ideen

Tattoosymbole und ihre Bedeutung Hand Tattoodesign Ideen Frau

Tattoos mit Bedeutung Tattoo Motiv Schlüssel Unterarm

Tattoos mit Bedeutung Schmetterling Tattoodesign 3D Tätowierung Unterarm

Tattoos mit Bedeutung Rosen mit Dornen Tattoodesign Unterarm

Tattoosymbole und ihre Bedeutung Herz Tattoodesign Unterarm

Tattoosymbole und ihre Bedeutung offene Hände Tattoomotiv Handgelenk Tattooideen

Tattoosymbole und ihre Bedeutung wofür stehen Diamanten als Tätowierung

Unendlich Zeichen Tattoodesign Handgelenk Tattooideen für beste Freundinnen

Unendlichkeitszeichen Bedeutung Anker Tattoomotiv Oberarm

Hände Tattoodesign Ideen Oberarm Tattoomotive für Männer

Weinglas Tattooideen für Frauen Oberarm Tattoodesign

Herz Tattoodesign Frau Rücken-Tattoo Ideen klein

was bedeutet ein Kompass mit Anker als Tattoodesign Unterarm Tattoomotive

Vertraue niemandem Tattoodesign mit Schlange Oberarm Tattooideen

Hand-Tattoo Ideen für Frauen Regenbogen Tattoomotiv

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