Make nails yourself – tips and instructions for the perfect manicure at home!

The corona virus crisis has hit all beauty salons hard, and numerous hair salons and nail salons have to remain closed indefinitely. So since it's no longer an option to have our nails done by a professional, now is the perfect time to improve our skills. Doing your own nails at home or cutting your own hair can not only be fun, but can also act as a great distraction in stressful times like these, when self-care is more important than ever. In this article we have put together many helpful tips that will make the perfect manicure at home a breeze!

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We have all painted our nails ourselves. But for the beautiful nail polish to really come into its own, the hands have to be cared for accordingly. While face care has become a routine for all of us, hand care often remains in the background and is neglected. Just like the face, the hands are constantly exposed to cold, heat, dirt and other factors and the result is rough and dry skin.

Make nails yourself – what will you need for it?

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For a good manicure at home, in addition to a little practice, you also need the right utensils.

  • A small bowl of warm water and a hand brush
  • towel
  • Remove nail polish without acetone
  • Cotton pads
  • Manicure sticks, also known as rose sticks
  • Fine, coarse and polished file
  • Cuticle scissors
  • Nail oil or olive oil
  • High-gloss polishing file
  • Moisturizing hand cream
  • Basecoat and topcoat
  • Nail polish in the desired color

The perfect manicure at home – step by step instructions

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We all want beautiful and well-groomed nails. However, the manicure at home is a complete SPA ritual and consists of several steps. It is important that you take enough time to prevent minor injuries and inflammation.

  • Remove the old nail polish completely – Before you do your nails yourself, it is very important to remove the old nail polish. Since acetone acts too aggressively on the nails and attacks the keratin layer, we recommend that you use an acetone-free nail polish remover. Even if you are not wearing nail polish, you should still clean the nails with nail polish remover and cotton pad to remove any oils or dirt particles
  • Hand bath – Adequate hygiene is essential for hand and nail care. A small hand bath softens the cuticles, moisturizes the hands and also has a relaxing effect. To do this, fill a small bowl with warm water and add a little washing-up liquid. Soak your hands for about 3-4 minutes. For the ultimate wellness at home, you can supplement the hand bath with soothing and calming scents and essential oils. Then gently dry your hands with a towel, apply a little nail oil and massage in well.

Carefully push the cuticle back and bring the nails into the desired shape

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  • Push back or remove cuticles – The hand bath has made the cuticles soft enough and easier to push back. Since it protects the nail bed from bacteria and dirt and prevents different infections, it should never be completely removed. The cuticles can be pushed back very easily and gently with small orange sticks. Simply push it back slowly and carefully only to the growth zone of the nails.
  • File the nails – Whether short, round, square or almond-shaped nails – the variants of nail shapes are endless. First think carefully about which shape will work best for you and then you can start filing. It is best to use glass or sand leaf files for this. Metal files are mostly too coarse and can damage the surface structure of the nails. For a good result and so that the nails do not tear, you should always file slowly and carefully only in one direction from the outside in. Don't forget to even out the edges and the edges.
  • Polish nails – This step when doing nails yourself ensures that the nail polish lasts longer and fits well. Use a polishing file or a buffer – both are substantial in any well-stocked drug store. Now gently smooth the surface of the nails and you're done.

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  • Apply base coat – And finally we start with the fun part of doing the nails yourself. Applying a base coat is essential for a successful manicure. On the one hand, the primer protects the nails and on the other hand it ensures that the nail polish can then be applied more easily and evenly. Apply a thin layer of base coat and let it dry completely. Make sure that you cover the entire nail with it.
  • Apply the first layer of nail polish – Whether you apply a layer or two of nail polish depends on the color and the opacity of the varnish. For a nice result and so that the nail polish does not run, try to apply only thin layers. Put the first stroke in the middle of the nail and only then paint the sides outwards.
  • If necessary – apply the second layer of paint – Before applying the nail polish again, you should make sure that it is completely dry. This usually takes 5 to 8 minutes. For a complete and seamless coverage, transparent nude or pastel shades may require a third layer.

Make your own nails Manicure at home Instructions

  • Remove small mistakes – We all know that – one hand is perfectly varnished, while the other happens one misfortune after the other. The so-called correction pens are used for this. However, if you don't have one on hand, that's not a problem either. Simply take an orange stick and wrap it with a little cotton pad. Then dip the chopsticks in nail polish remover and carefully remove the blemishes.
  • Complete with a top coat – The top coat is the finishing touch when making nails yourself. It seals the color and ensures a shiny and radiant result. However, applying it too quickly can completely ruin your entire manicure. It is therefore very important not to apply the base coat until the nail polish has completely dried out.

Make nails yourself – with these tips, the manicure at home lasts longer

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So that you can enjoy your manicure at home for longer, you should also take care of the nails after painting.

  • Hand peeling – The dry heating air, cold temperatures or the frequent washing of hands put a heavy strain on our hands and lead to dry skin. In order to remove the dead skin cells and to provide the skin with moisture, we recommend that you do a hand peeling once a week. Mix 1 tablespoon of honey, 2 tablespoons of olive or coconut oil and about 3-4 tablespoons of coarse salt in a bowl. Spread over hands and massage gently for 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  • Hand cream you should apply at least 2 times a day.
  • Oil cure is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from brittle and dry fingernails. Apply a small amount of olive or coconut oil to the cuticles and under the nails and massage in gently. You will get even better results if you put on cotton gloves and leave the treatment on overnight.
  • Wear gloves when cleaning – Aggressive cleaning agents attack the natural protective acid mantle of the hands and can cause eczema or redness.

Make nail designs yourself and give the manicure a fresh touch

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Colorful jelly nails, classic French or ombrè nails – our nails only really come into their own through different nail designs. Below we have some great and simple ideas for you to refresh your manicure.

  • Nail tattoos and nail stickers are an incredibly easy way to add that certain something to your nails. These are available in all imaginable forms and Munster in all drugstores or online. Simply stick the stickers on the nail and you're done!
  • Glitter – With glitter dust or glitter nail polish you can make your nails sparkle in no time.
  • Lines and other geometric shapes are even suitable for beginners. All you need are several colored nail polishes and adhesive strips or washi tape. Simply stick the thin strips on the nails, varnish them, let them dry completely and then remove them.

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  • French nails are the absolute, timeless classic among nail designs. With the right tips, you can easily make French nails yourself at home. There are two methods to choose from. In the first technique, draw a thin crescent moon on your fingertip with white nail polish. However, a little bit of tact is required. The second option is to use adhesive tape or tape specifically for French nails (they are available in every drugstore). Now stick this on the tip of the nail and then coat it with white nail polish. Wait until it dries out completely and peel off the strips.
  • Or how about small, charming Hearts on nails? All you need for the perfect heart is a toothpick and a color nail polish of your choice. Carefully make two equally large points next to each other with the toothpick and then pull them down and connect them at an angle of 45 degrees. As simple as that!

Nail care tips Make your own nails at home

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